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The Distance Between Us by Reyna Grande

Hey Everyone! So I have a little background story to tell, before I go into this review. I am currently taking a Chicanos class for my upper division classes, that will get me my B.A. in Early Childhood Studies next Spring (2017).  This is a class that is supposed to be focusing on the adolescence sides of the Chicano culture.  Instead of a textbook to buy this semester, we were told to buy three literature novels that we would be reading this semester. Two weeks ago we were given our first novel, which was a book called The Tequila Worm  by Viola Canales.  This was a fairly small book, written for a middle school audience, so it wasn't too bad finishing it in two weeks.  Keep in mind, we have three other classes, equaling a full load of units for the semester, and I am in a program went for working adults who can't go to school during the day time, so we meet up twice a week in the evenings for class time. Anyway, the Thursday before this last Thursday, our teacher tol

The Proposal (#6.5 in the Mediator Series) by Meg Cabot (Novella)

I have had this week off for President's Week from my work, so I thought it would be a good time to at least get a little reading done, when I'm not having to do homework or go to the Dentist!  So after finally being able to download it onto my Kindle (no internet!), I have been able to read Meg Cabot's novella that is the predecessor to Meg's latest edition to the Mediator Series , Remembrance.   This one is called  The Proposal  and it is a short, fun story giving us readers (adult readers!) the proposal that we didn't get to hear the story about in Remembrance ! When I met Meg last week, she mentioned to us listeners that what is great about this two new editions to the Mediator  series, is that they can stand along from the original young adult series, that accompanies these two new books.  However, I do recommend you read the original series, either before or after, preferably before, because let's not spoil the story! Now to the review of The Proposal

Meg Cabot Signing February 11th, 2016!

Hey Everyone! Hope everyone is having a great start to their 2016!  For me, it's been busy, but very good! It started with a little time off, which was much needed!  I experienced my first ever Spa day!  Got my first ever professional massage! Which felt amazing!  And then afterwards a facial!  I felt so spoiled that day! Then work started up again, and by the end of January I was back for my second semester at University.  And let me just say, the work load is in full swing!  The Introduction week of having our syllabuses passed out was more of a "here is three papers and a full-blown project" week!  But it's all good, the beginning of a semester means one step closer to graduation!  Spring 2017 can't get here soon enough! 2015 ended with some very exciting news...I have been looking and looking since 2012, and FINALLY it was announced!!  Meg Cabot was coming back to Southern California!!!!!  So I saved the date, luckily didn't have to miss any class,