Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Music Tuesday #62/63

Hey Everyone! :)

Sorry I missed Music Tuesday last week!

So I'm taking a History of Pop and Rock Music class this semester, and because right now we are listening a lot of 50-60s music, I've been listening like crazy to a ton of artists from that time that my grandmother introduced me to years ago! :)

So here are a couple of great songs! :)

Be My Baby by The Ronettes was also featured in the 80s movie Dirty Dancing! :)

Surfin' USA by The Beach Boys, so okay my grandma did not introduce me to this band, but because I live in California and in one of the places mentioned in this song, I just can't help but love it! :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone! :)

The Romance Bookie


  1. A class on History of Pop and Rock Music? That sounds amazing!
    I love music from that era. Lately all I've been listening to is anything pre-1960's.

    1. Yes! A class on the History of Pop and Rock Music! :) Pretty awesome right?!
      I've been wanting to take that class since starting at SBCC, so I'm glad I finally found the time to! :)

      And my grandmother got me totally hooked on pre 60s music! Listen to it once in a while, just to remember her! :)