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The Boy is Back (ARC) by Meg Cabot and 2016, the year from HELL!

Hello Everyone, I know I have been absent for a few months now, since the beginning of my school semester.  And while school has been keeping me busy, there have been other things that have happened in my life. So before I go into my last review of 2016, I want to tell you guys something that has changed my life forever. On Wednesday September 14th around 5:30 pm my entire world was turned upside down.  My dad, at the age 46, suffered from a major heart attack.  It happened at home, while my brother and him were working on a project together.  The ambulance came, and the paramedic were able to resuscitate him; but unfortunately the damage had been done. On Thursday September 22nd, 2016 at 6:25 pm my dad died from brain damage, caused by the lack of oxygen during the heart attack.  My dad is my hero, and will always be.  He was the most hard working person I have ever met, and he has always inspired me to go after my dreams. To say things have been hard is an understatement.  

The Perfect Panel of Authors by The Romance Bookie

Hello Everyone! I know it has been a long while.  Things have happened in my life, that I will go further into detail in the next post.  But anyway, I was asked by Eventbrite  to do a post where I describe my Perfect Panel of authors that I would love to see that a book event.  Dead or alive. So to celebrate my just having finished my last assignment of my second-to-last semester before I receive my Bachelors Degree, I will be sharing with you my list! The panel I would like to see is: JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer I know I know, no Meg Cabot on this one.  But here's why: These are last two big authors that I have not been able to meet. Plus as much as some people do not like one of these author's books, I believe they would go good together for a panel, because they wrote two of the most popular phenomenons of all time. Now I know there will be nay-sayers, but just keep something in mind...this is MY DREAM PANEL!  NOT YOURS! I loved both of these series gr