1. Derrolyn Anderson author of Marina's Tales
2. KC Neal author of Pyxis and Alight: The Peril (Pyxis #2)
3. Lauren Clark author of Stay Tuned and Dancing Naked in Dixie
4. Sibel Hodge author of The Baby Trap
5. Passion and Prose Event (February 25th, 2012)
6. Christopher McPherson author of News on the Home Front
7. Spectral by Shannon Duffy Guest Post
8. Gayle Forman, Stephanie Perkins, and Nina La Cour signing (April 20th, 2012)
9. Night Sky by Jolene B. Perry Blog Tour 4/20/12
10. Airel/Michael by Aaron Patterson One Day Blog Tour
11. Kody Keplinger interview  (in honor of Midsummer's Nightmare release!) (June 5th, 2012)
12. Knee Deep by Jolene Perry Blog Tour Stop (June 8th, 2012)
13. Mia Thermopolis Interview (fictional character from The Princess Diaries Series by Meg Cabot) (June 15th, 2012)
14. DD Chant interview (June 16th, 2012)
15. Zeinab Alayan interview (June 18th, 2012)
16. Meradeth Houston ("Colors Like Memories") Guest Post (July 8th, 2012)
17. Meg Cabot interview! (Friday July 20th, 2012)
18. Kody Keplinger video chat! (Face to face!) (Tuesday July 24th, 2012)
19.  The Aspen 2-Million-Take All by John Morris Blog Tour (Tuesday July 31st, 2012)
20. Live Radio Chat with Meg Cabot (via Book Girl Club) (Tuesday July 31st, 2012)
21. Marie Lamba interview (author of Drawn) (Tuesday August 7th, 2012)
22. Steven Manchester Interview (author of Twelve Months) (Wednesday August 22nd, 2012)
23. Lisa Renee Jones Interview (author of If I Were You) (Sunday August 26th, 2012)
24. Rolando Garcia Interview (author of The Sun Zebra) (Sunday September 23rd, 2012)
25. Leslie Phillips Interview (author of The Midas Tree) (Saturday September 29th, 2012)
26. Miranda Kenneally interview!!!! (author of Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker) (Sunday September 30th, 2012)
27.  Ann Lee Miller Interview (author of The Art of My Life and Kicking Eternity) (Monday October 1st, 2012)
28. Tracie Banister Interview (author of In Need of Therapy) (Tuesday October 2nd, 2012)
29. Meredith Schorr Guest Post! (author of A State of Jane) (October 12th, 2012)
30. Lynn C. Ricci interview (author of The Dating Intervention) (October 20th, 2012)
31. The Reluctant Bachelorette Tour (Rachael Anderson) (Review) (October 23rd, 2012)
32. Lesley Phillips "The Midas Tree" interview (November 1st, 2012)
33. Christine Nolfi "Second Chance Grill" Guest Post (November 4th, 2012)
34. Rachel Carrington "Waking Up Immortal" interview (November 5th, 2012)
35. Mary Parker "The Awakening of Leeowyn Blake" interview (November 21, 2012)
36. Amy Lignor "Angel Chronicles" Guest Post (November 28th, 2012)
37. Libby Mercer (Unmasking Maya) Guest Post (December 3rd, 2012)
38. For What It's Worth by Karey White Blog Tour (Review) (December 7th, 2012)
39. Tahlia Newland Interview (December 20th, 2012)
40. Interview with Ciye Cho (January 5th, 2013)
41.  Steven Manchester Guest Post "Goodnight Brian" (January 7th, 2013)
42. Anthea Sharp Interview "Feyland" Trilogy (January 11th, 2013)
43. Christina Lauren "Beautiful Bastard" Interview
44. Cassandra Clare Signing (Friday March 22nd, 2013)
45.  The Romance Authors Huntington Beach Event (Featuring Christina Lauren, Alice Clayton, Katy Evans, Sylvia Day, and many others!) (Saturday March 1st, 2014)
46. Lauren Oliver and Jay Asher Signing at the Grove in Los Angeles! (Sunday March 9th, 2014)
47.Festival of Books 2014 (Part 1) (Saturday April 12th, 2014)
48. Festival of Books 2014 Part 2 (Sunday April 13th, 2014)
49. Emily Giffin Signing (Thursday June 5th, 2014)
50. Maggie Stiefvater (with Tessa Gratton and Brenna Yavanoff) signing (Monday July 28th, 2014)
51. Erin: Mime Order Book Event
52. Festival of Books 2015 (Part 1) (Saturday April 18th, 2015)
53. Festival of Books 2015 (Part 2) (Sunday April 19th, 2015)
54. Pasadena Loves Ya (Kody Keplinger, Stephen Chbosky, and many more!) (Saturday May 23rd, 2015)
55. Meg Cabot signing at Cerritos Library (Thursday February 11th, 2016)
56. YALL West 2016 (featuring Simone Elkeles, Richelle Mead, Susane Colasanti, Kody Keplinger, and so many others!!) (Saturday April 30th-Sunday May 1st, 2016)

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