Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Most Embarrassing Non-Proposal Ever!

I finished reading The Sleeping Beauty Proposal by Sarah Strohmeyer last night.  Originally I bought this book at Borders because Meg Cabot (my favorite author!) wrote a praise about one of Strohmeyer's other novel The Cinderella Pact  and the comment was featured on the back.  "Absolutely, irresistible" she said.  Since I had The Sleeping Beauty Proposal in my hand, and not the The Cinderella Pact, and it was the clearance section, I couldn't refuse it.  And let me tell you, I am glad I didn't; refuse it I mean.

Strohmeyer's writing style and humor reminded me of Meg Cabot's (which is probably why she loved it so much, haha).  Genie, the main character, had a similar sense of humor as Mia Thermopolis (from Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries Series ), Susannah Simon (from her Mediator Series, minus the ghosts).  Heather Wells (from Size 12 is Not Fat, Size 14 is Not Fat Either, and Big Boned) and many of Meg Cabot's other fabulous characters.  Along with Strohmeyer's other characters in the novel The Sleeping Beauty Proposal, who also had a great sense of humor.

Every time I read a Meg Cabot novel I always think to myself how awesome it would be to have lunch with her or just hangout and talk.  She must be one of the funniest people! And while I was reading Sarah Strohmeyer's novel, I felt the same thing.  A sense of humor is one of the most important things to have in this serious world.

So anyway, :), this novel is Genie Michaels, who has just witnessed her boyfriend of 4 years propose to another  woman on national television! Of course, she is heart broken at first, especially since her boyfriend, Hugh (a soon-to-be New York Times Bestselling Author, with an "adorable" British accent and Hugh Grant smile) has told her in the past that the idea of marriage freaks him out, and that he liked the things they had going with each other.  The worst part about the break-up, besides the fact that he couldn't do it face-to-face, was that shortly after the television appearance he had the guts (or how I would like to say, "balls"), and told her that he has never been "sexually attracted" to her, which of course would bring any woman's confidence level down.

However, one major problem comes along: Her parents believe that Hugh has just proposed to their daughter (finally!!)! And to make matters worse, Genie doesn't stop them from believing that! With the help of her best friend, Patty, Genie buys a fake engagement ring and goes along with wedding plans, receiving gifts (such as a $1,000 Cake Platter!!!!), and along the way falling for another man...yes, the super hot contractor, Nick, who works alongside her brother, Todd.

To find out what else happens, I think it would be best if you read it yourself :), because I don't want to give away anymore great parts.  This novel is filled with just the right amount of humor and romance without being overly cheesy. 

I definitely recommend reading this novel, if you are looking for some amusement and romance, and some heart break.  The ending may surprise you!

Have a great week!

The Romance Bookie :)