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Erin: Gathering Darkness (Falling Kingdoms #3) by Morgan Rhodes

Hi, Everyone!! Here's a review of Gathering Darkness , the third book in the awesome Falling Kingdoms Series!!! From Goodreads: In Gathering Darkness, book three of the New York Times bestselling Falling Kingdoms series, the stakes have never been higher as three teams push forward on a race to find the Kindred, the four elemental crystals possessing ancient all-powerful magic, first: Prince Magnus has just witnessed torture, death, and miracles during the bloody confrontation that decimated the rebel forces.  Now he must choose between family and justice as his father, the cruel King Gaius, sets out to conquer all of Mytica.  All Gaius needs now are the Kindred - the four elemental crystals that give godlike powers to their owner.  But the King of Blood is not the only one hunting for this ancient, stories magic... -The KRAESHIANS join the hunt.  Asher and Amara, the royal siblings from the wealthy kingdom across the Silver Sea, charm and manipulate their way to the

Jesse's Girl (Hundred Oaks #6) by Miranda Kenneally

Hey Everyone!! I'm back for another review!!! I'm so excited to share this one with you, because it is of a book that I received only last Friday and devoured over this past weekend! Miranda Kenneally's Jesse's Girl ! From Goodreads: Everyone at Hundred Oaks High knows that career mentoring day is a joke.  So when Maya Henry said she wanted to be a rock star, she never imagined she's get to shadow *the* Jesse Scott, Nashville's teen idol.. But spending the day with Jesse is far from a dream come true.  He's as gorgeous as his music, but seeing all that he's accomplished is just a reminder of everything Maya's lost: her trust, her boyfriend, their band, and any chance to play the music she craves.  Not to mention that Jesse's pushy and opinionated.  He made it on his own, and he thinks Maya's playing back up to other people's dreams.  Does she have what it takes to follow her heart --- and go solo? My Thoughts: I abs

Erin: Mortal Heart (His Fair Assassin #3) by Robin LaFevers

Hey Everyone! I've got a review of Mortal Heart  by Robin LaFevers, the third book in the His Fair Assassin Series ! From Goodreads: Annith has watched her gifted sisters at the convent come and go, carrying out their dark dealings in the name of St. Mortain, patiently awaiting her own turn to serve Death.  But her worst fears are realized when she discovers she is being groomed by the abbess as a Seecress, to be forever sequestered in the rock and stone womb of the convent.  Feeling sorely betrayed, Annith decides to strike out on her own. She has spent her whole life training to be an assassin.  Just because the convent has changed its mind doesn't mean she has... Erin's Thoughts: I'll be honest, when I first read Grave Mercy  and heard "assassin nuns", I was like, What? The idea didn't really appeal to me and it actually sounded pretty funny to me.  Even as I read it, I didn't like it that  much.  The writing and everything was go

Guest Review from Desirae: The Notorious Pagan Jones (Pagan Jones #1) by Nina Berry

The Notorious Pagan Jones  by Nina Berry was a really good read.  As soon as I heard it was coming out I knew it was going to be amazing and I had  to read it, because frankly, Nina Berry is a talented author.  I will read anything Nina Berry writes. From Goodreads: Pagan Jones went from America's sweetheart to fallen angel in one fateful night in 1960: the night a car accident killed her whole family.  Pagan was behind the wheel and driving drunk.  Nine months later, she's stuck in the Lighthouse Reformatory for Wayward Girls and tortured by her guilt -- not to mention the sadistic Miss Edwards, who takes special delight in humiliating the once-great Pagan Jones. But all of that is about to change.  Pagan's old agent shows up with a mysterious studio executive, Devin Black, and an offer.  Pagan will be released from juvenile detention if she accepts is a juicy in a comedy directed by award-winning director Bennie Wexler.  The shoot starts in West Berlin in just