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A Healing Heart by Melissa A. Hanson Review

A Healing Heart by Melissa A. Hanson is the story of Bailey, a young woman who has lost so much over the past two years.  Her parents and both siblings were killed in a car accident, while she was the only one to survive the accident.  Everyday Bailey asks herself, "Why was I the only one to survive?" One day as Bailey is babysitting, and sitting in the park on a bench, she meets Collin.  Collin turns her world upside down and makes her feel like there truly is a reason why she was the only to survive the accident.  Like she has a purpose in life.  However, as Collin and her get closer and closer, and get to know each other, she still can't help feel, Is it to good to be true?  Will it last? Overall I enjoyed this story.  I thought it was one of those love stories, that every girl needs once in a while to get her "Chocolate" fix.  But at the same time, like with most novels, there were a couple of things that got to me.  There were quite a few times where th