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The Trip of a Lifetime to New York City!: Day 4 & 5: Shopping in NYC! And Visiting the MET and MOMA!

Hey Everyone! On to Day 4 & 5 of my trip to New York City! Day 4:  Saturday March 30th, 2019- Shopping in NYC! So my husband and I figured that the weekend wouldn't be a great time to do a lot of super touristy things, because we thought it might be super busy with weekenders visiting the city.  So we decided to spend a full day of just shopping in NYC! We had a little bit the day before with visiting FAO Schwartz and Tiffany's, and seeing the incredible iconic shops such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, etc. on 5th Ave.; but we wanted to do some shopping in NYC that was a bit more in our price range, while still being able to take in the sights! So of course on the list of places to see was:  Macy's! As some of you may know, the Macy's in NYC isn't just any old Macy's.  It's the World's LARGEST Store! It also is home to the really awesome wooden escalator!  My mother-in-law told us all about the famous wooden escalato

The Trip of a Lifetime in New York City!: Day 3: Rockefeller Center!

Hey!! So time for Day 3 of my New York City Dream Trip!  It was time to continue the bucket list!  So of to Rockefeller Center we went! Day 3: Friday March 29th, 2019: We woke up that morning, found a little french bakery near our hotel, ate a Pain Au Chocolat croissant; and then made our way to Rockefeller Center! On our way I totally fan grilled, because guess what I saw??... The Simon and Schuster offices A day later Deb Caletti was there!  I saw it on her Instagram page!  I just can't imagine how many of favorite authors have walked through those doors! I seriously enjoyed walking the city, and getting around, because there was so much to see!  My fingers were constantly pointing out locations in awe.  My husband, not really caring about celebrities and movies set, etc.  wasn't really the person to get excited about this, but he really tried!  He loved seeing me this excited and happy!  Something he probably hasn't been able to see in the last couple