Tuesday Tunes #1: Lover Album by Taylor Swift

Hey Everyone!

Here's another weekly post!

This one is pretty common I believe, just talking about the music I'm listening to!  I used to do this one years ago, under a different name I believe.  But I'm going to bring it back.

Music has only recently come back into my life.  I had a very difficult time listening to it after my dad passed.  The last few years, when I did listen to something it was usually an audiobook during my long school commutes, or the radio in the background.

But I am going to try to bring it back, hopefully!!  These posts may not come every week, but hopefully more often, just so more posts can go up on The Romance Bookie, and keep me busy, when  my brain is just absolutely scatterbrained!

So for my first Tuesday Tunes, I am currently listening to the Lover Album by Taylor Swift on repeat in my car.  I recently got Apple Music, and so the album has been following me around.  In the car I have the CD playing that I got opening day, but then while I'm in the shower and around the house, I tend to put on my Apple Music account and listen to it.

Album Cover courtesy of TaylorSwift.com

I have been a huge Taylor fan since late high school (around 2009).  I have bought all the albums from Speak Now and on opening day.  Saw her in concert during the 1989 tour, which was incredible!!  

This new album, is her first since splitting from her original record company, Big Machine.  I think a lot of people were a bit worried, just because they were worried what direction she was going to go with this new album.  

Personally, I don't know what everyone was so worried about...okay I was a bit worried...but this album sounds good!  I really like it!  The first single worried me a bit, music video wise, mainly because it reminded me of a Katy Perry music video.  I was worried she was going to head in that direction; and while I like some Katy Perry music, I am not such a fan of her over-the-top music videos.  

The Katy Perry theme did continue with her You Need to Calm Down music video, but man I love that song!!  I blast that song in the car, and sing along like crazy!  I really love the lyrics on that song!!

The other song, that is sticking out to me, is London Boy, which is obviously about her boyfriend, Joe  Alwyn.  Another song, that hits the heart strings is a new song she wrote about her mom, Soon You'll get Better.  It talks about her mom's cancer diagnosis.  I teared up the first time I heard it.  Honestly, I have to skip it most times it plays, but it really is a good song.  

Definitely check out this album if you haven't already! :)

The Romance Bookie :)


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