Here some books that I think would make great movies if done right:

1. The DUFF: Kody Keplinger
This book is AMAZING!!
Here's the summary from (because my summary could never do it justice :)):
When "the most disgusting womanizing playboy to ever darken the doorstep of Hamilton High" sits down next to Bianca at The Nest, he says he has to be honest with her. Sure, she is smarter and more stubborn than most girls he talks to, but he needs her help. Bianca, says Wesley Rush, is the Duff, the designated ugly fat friend who can introduce him to her hot friends…especially the one with the nice rack. Bianca's swift reaction? She flings her cherry Coke in Wesley's face. When the two are assigned to write an English paper together, things suddenly take a very different turn. With Bianca's home life falling apart (her parents are divorcing and her dad, an alcoholic who has been sober for years, is boozing it up), Bianca finds an escape with Wesley. Kissing him and doing much much more distracts Bianca from her problems. Though she still hates Wesley, she needs him. And as it turns out, Wesley (whose family life is far from perfect) needs her too. Bianca is anything but a giggly girly ...

2.  Perfect Chemistry: Simone Elkeles

I LOVED this book! I could totally see this book as being the modern day West Side Story; but just maybe not a musical...I don't maybe, Hollywood pulls off some amazing stuff nowadays,  I love musicals, so maybe they can pull it off :).

3. The Heather Wells Series: Meg Cabot
These are three books called Size 12 is Not Fat, Size 14 is  Not Fat Either, and Big Boned.  They are amazing novels, consisting of romance, mystery, suspense, and other words: my type of books! :).
I could totally see these books being either made into a series of movies, or even a TV series.  As long as they stick to the plot, I think they can do a great job!  I could totally see someone like Melissa Joan Hart playing the main character, Heather :).

4. Along for the Ride: Sarah Dessen
I love Sarah Dessen, she write some of most realistic teenage novels I have ever read.  This book is my absolute favorite by her.
Here's the summary:
Growing up in a divorced family, Auden never learned how to ride a bike. She became super focused on academics in order to appease her parents and was never really allowed to have a childhood. Because she studies all the time, she has no social life and even plans to spend her summer in-between high school and college reading ahead for her fall classes. But after getting a present from her highly social and carefree brother, Auden makes a sudden change of plans. Instead of spending her summer on academics, she decides to spend it at the beach with her dad, his new wife, and their new baby. Despite intending to spend the summer entirely free of work, Auden ends up helping her stepmother out by working in her kitschy, boardwalk boutique. There she begins to get a glimpse of the world of a normal teen--friendships, fashion, and even boys. Auden's chronic insomnia results in her befriending one boy in particular, Eli, a local bike celebrity. Eli's tragic past has turned him into a recluse ...

The way Eli was described in the novel, I totally imagined the singer Teddy Geiger to play his part.  I don't know if he can act the part, but someone that looks just like him :).  There's a picture of him, next to this, so you can get an idea of what I am imagining :).

5. The Bride Quartet: Nora Roberts
These books I imagine will probably be made into Lifetime movies or something, but I think they would be make great movies :).  I actually think even a TV series would be cool, because the stories are pretty complex I think.

5. The Mortal Instrument Series 
This series is such an awesome series, for both boys and girls.  That's so rare to find, in a series.  This series has elements of a lot of great paranormal/fantasy series combined, which is what makes it so cool! 

Here are just a few, that I think would make great screen plays :).  I would love to get feed back.  Especially, if you have read any of these books, and who you can imagine playing the characters in the movie. :) 

6. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
 I LOVE this book so much! And the main reason I want to see this one on the screen is because of the beautiful Etienne St. Clair :).

7. Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I think this movie would be awesome on the screen! I really would love to see how they make Cinder and her cyborgness.  That would be extremely interesting!