TV Thursday #2: The Big Bang Theory

Hey Everyone!

So I know The Big Bang Theory sadly ended its final season this year, but this show has had a very special place in my heart since almost the beginning.  I sadly have not been able to see the final season, because we don't have cable or DirectTv anymore (we chose streaming sites instead), but I am very much looking forward to Black Friday so I can pick up the final season to binge with my husband at home!

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I started watching The Big Bang Theory in 2010, when I picked up the first season on DVD during a Black Friday sale.  As I watching it, my dad ended up sitting down and joining me and my mom.  And he got HOOKED!  We ended up binging the entire season in one weekend, and after we were done, he went, "Alright, so where is season 2?"  I ended up running to the store, picking up the rest of the next season, and it went on from there, until we ran out, because the current season wasn't out on DVD yet.  Every year I bought the next season on Black Friday, and every year up until I moved out in 2015 I watched it with my dad.  

I was extremely sad to hear the show was ending this year.  It felt like another thing gone of my dad's.    So many things have ended, or gone away since my dad passed away, and it's hard.   The Big Bang Theory was the only show I ever got my dad to watch.  He had a couple of shows he watched here and there when they were on TV, but never anything like the commitment he gave to The Big Bang Theory.

So if you have never seen an episode, I highly recommend it!

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