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TV Thursday #2: The Big Bang Theory

Hey Everyone! So I know The Big Bang Theory  sadly ended its final season this year, but this show has had a very special place in my heart since almost the beginning.  I sadly have not been able to see the final season, because we don't have cable or DirectTv anymore (we chose streaming sites instead), but I am very much looking forward to Black Friday so I can pick up the final season to binge with my husband at home! Image from IMDB I started watching The Big Bang Theory  in 2010, when I picked up the first season on DVD during a Black Friday sale.  As I watching it, my dad ended up sitting down and joining me and my mom.  And he got HOOKED!  We ended up binging the entire season in one weekend, and after we were done, he went, "Alright, so where is season 2?"  I ended up running to the store, picking up the rest of the next season, and it went on from there, until we ran out, because the current season wasn't out on DVD yet.  Every year I bought the next

Tuesday Tunes #3: Star Wars Theme Song

Hey Everyone! Time for another Tuesday Tunes! This week I am going with the Star Wars Theme song! For one, I can't get my trip recent trip to Galaxy's Edge off my mind, mainly because I am dying to go back for another round Disney fun! And two because this is the one song I have heard my husband hum to himself, which is amazing, because he is can't sing to save his life, but is super cute trying! Thanks Bored Panda for this gem! I love Ewoks!   Look at his cute face!! Anyway Happy Tuesday everyone! The Romance Bookie :)

Movie Monday #3: John Hughes Classic, Uncle Buck

Hey Everyone! For today's Movie Monday I picked the movie Uncle Buck !  It features John Candy, Macaulay Culkin, and Laurie Metcalf, along with many others! I watched it this past week with my husband for a movie night, because we both hadn't seen it in years!  John Candy is one of my favorite actors.   The Great Outdoors  is one of my favorite movies, I watch it at least once a year; because I never get tired of it! Uncle Buck , has some great quotes!  There is the quarter scene with the principal, and then when he asked Tia's (the oldest daughter) boyfriend if he has ever heard of a ritual killing ceremony.  🤣.  Some great stuff in this movie! It's such a classic, and a perfect movie to start off your fall and holiday season! Image from IMDB If you don't know what Uncle Buck  is about, here is the description from IMDB: Bachelor and all-round slob Buck babysits his brother's rebellious teenager daughter and her cute younger brother and si

Tuesday Tunes #2: Tunes from Disneyland and Disney World

Hey Everyone!! I cannot get my trip to Disneyland out of my head! I want to go back!!!  My husband literally just thought about throwing away all our responsibilities and going back for the day...and we live over two hours away!  But you know responsibilities and money management need to take priority today...and probably for the next few weeks. But for this weeks Tuesday Tunes, I am picking songs that play around the park. A particular favorite of mine is a song that only plays in Tomorrowland at Disneyland, but has its own ride at Disney World, called "The Carousel of Progress".  It's one of my husband and my favorite rides!   The song is called "There is a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow", and I constantly sing this song around the house, and especially around the parks, when I'm skipping around in my happy place. Right now is Halloween time in the park, which means that the Haunted Mansion is decorated for both Halloween and Christmas, in th