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Goodbye 2011, HELLO 2012!!!

Hello Everyone! After this post I don't want to hear anything from ANY of you for the rest of this year! Do you understand that? Nothing! ;) As we're all celebrating this coming New Year, all hoping for a great glorious year of dreams coming true; I'm going to spend these next couple of minutes and reflect on some of my favorites of this year (2011). While this was a year of ups and downs (well, what year isn't??!!) let's remember some of the things, that I don't know about you, but thing I will personally not forget... 1. Harry Potter has officially come to an end ;( ( sigh.... ).  I still get tears in my eyes, just thinking about it... However, thanks to the reading world, and then many devoted fans around the world, Harry Potter, you will not be forgotten....Especially, thanks to... 2.  Pottermore  was announced this year.  JK Rowling gave all of us Harry Potter fans, a wonderful surprise when she announced that she would be (sort of) continuing t

Sophie & Carter

Other then the fact that Christmas Day is considered strictly family day for my family, it's also considered "Lazy Day" :).  I ended up reading a book called Sophie & Carter by Chelsea Fine yesterday too. :) Sophie & Carter is the story of...well, none other than ... Sophie AND Carter!  Both live a tough life; Sophie is raising her three siblings all on her own, while her mother is out doing something...well let's just say, NOT motherly!  And Carter is taking care of his deranged mother, because his abusive father took off without his family.  And they witness each others stories every day, while living in houses right next to each other. Both are living the lives of...well, not even the average grown-up (well, maybe in Sophie's case, a little more than in Carter's case).  They're juggling going to school, feeding their families, and looking forward to the one time of day...the time they can be together. Although never together romantically