Monday, March 28, 2011

Thank Goodness for Libraries!!!

Okay, all I have to say is THANK YOU for libraries!! They are seriously amazing! Even if librarians sometimes can be a little intimidating (but then again, everybody is different, because I happened to get along perfectly fine with my high school librarian), they are just the best places to be able to escape when necessary, from your family, friends, whatever really. 

Anyway, I am on Spring Break officially this week (!!!!!) and spending this week to relax, read, relax, write the two papers for my English class, relax, read some more, and mayyybbbeeee spend some time with friends.  But I may not do that last part, because I really want to relax :) (or did I mention that already?? ;))

So, I have been reading (or rather rereading) obsessively The Princess Diaries series, like I mentioned in my last entry.  And over the past four days I have read the second, third, fourth, and fourth and a half novel from the series again.  I just can't stop!! Meg Cabot is amazing!! After having read the series about ten thousand* times I have realized that I have probably read the series a little bit too often, because I have actually realized some inconsistencies in Meg's writing (I mean nothing serious, especially if I am just noticing it now)...SORRY Meg, if you were to ever read this!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR NOVELS!! I think, if anything, it proves that I know your writing too well!  Which is a little sad, on my part, that I don't spend my time, doing other things, such as hanging out with friends or partying, which is something a normal nineteen year does, when going to school near a party town.

But, I guess to some people, unfortunately, I don't have a life, and read way to much, but let's be honest, I could care less.  I LOVE reading! There's a reason why I have probably about two hundred books by now on my book shelf in my room; I just can't stop!

So, in my last entry I gave you an over view of how the movie compares to the books, I want to focus on the story aspect a little bit more :).

So the series, like I already mentioned, I believe takes place in Mia Thermopolis's high school years.  So between the first and tenth books, it takes place during her freshman, sophamore, junior, and senior year.  In the first novel Mia finds out from her Dad (who is not dead, but only suffered from a small attack of Testicular cancer) that Mia is the heir to the throne of the small principality nation of Genovia, of which he is the prince of.  Mia doesn't like that idea, of her being a Princess, but has no choice but to take Princess Lessons from her mean, intimidating, Grandma, who also happens to have her eyeliner tattooed on. 

The novels allows readers to witness the growth of Mia, from a young, somewhat immature, 14 year old, to a more mature 18 year old novelist, as a senior at Albert Einstein Academy in New York City.  

The series had an especially special meaning to me, because I actually started the series my freshmen year in high school, and finished them when the tenth book was released at the beginning of the second semester of my senior year.  So, in a way, I actually grew up with Mia, and went through, with her, everything she went through.  However, I am not saying that I found out I am a Princess of a small European nation (of course!!), and I found my true love while in high school, no, I am definitely still waiting for that one ;); but what I am trying to say is that it was definitely a very special and fond memory for me to read those books through out most of my teen years.

So anyway, sorry about my babbling...once again ;), but I just love sharing my insight on the many many novels I read every year, and I hope that if you ever get the chance to read The Princess Diaries series, or anything by Meg Cabot for that matter, you should ABSOLUTELY read it!! I am just going to say it again: SHE IS AMAZING!!

So, have a great week, because this will probably be the last time I write again this week, unless I get to the library again and happen to think of something else about the Princess Diaries books, because that is all I am reading right now. :)
The Romance Bookie :)
*slight exaggeration of course :), it's more like 5 times 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Uglies, Pretties, and Specials

So I finished the Sci-fi-ish book, and it got pretty good at the end.  Scott Westerfeld is the author of the Uglies Trilogy, and he must have a very huge imagination, because some of the things he thought of would be really cool if they actually were to exist in the future.

