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Hey Authors, Readers, and anybody nice out in the world!

I would love to read your Young Adult/Romance books if you need readers! It would be a great honor! :). Here is my contact information, you can either email me, or go on my Goodreads Profile. I've provided the links here:

Email: romancebookie@yahoo.com
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5814520-the-romance-bookie?ref=header

About Mandy (Creator and Founder of The Romance Bookie):
I have spent quite some time, trying to figure out how to let you guys get to know me better.  I don't know, since this is usually the type of paper I do best on in school...autobiographical that is :).

So instead of just giving you a paragraph of crap about me, I'm going to give you guys other crap that probably doesn't even matter, but is fun!  Fun is the whole reason why I started The Romance Bookie :).

So here is some fun information about me:

-Age: 25
-Annoyance: stupidity
-Actor: Umm...I'm so behind on this at this point, but I have always liked Hilary Duff, since the 4th grade.
-Birthday: July 2nd
-Best friends: my husband, Vincent <3
-Body part on the opposite sex: eyes and smile
-Best feeling in the world: reading an awesome book! Oh and not reading related: having the sweetest guy in the world tell you he loves you :)
-Best weather: not to hot not to cold :)
-Been in love? Yes, I'm in love with the sweetest guy ever!  :) <3
-Been on stage? does choir count?
-Believe in magic? I don't know right now.
-Believe in Santa? yes, duh who doesn't? ;)
-Breakfast: love it! Especially toast with Nutella, and scrambled eggs. :)

-Candy: Chewy Sprees
-Color: blue and Dark purple
-Cried in school? yeah, unfortunately, but who hasn't??!!
-Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate, duh LOL
-Chinese or Mexican: Chinese
-Cake or pie: it depends
-Continent/country to visit: England

-Day/night: night
-Dance in the rain?: I think i may have done that once, but no one was watching :)

-Eggs: anytime!! <3 them!!
-Eyes: blue-brown
-Everyone has a: secret ;)
-Ever failed a class? no, and very proud of it!!

-Full name: I'll give you guys my first name: Mandy (sorry, my last name I choose to keep private)
-Food: Chicken Pad Thai
-Fast-food: Taco Bell
-First crush: this boy I grew up with in my home country, Germany
-friends: when you find that good one, you will know!

-Greatest fear: snakes, heights, and failure
-Goals: make something out of myself
-Gum: Peppermint!
-Get along with your parents? yes
-Good luck charm?: While I used to say that I'm a very unlucky person, I must now say I still don't really have a specific item that is a good luck charm, but I feel very fortunate and lucky to have some of the people in my life. <3

-Hair color: blonde
-Height: 5'7
-Happy: I try to be, but 2016 was a rough year
-Holiday: Christmas
-How do you want to die? sleeping when I am old and have lived life

-Ice cream: Baskin Robins Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl
-Instruments: I sing, attempted to play bass guitar but failed miserably:(

-Jewelry: My wedding ring <3
-Job: After school daycare teacher, and Student at a university.

-Kids: not now, but 2 maybe 3 eventually
-Kickboxing or karate: karate
-Keep a journal? I try to, but I never keep up

-Longest car ride: Oregon
-Love: to READ YA books!!
-Letter: ??
-Laughed so hard you cried: yeah, I hate it when that happens

-Milk flavor: chocolate. Oh and Banana!
-Movies: romantic comedies
-Motion sickness? I don't think so
-McDonald's or Burger King: McDonalds but only the french fries and chicken Mcnuggets

-Number of siblings: 1, little brother
-Number of piercings: 5
-Number: 11

-One wish: For my dad to here :(

-Place you'd like to live: I don't know yet, I need to travel more first :)
-Perfect pizza: easy white sauce, with extra cheese and bacon and pineapple YUM!! (what is up with all of these food questions?)
-Pepsi or Coke: diet coke, i don't like regular and definitely don't like pepsi

-Quail: I prefer Lovebirds :)

-Reason to cry: losing my dad
-Reality TV: The only reality show I watch sometimes is Gene Simmons Family Jewels, but everything else just sucks!
Radio Station: Anything with good music :)
-Roll your tongue: yup, it's in my genes LOL
-Ring size: I have little sausage fingers lol

- Shoes: During the summer, I live in the Yoga Mat Sanuk Flip Flops, I have over half a dozen pair at this point.   Tennis shoes I pretty much just wear Pumas when I have to.
- Salad Dressing: ranch or honey mustard
- Sushi: california roll (!! Love it!!!), I know it's not sushi but it is only kind I'll eat
- Smoke:eww... smoking is disgusting
- Sing well?: I don't know, it's not something I do to get judged, only for fun :)
- Strawberries/Blueberries?: that's a tough one, I love both, but if I absolutely HAD to choose it would be...Blueberries!

