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The Last Summer (of You and Me)

Even though I haven't been reading as much as I normally do in the past couple of weeks, it's for a good reason :).  I have been working on some other stuff.  But anyway, last week I did finish a book that has been sitting on my bookshelf for the past two years probably.  I just never came around to reading it, because I never felt like it.  Ann Brashares has a very particular style in her writing I believe.  Many of you may remember the series The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants , it was a very well known series of young adult books from a few years ago.  It's been probably about 6 years since I read them myself.  I loved them, but haven't brought myself to read them again, because sometimes I found them to have a couple of dry parts.  Brashares stories are really great, in that they are very realistic. The novel The Last Summer (of You and Me) was her first novel, I believe (I could be completely wrong), since the release of the last Sisterhood novel, and her fi

The Romance of "Once Upon a Time..."

Last week I read the book Once Upon a Blind Date by Wendy Markham.  It was a really cute story! The overall story is about two separate sets of friends, trying to set up their friends with someone who they can marry.  Maggie tries to set up her best friend Dominic, with a woman that is like her, but unlike her, feels attracted to other words, the woman of his dreams, who can marry and start a family with.  Charlie is best friends with Julie, who happens to be a great pastry chef, to do the same thing.  Both Maggie and Charlie make up a profile for their friends on a matchmaking website.  And that's how Julie and Dominic meet.  Now here's where the twist comes...their first date is at a basketball game, and they both take a friend.  Dominic takes Maggie, after she invites herself, to watch out that he doesn't mess everything up, and Julie takes Charlie.  Well, the twist is that Julie and Dominic are totally wrong for each other, but it turns out that there migh

The Undomestic Goddess

Sophie Kinsella is such a funny author! The Undomestic Goddess is the third novel I have read by her, and everyone of those three has made laugh numerous times! This one was probably my favorite, just because for me personally the whole shopping thing in Confessions of a Shopaholic got a little annoying for me sometimes.  I mean I loved the overall story (and the movie!! with Hugh Dancy!!)! Anyway Undomestic Goddess was really funny! I kept bursting out in laughter at home, and everyone would look at me funny and be like, "What's so funny?"  Some non readers just don't realize that books can be funny too!! Anyway the story is about this twenty-nine year old lawyer who has been working her butt off the past seven years.  She works sometimes 24 hours days, because her work just keeps piling it on.  Anyway, she up for Partnership for the company she works for, which is something she has worked for since starting for the company (which is the most prestigious law firm

Life in the so NOT fat lane!

So it doesn't happen very often, but I officially bought a book that I didn't particularly like.  The book is called Life in the Fat Lane .  It actually, first of all, made me feel very offended at the beginning and throughout the majority of it actually, now that I think about it.  The book is about a girl named Lara, who gets this disease that makes her gain a ton of weight in a very short amount of time.  At first no one knows what is going on, but over time they learn.  Lara started off as this homecoming queen, with the perfect boyfriend, typical cliche of what is considered to be the Hollywood version of a popular girl in high school.  Well, of course , her world comes crashing down when she starts gaining all that weight.  Her friends don't want anything to do with her, all she does is complain about how fat she is getting (it was especially annoying at the beginning when she gained like two pounds and she was only 110 pounds to start with). I felt offended by this