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Erin: Rebel Heart (Dust Lands Trilogy #2) by Moira Young

Hi There! Today I've got a review of Rebel Heart  by Moira Young, the second in the Dustlands Trilogy! As you might remember, I read Blood Read Road  about a year and a half ago! I initially started reading Rebel Heart  right after finishing Blood Red Road , but I got distracted with some other books and didn't really get back to it until I got this sudden urge to read it again! From Goodreads : Saba thought her world would return to normal after they defeated the Tonton and rescued her kidnapped brother Lugh. The family head west for a better life and a longed-for reunion with Jack. But a formidable enemy is on the rise. What is the truth about Jack? And how far will Saba go to get what she wants? Erin's Thoughts: Wow! I had completely forgotten how good these books were! They're so immersive! Every time, I get drawn into the world and the characters and the language!  After reading a ton of fantasy and not too much else, Rebel Heart  was just perfect! It wa

Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson #1) by Louise Rennison

Hey Everyone! While my life was pretty crazy last year, it is nothing compared to this year.  Taking five classes in a university, while working two jobs is no joke!! And while yes, I'm still technically on hiatus, that doesn't mean I can't post a review here and there, when I actually do find the chance to read, right?? Well, last week I had been so fed up with homework, and work, that I literally just went into the office in our house, where my single book shelf is (the majority of my books are in storage, until my boyfriend and I can get a bigger place to live), and picked up a book I've been meaning to read for years now.  In fact, since high school!  I've seen this book many many time, both in libraries and book stores, but just never have gotten around to picking it up...why? I don't know!  But it's finally happened, and I have joined the Georgia Nicolson band wagon! A little late? you may be thinking? ;), the book did get released in the year