The trilogy is about our future...well, actually about a different race, because apparently we won't exist anymore, we will known as the Rusties...haha I thought that was kind of funny.  The World as we know it no longer exists, and it's now made up of Stepford know the kind, the kind of people who don't think for themselves anymore, but instead have been changed into someone who is exactly how someone wants you to be.  In the novels (I have only read the first two so far, so I don't know yet what is going to happen in the finale, Specials, yet) the "people" go through phases in their life...first they start born, of course, and known as Littlies, and then they turn into Uglies, which they stay as until they turn sixteen years old, and then they get this operation where they turn into Pretties, and they get to go live in New Pretties city, and then when they hit middle age they get another operation to turn into Middle Pretties, and then another operation when they get old, which then they are known as Crumblies (haha, I thought the names were pretty hilarious).
Well, anyway, overall the story is about Tally Youngblood, who in the first novel is an Ugly, who is about to turn sixteen and become a Pretty, which she is really excited about, because all of her friends have already been changed.  A few weeks before her birthday, she meets Shay, an Ugly who has the same birthday as her, and is supposed to be changed on the same day as her.  Well, Shay and Tally do all these "tricks" which, is Scottfeld's way of braking the rules of city.  They go on hoverboards (yes!! Hoverboards, how cool is that??) and fly to the old Rusty Ruins, which in other words is the cities we know now, but extinct and ruined, no longer lived in.  That's where Shay tells Tally about the outside world of Pretty Town, where a small group of people has rebelled against changing and stayed Ugly and have started a different kind of life...these people are called the Smokies. 
 Well, Shay really wants to go to Smoke, but Tally is a little reluctant to go, because unlike Tally she actually wants to be Pretty.  So Shay leaves, and Tally stays behind, waiting for her sixteenth birthday to role around.
When the big day finally approaches, however, everything goes wrong.  Tally, instead of going to the hospital to get her Pretty surgery, goes to this special place, where the Specials are located, (a secret society no one in Pretty Town knows about), where she meets Dr. Cable.  Dr. Cable tells her that she will not become Pretty unless she helps the Specials find the Smoke, so they can get back all the young Uglies so they can become Pretty.

Tally goes to smoke and and a lot of other things happen, but I don't want to tell you anymore, I've already given away too much. Sorry... ;).

The series is about Tally's journey, where she is trying to rebel against everything the Pretties stand for.  She is tired of being told that people need to look a certain way...and especially when they are being brainwashed to turn into what everyone wants...

Well, I hope I didn't give to much away.  There is a small love story, in the books, which turns into a small love triangle in the third novel.

If they were to ever turn these novels into movies, I am really interested how they do the changes to the characters, after they get their plastic surgeries.  That would be really weird and difficult to do, I imagine.

This was another entry by The Romance Bookie, I hope you guys have a great rest of the week, and Spring Breaks, for the people that have them!  I have mine next week, so I probably be writing any entries, but will probably have plenty of books to write on when I come back! :)
The Romance Bookie :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Princess Diaries

I have read this series probably about five times, because I love these books so much! I think one of my weaknesses in life is probably a Meg Cabot book.  I love her!! She is amazing!! I have probably mentioned that before, but I just never get tired of her books! I love her characters because they always have this great sense of humor.  The Princess Diaries  is definitely not an exception to this.  The series consists of probably about 15 books (including the mini novels in between), and has is the amazing story of Mia Thermopolis, a freshman in high school, learning she is the princess of a small nation called Genovia.

Now I know, almost every girl/woman has seen the Disney movie, based on the series.  Well, let me just tell you Disney RUINED it!!! BIG TIME!! I mean don't get me wrong, I love the movies, especially Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews, but I just wish they could have named it something else, and not made it based on the books.  The movies has sooo many differences, that it's so sad how badly they ruined them.  I thought it was funny that Meg Cabot's character, Mia, actually makes fun of the movies in a couple of the books, of course she doesn't mention that they were the Disney movies.

Instead of telling you what the books are about, because I will most likely be rereading the series again in the next couple of weeks and writing a few little things about them :); I have decided to compare the book to the movie, and show you all the differences.  Unfortunately, the second movie is pretty difficult to compare to the books, because NONE of those things even HAPPEN in the books!!!

How The Princess Diaries Series compare to the two Disney Movies:

  1. The books take place in New York City, and the first movie in San Francisco
  2. Fat Louis, Mia's cat, is not black and white (like in the movie), but orange.
  3. Mr. O'Connell is Mia's Debate teacher in the movie, who gets together with Mia's mom, well in the books her mom and him do get together, but his name is Mr. Gianini and he is Mia's Algebra teacher!
  4. Mia's best friend, Lily, does have a small TV show, but it isn't called "Shut Up and Listen" it's called, "Lily, Tells It Like it Is".
  5. In the movie Mia's school's name is Grove High School, but in the books it's Albert Einstein Academy
  6. Her father is not dead, like in the movies, he is perfectly alive, and only had testicular cancer, where he had to have chemo, which made him sterile, which is the reason why Mia is the only sole heir to the throne of Genovia.
  7. Even though I love Julie Andrews, her character was nothing like in the novels.  The grandmother (or Grandmere, as Mia calls her) is mean in the books! She scares Mia all the time.  She only drinks Sidecars, has her eyeliner tattooed on, and has a miniature poodle whose hair falls out from all the stress of being with the grandmother.
  8. In the movies, they do not mention that Mia has been in love with Michael, Lily's brother, since she and Lily became friends in the 1st grade; but in the books she has.
  9. Overall, the story with Michael and Mia is very different.  All I am going to say is that Michael and Mia do get together (in such a CUTE way!!), and they do break-up, however, you must read the books to find out what happens, because it way surprise you.
  10. In the second movie, Mia moves to Genovia, so she can take over the throne on her 21st birthday, well, the books only take place from Mia's freshman year in high school to her senior year, so she definitely doesn't celebrate her 21st birthday in them.
  11. And since that last one isn't true, then you can probably figure out that there was nothing about her having to find someone to marry so she can officially take over the throne.
  12. They left out many many characters in the movies, except of course, the ones I have already mentioned, as well as, Lana (Mia's enemy), Josh (Lana's boyfriend), and her body guard, (except in the book his name is Lars, not Joe)
There are probably many more, but these are the ones that I remember right now, and that stuck out the most for me.

So, I know I may sound a little bit to upset about this subject, but let's just say spending many nights during my high school years reading this series, has left me very sad that Disney had Disneynize such a great series!  It bums me out, and I wish someone could re due the movies and make them more similar to the books.
So that was my rant of the day...haha just kidding I am usually not this passionate about a lot of things, but when it comes to books and movies, I can get into some serious discussions ;).

Well, I almost have English class, so I better get going.  Hopefully, I will be finished very soon with that second book I was reading, so I can tell you about it. It's taking me a little bit, because it isn't really my favorite type of book.  It's kind of sci-fi, which isn't really my genre.  Well, anyway, have a great day! And I will write again soon!
The Romance Bookie :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A little slow right now... :)

So for the past week I've been reading two books, and am almost done with both of them, but it might still be take me a few days, because I may have gotten hooked on a TV show that I have wanted to see for ages on Hulu :), if you're wondering what show, well, it's Huge, which originally aired last summer and has Nikki Blonsky from Hairspray in it, who happens to be one of my favorite actresses :).

Well, anyway, since I haven't finished one of the books yet (even though I already have read one of them about 5 times ;)) I want to talk about a book that I read last year.  I hate going so long in between posts.

So the book is....Elixir by yes...none other than Hilary Duff, the actress/singer best known for her role in my personal favorite childhood Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire.  I was a huge fan of Mrs. Duff (wow, I can't believe she got married! How time flies!) growing up, and still love to see what new things she comes out with.  One of those new things being her own novel, Elixir.  I was so surprised and ecstatic when I found out she was publishing a novel!  I went immediately on and ordered it!  And of course, read it as soon as it came in the mail.

About a month after I read it, I actually got to go to one of her book signings, and it was a dream come true! I finally got to meet my teen idol up-close-and personal!  Millions of scenarios of what it would be like went through my head of what would maybe happen...would she be just like I always imagined her to be, nice and totally down-to-earth...or would she be mean and totally full of herself?

Well, on Thursday November 11th, 2010 I drove about an hour to meet her, and unfortunately the experience wasn't at all like the millions of scenarios that went through my head.  None of them were Hilary's fault though...oh no not at fact the people she worked for and the place where the signing was taking place was so rude and wouldn't let any of the fans speak to her.  We had to get our book signed (which was almost a problem for me, because I hadn't purchased my book at the location, and they being pretty rude about that) and then leave!
I waited over ten years to speak to my idol and I wasn't even able to speak to her for at least a couple of minutes.  I was sixth in line, behind a mom and her son, and a mom and her two young daughters, and they wouldn't even let us ask her questions!
Even though it was an awful experience for my first signing, I still found it so exciting and amazing to finally meet her!  She seemed really sweet, and even secretly signed one of my thousands of magazines, I have collected through those ten years.

Apparently, too I was one of the only people to have actually read the book at the signing, which I thought was pretty sad, because if I am going to go to a signing, I want to be able to speak the author about his/her story!  When Hilary said to me, "I hope you enjoy it!" as I was leaving, I forced myself to speak, (because I was so nervous!) "Oh, I already read and I love it!"  She sounded both surprised and grateful that someone had actually come to one of her signings, having already read the book.'s what the story is about...