-Trouble?: sometimes, usually fighting with my brother :)
-Traced?: a picture

Umbrellas- usually don't use them, that's what a hood is for
-Under the weather?: when I'm sick

-Vacuum: sometimes
-Vending machines: haven't used one in years

-Weddings?: Love them!
-Webs?: spiderwebs

-X-rays: teeth
-X-Rated?: lol
-Xtacy?: drugs SUCK!! :)
-xlophone: not my choice of instrument

-yelling?: at my little brother while he screams at me
-Yummy things?: German chocolate
-Yellow?: rain coat

-Zebras?: cute
Zesty?: salsa LOL

About Erin (Co-Blogger at The Romance Bookie):

-Age: 20
-Annoyance: Do annoying people count?
-Actor: Jennifer Lawrence!!

-Birthday: August 25th
Best Friends: I have a few that I love!
-Best Weather: Not to hot summer!
-Been in Love?: Haha...no :)
-Been on Stage: Yes!! For Ballet!
-Believe in Magic?: Most definitely
-Believe in Santa?: Absolutely!
-Breakfast: I basically have two--like hobbits!

-Candy: Chocolate!
-Color: Pink and aqua and the rainbow
-Cried in School: In preschool, I think! I cried while hanging on to my mom's leg cause I didn't want to go to school.
-Chocolate or Vanilla: CHOCOLATE!!
-Chinese or Mexican: Mexican
-Cake or Pie: CAKE!
-Continent/Country to visit: Australia!

-Day/Night: Can I please say Both??
-Dance in the rain?: Maybe one day

-Eggs: Scrambled and boiled
-Eyes: Brown
-Everyone has a: Friend
-Ever Failed a class?: No! Thank goodness!! And hopefully not anytime soon!

-Full name: Erin! (You can make up a last name for me)
-Food: Everything and anything!!
-Fast Food: Cafe Rio
-First Crush: Uuh, I think this kid in first grade??
-Friends: I love that tv show!!

-Greatest Fear: waves/currents
Goals: I have a lot that I want to achieve!
Gum: Mint
Get along with parents?: Yes!!!
Good luck charm?: Whenever a song I like comes on the radio

-Hair Color: Black
-Height: 5'3"
-Happy: I'm happy to say I am!
-Holiday: Christmas!!!
-How do you want to die?: Peacefully, after I have done everything I want in life

-Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip!
-Instruments: Piano, guitar, and singing, although I'm not good at all!

-Jewerly: Everything, but I wear Earrings the most!
-Job: Physical Therapist Aide, but one day hopefully a physical therapist

-Kids: Hmmm, I haven't thought about it
-Kickboxing or karate: I've done kickboxing but I really want to try Karate!
-Keep a journal: I have many, but I don't end up writing in them too much, unfortunately.

-Longest car ride: To Seattle, I think
-Love: Books, music, fitness/health
-Letter: Um, yeah I get them?
-Laughed so hard you cried: Haha, an embarrassing number of times!

-Milk Flavor: Chocolate, but I don't really drink milk
-Movies: Howl's Moving Castle, Tangled, Inception
-Motion Sickness: UGH! Unfortunately!!
-McDonalds or Burger King: I used to love Burger King Whoppers when I was a kid.

-Number of Siblings: One younger brother
-Number of Piercings: Five
Number: 72

-One Wish: What? Why just one??? (Yeah, I'm THAT Greedy).

-Place you'd like to live: France!! (Maybe)
-Perfect Pizza: One where the cheese doesn't slide off completely
-Pepsi or coke: Coke, I guess but I don't really drink soda that much.

-Quail: Aah!! They're so cute when they run!!

-Reason to cry: When something so beautiful you can't help but.
-Reality TV: I don't really watch any...
-Radio Station: I don't know? Mostly the pop stations?
-Roll your Tongue: Yup! I can even do a squiggly!
-Ring Size: No idea, but as my brother so lovingly puts it, I have stubby fingers.

-Shoes: Ballet Flats
-Salad Dressing: Balsamic Vinegar
-Sushi: Crunchy Roll! But I could eat any kind of sushi everyday!!
-Smoke: No! Thank you!! BLEEECH!!
-Sing Well?: I hope! But don't count on it!
-Strawberries/Blueberries?: Hmmm...Right now, I feel more like Blueberries.

-Trouble?: Not really, sometimes
-Traced?: My hand?

-Umbrellas: No, I face the rain head on!
-Under the weather?: Nope! Not usually!

-Vacuum: It's been years!
-Vending Machines: I can't remember the last time I used one

-Weddings?: Yes!! Going to one in England!!!
-Webs?: Interweb??

-X-Ray: Teeth
-X-Rated: I'm not sure what this is getting at...
-Xtacy?: Definitely not!

-Yelling?: Apparently when I get excited!
-Yummy Things?: French pastries! Thai Food! Japanese Food! FOOD!

-Zebras?: They're basically like striped horses, right? :D
-Zesty?: What a fun word to say!

So there's just a little bit of information about Us.  :)
Mandy & Erin @The Romance Bookie :)