Monday, March 28, 2011

Thank Goodness for Libraries!!!

Okay, all I have to say is THANK YOU for libraries!! They are seriously amazing! Even if librarians sometimes can be a little intimidating (but then again, everybody is different, because I happened to get along perfectly fine with my high school librarian), they are just the best places to be able to escape when necessary, from your family, friends, whatever really. 

Anyway, I am on Spring Break officially this week (!!!!!) and spending this week to relax, read, relax, write the two papers for my English class, relax, read some more, and mayyybbbeeee spend some time with friends.  But I may not do that last part, because I really want to relax :) (or did I mention that already?? ;))

So, I have been reading (or rather rereading) obsessively The Princess Diaries series, like I mentioned in my last entry.  And over the past four days I have read the second, third, fourth, and fourth and a half novel from the series again.  I just can't stop!! Meg Cabot is amazing!! After having read the series about ten thousand* times I have realized that I have probably read the series a little bit too often, because I have actually realized some inconsistencies in Meg's writing (I mean nothing serious, especially if I am just noticing it now)...SORRY Meg, if you were to ever read this!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR NOVELS!! I think, if anything, it proves that I know your writing too well!  Which is a little sad, on my part, that I don't spend my time, doing other things, such as hanging out with friends or partying, which is something a normal nineteen year does, when going to school near a party town.

But, I guess to some people, unfortunately, I don't have a life, and read way to much, but let's be honest, I could care less.  I LOVE reading! There's a reason why I have probably about two hundred books by now on my book shelf in my room; I just can't stop!

So, in my last entry I gave you an over view of how the movie compares to the books, I want to focus on the story aspect a little bit more :).

So the series, like I already mentioned, I believe takes place in Mia Thermopolis's high school years.  So between the first and tenth books, it takes place during her freshman, sophamore, junior, and senior year.  In the first novel Mia finds out from her Dad (who is not dead, but only suffered from a small attack of Testicular cancer) that Mia is the heir to the throne of the small principality nation of Genovia, of which he is the prince of.  Mia doesn't like that idea, of her being a Princess, but has no choice but to take Princess Lessons from her mean, intimidating, Grandma, who also happens to have her eyeliner tattooed on. 

The novels allows readers to witness the growth of Mia, from a young, somewhat immature, 14 year old, to a more mature 18 year old novelist, as a senior at Albert Einstein Academy in New York City.  

The series had an especially special meaning to me, because I actually started the series my freshmen year in high school, and finished them when the tenth book was released at the beginning of the second semester of my senior year.  So, in a way, I actually grew up with Mia, and went through, with her, everything she went through.  However, I am not saying that I found out I am a Princess of a small European nation (of course!!), and I found my true love while in high school, no, I am definitely still waiting for that one ;); but what I am trying to say is that it was definitely a very special and fond memory for me to read those books through out most of my teen years.

So anyway, sorry about my babbling...once again ;), but I just love sharing my insight on the many many novels I read every year, and I hope that if you ever get the chance to read The Princess Diaries series, or anything by Meg Cabot for that matter, you should ABSOLUTELY read it!! I am just going to say it again: SHE IS AMAZING!!

So, have a great week, because this will probably be the last time I write again this week, unless I get to the library again and happen to think of something else about the Princess Diaries books, because that is all I am reading right now. :)
The Romance Bookie :)
*slight exaggeration of course :), it's more like 5 times 

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