Under One Roof (The STEMinist Novella #1) by Ali Hazelwood (Audiobook)

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Time for another review!  This one I listened to the other day, because I needed a break from my current main audiobook.  I'm currently listening to Spare by Prince Harry, the memoir he released a couple of weeks ago, and while I am finding it good, I was in the mood for a rom-com, during my afternoon off the other day.  So Ali Hazelwood's novella Under The Roof, seemed like the perfect little read to fill my time!

From Goodreads:

A scientist should never cohabitate with her annoyingly hot nemesis -- it leads to combustion.

Mara, Sadie, and Hannah are friends first, scientists always.  Though their fields of study might take them to different corners of the world, they can all agree on this universal truth: when it comes to love and science, opposites attract and rivals make you burn...

As an environmental engineer, Mara knows all about the delicate nature of ecosystems. They require balance. And leaving the thermostat alone. And not stealing someone else's food. And other rules Liam, her detestable big-oil lawyer of a roommate, knows nothing about. Okay, sure, technically she's the interloper. Liam was already entrenched in his aunt's house like some glowering grumpy giant when Mara moved in, with his big muscles and kissable mouth just sitting there on the couch tempting respectable scientists to the dark side...but Helena was her mentor and Mara's not about to move out and give up her inheritance without a fight.

The problem is, living with someone means getting to know them. And the more Mara finds out about Liam, the harder it is to loathe him...and the easier it is to love him.

My Thoughts:

It was cute.  But I want to say, reading Ali Hazelwood's novels in the past I noticed something that she likes to do in her books that bothers me.  Hazelwood is big girl power, feminism, and equal-work force environments.  All very valid points, and admirable.  The issue I have that she does, is while the character complains about the sexist work environment she works in daily, she not even five minutes later is sexualizing the man she is sharing a roof with.  In one scene Liam is shoveling snow and says he must have "majored in snow shoveling and minored in muscles".  I just found this to be hypocritical, considering her complaints about her coworkers flirting with her, and not taking her serious at work.  I just think, it goes both ways.  If I remember right, this was a thing I noticed in her other two books I read last year.  

Overall though, I found it to be a cute in-between book that I was looking to fill my time and get my mind off the real world.  There were some steamy moments, and even though it was a short book, it felt complete.  

Overall Rating:

It was cute, however, not my favorite.  I'm still deciding if Ali Hazelwood will be on my list of auto-buys. In the end, her books are sometimes what I need, just not my favorite.  They feel like Hallmark movies, and that is something that girl sometimes needs.  Just a fun romantic Hallmark movie on a lonely afternoon or evening.  If that's what you need, I'd check this one out!

The Romance Bookie :)


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