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Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren Interview AND GIVEAWAY!! :)

***WARNING***This book contains Adult Content!! Giveaway will be open to anyone over the age of 17!!!***
Super excited today, because thanks to Gallery Books for hooking me up, I get to share with you my interview with Christina and Lauren, the authors of Beautiful Bastard!!! :)

AND stick around until the end...because below you will find a GIVEAWAY, for all US readers (SO SORRY!! International shipping is just tooo expensive), for one lucky reader to win their own copy of Beautiful Bastard!!!! :)

The Romance Bookie: I've heard Beautiful Bastard was originally written as a Twilight fan-fiction piece; how did the overall story premises come to mind, after reading the Twilight Saga?
Christina and Lauren: Christina wrote the original story in 2009. The Twilight fandom, at the time, was a booming writing community and a perfect thing to keep her occupied while she recovered from surgery.  It also let her try her hand at writing an over-the-top, smutty story. She got to just play with a story, and make it as wild as she wanted in the safety of that world. She really had no idea that it would take off the way it did.

TRB: Did you have to do a lot of converting for "Beautiful Bastard" when it was being published through Simon and Schuster, from the original piece featured online?
C&L: We certainly didn’t want to put the same story out there that had already been posted for free. At the same time, many readers wanted to see it again, and so we didn’t want to change it so much that it was unrecognizable. We think that was the hardest part: making it new, but making it feel like it was the same. Some readers of the fan-fiction think very little has changed, and we suppose that means we succeeded. It should feel the same. But if you ran a comparison, you’d realize how much has been edited or rewritten. Essentially, the second half has been entirely redone.

TRB:  Besides "Beautiful Bastard" and its upcoming sequel "Beautiful Stranger" do you two plan on working together again on another novel in the future?
C & L: We worked together before Beautiful Bastard (we’ve been writing original books together for a couple years now), and we will continue to write together. We like the balance, and have a working relationship that is rare in that we work more efficiently together than we do alone. Also, we’re besties and like to gaze adoringly at each other.

TRB:   Now I have to ask, assuming you are fans of The Twilight Saga, like myself, what team: Edward or Jacob?  I'm guessing, after reading BB that it's the same as me... ;)
C & L: Ha! We were both solidly Team Edward. But that’s only because Jacob always just seemed like the kid next door, even in the books.

TRB:   What's the journey been like, from fan-fiction writers to published authors? 
C & L: We signed our agent for our YA work, which is still very much alive and is now actually with our agent. We think having gone through the process of writing fic, and then original, and then going through the painful process of querying and revising – it’s helped us not only see the process as a journey (rather than a destination) but it’s given us perspective that you need to write what is fun, in your head, and makes you happy. If you try to write to a trend, you’ll almost always be behind.

Thanks Christina and Lauren for joining!! :)

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