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ARC Review of "Dancing Naked in Dixie"

I got a fantastic email a few weeks ago from Lauren Clark, the author of Stay Tuned , telling me her new book was coming out soon, and that she was hoping I would read it.  OF COURSE!! I answered! I loved Stay Tuned !! It was one of the, if not the first blog tour I ever participated in, and it brought back so many great memories! Dancing Naked in Dixie is Lauren's second novel, set out to be released on May 21st, was a fun fabulous contemporary romance novel!  It follows the story of Julia Sullivan, a traveler writer for Getaway magazine.  After coming back from a trip from Italy, she finds the magazine has a new boss, someone she's got quite the past with...and he gives her one final warning to get her act together, after writing a few quite not so fabulous articles, and not being deadlines, and being late for work multiple times.  To prove she can do it, he gives her a new assignment...write an article on Eufaula, Alabama and talk about their annual Pilgrimage festival

One Day Movie...I finally saw it!!

Happy Sunday everyone! So I don't think I've done this in the past, but from now on I have decided to make a review on movies where I have read the books.  It will most likely not happen very often, but once in a while, there will be a movie review up! ***WARNING!!! May Contain SPOILERS*** So today, I FINALLY saw One Day with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.  I read the book last year in September and Reviewed it, and absolutely adored it!  It is one of the most tragic love stories I have ever read!  So realistic, lovely, and moments of "I hate you so much right now" and "Oh I love you too!".  I just adored it! Well, anyway, so today I watched the movie...FINALLY!!  And even though I liked it, I couldn't help feeling a bit disappointed throughout sometimes. Let me begin by saying that the book was very detailed.  It skipped from year to year, starting off in 1988, when Emma and Dex first met and their friendship began, all the way up until 20

IMM #5

In My Mailbox was originally started by The Story Siren and it's where anyone can participate and let everyone know what they got in books, and other book related things, throughout a given time.  Anyone with a blog can join in, and you can post once a week, once a month, or whenever you choose to. Okay, so I heard about all the drama going around the book blogging community...and while many will not agree with me, I have chosen to ignore it.  It isn't that I am not upset about what happened...believe me; I am, in fact very disappointed.  What she did was wrong, and she should definitely own up to it.  I guess what I'm overall trying to say (and this will be the only time I discuss this!), I am not going to get myself involved in this mess, with my opinions.  I'm sorry, but I lived through enough drama in high school, and do NOT want any more in my life.  I am a freaking grown woman after all!  A young one at that, but none the less an almost 21 years o

"Man, I needed a new pair of old shoes."

"Man, I needed a new pair of old shoes" is definitely the most perfect phrase ever right now, when it comes to my reading! I needed more than anything to read a book that wasn't necessarily planned, I felt like reading, hadn't promised anyone to read, was a cute fun little YA novel, and romantic contemporary! FINALLY!! Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe by Shelley Coriell was exactly what I needed!  Not only did this book have a great story line, but it also dealt with some fabulous vintage shoes!! :) Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe is the story of a high school junior, named Chloe, whose world is falling apart around her.  She's lost her two best fact they are spreading TERRIBLE rumors about her, that honestly should have her probably questioning their friendship..., she's dealing with a grandmother whose suffering from Parkinson's, dealing with the rumors her so-called best friend spread about her, and dealing with the fact that maybe, jus

Cover Reveal of Alight...and a surprise!!! :)

Hey everyone!! It's almost Friday!! Yay!! Weekend!! Today I've got something really exciting!!  I got an exciting email a few weeks ago from KC Neal! KC has a special place in The Romance Bookies' heart, because she was one of the first authors to ever ask me to read her novel...something truly exciting when you are first starting off as a book blogger :). Soooo...KC...and I, in fact...want to share something SUPER exciting with all of you... So while normally, I wouldn't start off with the surprise...I am going to make an exception today... So here's the surprise!!! Pyxis , the first in the Pyxis Series, has a NEW cover!!! I truly enjoyed this book last year, I thought it was capturing, super enjoyable, a great concept, captivating writing!! (Review HERE , and an interview with KC Neal, can be found HERE !) Soooooo...without further ado...drum roll please... Here it is!!!!!!!!   Corinne lives an average teenage life working at her dad’s cafe,

Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr Review

Wow, I feel so bad everyone! My heart hasn't been in my books in the last couple of weeks...unfortunately. Here's my problem... The List!! Yes the DAMN LIST!!!! I HATE IT!!!!!!!!! Over the past couple of months, I've been getting an insane amount of emails from authors, requesting me to read their latest novel...which you know is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Authors want ME to read their novels???!!! But here's the problem...I ended up promising too many authors that I would read their books by a specific time, and have the review up by a such and such date.  It's gotten too much! Over the past couple of months the fun of reading has almost been taken away from me...something that I have a serious problem with! Here's the thing though...and I don't want anyone thinking I don't love getting author requests...I DO!!!, it's just reading is supposed to fun! Not scheduled! I now realize it is my own mistake, I should have gone a different way with eac