Clea is the main character, and her father has gone missing.  He is a world famous doctor and went missing while volunteering somewhere in South America (I believe).  Clea and her friend Ben go on a journey to solve the mystery of his disappearance and along the way learn that her father was very close to the discovery of a very secret elixir, which can make someone immortal.  Well, it turns out that Clea is a reincarnation of someone in history, and has continued to be reincarnated for hundreds of years, because each time she tragically dies.  Along the way, she meets Sage, a very mysterious guy who happens to show up in all of her pictures (Clea's a photographer).  Anyway, if you are confused then sorry!! It is quite difficult just to describe what happens in the story.

I enjoyed the book, but it may have been because of my bias to being a huge Hilary Duff fan ;).  So, if anyone decides to read it, or has already read it, then let me know what you thought about it.  The second novel in the series is set to be released in October of this year, and I can't wait to see what happens next, because it ended on a hook.

Overall rating:

Well, that was it for today.  As soon as I finish my books I will try to post something about them asap, I have Spring Break next week, so I have to see when I can get my hands on some reliable internet.  If I don't write again this week, then I hope you all have a great week and weekend, and if you are on Spring Break, well then enjoy that too!

The Romance Bookie :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Circus Life during the Depression

So I finished Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen yesterday afternoon...and I LOVED IT!!!
This book was so powerful! I finished it in less then three days, which is pretty good for me; I just couldn't put it down a lot of the times, because the story is so captivating from the beginning until the end. 

I first heard about the story when I saw the trailer for the movie, adapted from the novel, which is coming out next month.  The movie has Robert Pattinson playing the lead character, Jacob.  And I find him to be so gorgeous!! :).  He wasn't the only reason though that the story interested me ;), Reese Witherspoon is in it too...haha just kidding, the actors aren't the only thing interesting to me, even though love Reese :)...but no, in all seriousness, the overall story really interested me. 

The story takes place during the depression, in a time when everyone was struggling (a lot like today's time, but I think still worse, because they didn't have the same technology and medicines, that we have today) to keep a preferable lifestyle.

The main character, Jacob's, parents die at the beginning of the novel.  He is about to take his final tests to become a Veterinarian, but decides not to take them, due to the grief from his parents death.  Well, as luck would have it, he jumps onto a train, that happens to be train for The Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth, a lower class circus, struggling to keep up with the famous Ringling Brother's Circus. 

The show's owner, hires Jacob to be the animal's vet on the show.  And so Jacob has been able to get away from his old life, where he had nothing left, and become a part of the circus. 

The story overall is a love story though.  The love triangle between Jacob, Marlena, and her husband August, is really intense, and will have readers on their toes until the very end.

I really enjoyed reading this novel, even though it isn't my normal read.  I am looking forward to watch the movie, and find out if they did the novel justice...and of course, Robert Pattinson...just kidding ;).

I definitely recommend this book :).

What I am really curious about, is how The Twilight Saga fans are going to take it that Robert Pattinson is playing the role of Jacob, which also happens to be the name of his arch-nemesis, Jacob Black the werewolf in the Twilight Saga. 
I find it great that he is trying other things, and trying to get out of the shell that the Twilight movies has put around him.  I wish him luck, and hope he does well!

Hopefully, I will remember to write about what I thought of the movie, Water for Elephants, when it comes in theaters next month. I hope you all have a great week, and I will write again soon!
The Romance Bookie :)

Monday, March 14, 2011


Okay so read Beastly as soon as I got it in the mail on Wednesday evening :).  I had finished it by Friday morning.

Beastly is by author Alex Flinn.  When reading the book, think: modern day Disney version of Beauty and the Beast.  The only difference is you get to see the point of view from the beast, so he does think about things and say things (not descriptive or anything) that may not be suitable for a girl under the age 12, maybe 13.  I enjoyed reading it, but I have to admit it wasn't one of my favorite books I have ever read.  The love story was my favorite part :), and the author did do a great job making Kyle (the Beast) sound really mean, which I thought was a crucial part to the novel.

So, after I finished the book on Friday morning, I went with my mom that same morning to go see it in theaters, for a mother-daughter morning :).  The movie has Alex Pettyfer playing Kyle (he was in the recent I am Number Four) and then the beauty, Lindy, was played by Vanessa Hudgens, and then Mary-Kate Olsen makes a come back as the witch, and Neil Patrick Harris plays the blind tutor, Will.

