Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A little slow right now... :)

So for the past week I've been reading two books, and am almost done with both of them, but it might still be take me a few days, because I may have gotten hooked on a TV show that I have wanted to see for ages on Hulu :), if you're wondering what show, well, it's Huge, which originally aired last summer and has Nikki Blonsky from Hairspray in it, who happens to be one of my favorite actresses :).

Well, anyway, since I haven't finished one of the books yet (even though I already have read one of them about 5 times ;)) I want to talk about a book that I read last year.  I hate going so long in between posts.

So the book is....Elixir by yes...none other than Hilary Duff, the actress/singer best known for her role in my personal favorite childhood Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire.  I was a huge fan of Mrs. Duff (wow, I can't believe she got married! How time flies!) growing up, and still love to see what new things she comes out with.  One of those new things being her own novel, Elixir.  I was so surprised and ecstatic when I found out she was publishing a novel!  I went immediately on Borders.com and ordered it!  And of course, read it as soon as it came in the mail.

About a month after I read it, I actually got to go to one of her book signings, and it was a dream come true! I finally got to meet my teen idol up-close-and personal!  Millions of scenarios of what it would be like went through my head of what would maybe happen...would she be just like I always imagined her to be, nice and totally down-to-earth...or would she be mean and totally full of herself?

Well, on Thursday November 11th, 2010 I drove about an hour to meet her, and unfortunately the experience wasn't at all like the millions of scenarios that went through my head.  None of them were Hilary's fault though...oh no not at all...in fact the people she worked for and the place where the signing was taking place was so rude and wouldn't let any of the fans speak to her.  We had to get our book signed (which was almost a problem for me, because I hadn't purchased my book at the location, and they being pretty rude about that) and then leave!
I waited over ten years to speak to my idol and I wasn't even able to speak to her for at least a couple of minutes.  I was sixth in line, behind a mom and her son, and a mom and her two young daughters, and they wouldn't even let us ask her questions!
Even though it was an awful experience for my first signing, I still found it so exciting and amazing to finally meet her!  She seemed really sweet, and even secretly signed one of my thousands of magazines, I have collected through those ten years.

Apparently, too I was one of the only people to have actually read the book at the signing, which I thought was pretty sad, because if I am going to go to a signing, I want to be able to speak the author about his/her story!  When Hilary said to me, "I hope you enjoy it!" as I was leaving, I forced myself to speak, (because I was so nervous!) "Oh, I already read and I love it!"  She sounded both surprised and grateful that someone had actually come to one of her signings, having already read the book.

Anyway...here's what the story is about...

Clea is the main character, and her father has gone missing.  He is a world famous doctor and went missing while volunteering somewhere in South America (I believe).  Clea and her friend Ben go on a journey to solve the mystery of his disappearance and along the way learn that her father was very close to the discovery of a very secret elixir, which can make someone immortal.  Well, it turns out that Clea is a reincarnation of someone in history, and has continued to be reincarnated for hundreds of years, because each time she tragically dies.  Along the way, she meets Sage, a very mysterious guy who happens to show up in all of her pictures (Clea's a photographer).  Anyway, if you are confused then sorry!! It is quite difficult just to describe what happens in the story.

I enjoyed the book, but it may have been because of my bias to being a huge Hilary Duff fan ;).  So, if anyone decides to read it, or has already read it, then let me know what you thought about it.  The second novel in the series is set to be released in October of this year, and I can't wait to see what happens next, because it ended on a hook.

Overall rating:

Well, that was it for today.  As soon as I finish my books I will try to post something about them asap, I have Spring Break next week, so I have to see when I can get my hands on some reliable internet.  If I don't write again this week, then I hope you all have a great week and weekend, and if you are on Spring Break, well then enjoy that too!

The Romance Bookie :)

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