I was actually a little disappointed in the movie, because of course, like every movie that was adapted from a novel, they never do it justice.  Pettyfer's character I didn't think was mean enough at the beginning; he showed to much heart when talking to Lindy before his transformation (read and watch the movie, to find out :)), and then even though Hudgen's performance was pretty good, at the end when she is on the phone, she hangs up to fast, for the person on the other end to have actually answered her question.  Neil Patrick Harris (who was amazing on my favorite TV show "Glee" :)) played an amazing blind guy, really convincing I thought, and humorous about it.  Olsen, who I haven't seen in a movie since I was in seventh grade, played a good role, compared to her self-made movies with her sister, from their childhood.

Well, anyway, if you love a good easy reader, involving beauty on the inside beating beauty on the outside then this is a book for you. I enjoyed the book, and finished it pretty fast; especially since I had been looking forward to watching the movie.
If you don't want to read the book, but want to see the movie, then I think you will like it, because I was just disappointed because they changed quite a few things from the book, such as: the beast's transformation (what he looked like in the book, compared to the movie, is a HUGE difference!).

Over Rating:

Well, I better get going.  I am almost done with Water for Elephants so that will be coming soon!
The Romance Bookie :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Me and Mr. Darcy

So I finished the novel I was reading last night :).
It was yet another cute romance novel!

Even though I tried reading Pride and Prejudice a few years back, I just couldn't get myself into it.  I know, most women would probably be shocked...but I tried! I swear! I read like half way through, but I just couldn't get myself to finish, because quite frankly I found it to be boring...a lot of women will probably hate me for saying that.
But anyway, the book I finished last night is called Me and Mr. Darcy, and as you can probably imagine, it's about, none other than...Mr. Darcy!  However, even though Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is a big part of the story, it isn't the only thing the novel concentrates on.
The story is about a 29-year-old woman named Emily, who turns down a trip to go to Mexico with her best friend, to party and drink on the beach for a week straight, for a Jane Austen book tour in England.  Like Emily, I personally would have chosen the book tour too ;).
Anyway, like I imagine many Jane Austen book tours to be, many of the women who went on the tour were quite a bit older than Emily, in fact she was the youngest.
There was only person who went on the trip that was near her age, and that was a Daily Times journalist named Spike, who Emily hates at first sight.
Now, here's where it gets weird...but interesting at the same time...on the trip she actually runs into the REAL Mr. Darcy!! Yes, I am not even kidding.
Now you may be wondering, how is it possible for her to meet a fictional character, especially the one fictional character that thousand of women dream about...well, you will just have to read and find out :).

I found the book to be a page turner, but not to the point where I couldn't put it down.  I definitely enjoyed reading it, and by the end I definitely did want to know what was going to happen with Emily, Mr. Darcy, and...well, you might be able to guess who else :).

Anyway, if you get the chance to read it sometime, and you like Jane Austen novels, especially Pride and Prejudice then I definitely think this a book for you :).

Overall rating:

Well, this was yet another book review from The Romance Bookie, and I hope whoever reads this, will be able to get a few good suggestions for future reads.
Yours Truly,
The Romance Bookie :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coming Soon!!!

So I am still reading my current book right now, sorry... ;(.  Trying to finish it soon, need only about a 100 more pages, but I have just been having to work on other stuff along the way, like school :), and writing :).  But anyway, I did order a few new books last week, so I am very excited to read those. 

The three books, that I got are :
Beastly by Alex Flinn
A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn too :)
Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.

Two of the books have been made into a movie.  I didn't find out that Beastly was actually an adaptation from the book, so when I found out I knew I had to read it before I go and see the movie, which I am very excited (!!!!) to see.  I saw the trailer for the first time, when I saw Harry Potter 7 Part 1 in theaters in November, and instantly fell in love with the story idea.
Water for Elephants has also been made into a movie, and is coming into theaters either at the end of this month, or beginning of next month.  It's with Robert Pattinson, who I think is very dreamy ;).  But he isn't the only reason why I watch the movie and read the book.  The story sounds really interesting, and I have heard from a few people I know and read reviews on the novel, that it's supposed to be very good and have a very interesting story; so I hope to read both very soon.
As soon as I do, you will be the first to know of course, what I thought of them all personally. :)
Well, I have to get going.  Spanish midterm soon, need to study...okay, probably won't be studying, but I am trying to load the new Saturday Night Live episode from over the weekend ;).  So I hope you all have a great week. Hopefully, I will have my next review up in the few days hopefully.
The Romance Bookie :)
P.S. I have posted the movie posters at the bottom for you :), if anyone is interested.