Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not about a book, but a very interesting, completely awesome music video and song that sounds AWESOME!!

Katy Perry's new song, "ET" is becoming a huge hit around the United States. 

I know I am supposed to be talking about books, but since I only just started a new one, and since I like to listen to music while I do homework and work on other school stuff, I just wanted to post the music video for "ET", because I think many of you will enjoy it. 

It's kind of funny, but at the same time really awesome how Katy Perry looks!

Just look at her face, in the picture already.  ISN'T THAT AWESOME??!!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Something that needs to be known and stopped!

While I was writing my last entry, I got inspired to dedicate an entry about something that is out there in our world today.  I learned about it last semester, in my English class.  I had no idea that such a thing even existed, and I did the research and learned more about it, I found myself to be crying, feel disgusted that people could actually write these things, and incredulous that such a things could even be allowed to made public.

What am I talking about?

Well, it's Pro-Ana Websites.  Pro-Ana, if you didn't already know, means Pro-Anorexia websites.  Yes, these are actual websiteS (yes plural!!) about girls (and boys, I don't want to be sexist here) encouraging other girls about becoming and staying anorexic.  Of course, the website, isn't only discussing Pro-Anorexia, by that they are also encouraging Bulimia, and the other eating disorders out in our world.

I found some of the most disturbing things, that after reading a few of them, I hate to admit it, that I sometimes would even feel a little ashamed of myself.  I am ABSOLUTELY NOT saying that I thought about becoming Anorexic or bulimic, but some of the things these people suffering from eating disorders were saying made me feel so terrible about myself.  Let me explain.

For instance, I found a website called something like Ana's Thinspiration, I believe (I tried finding it again, but when I found the website, it looked like it was either going under construction  or was deleted).  On this website, the creator of it, actually devoted an entire page to a list.  This list was called "40 Reasons Not to Eat".  This list was awful! It contained things like, "If you eat today, you will be fat", "People who Eat are unrealistic and Selfish", and even "The only time people notice a fat person is when they get in the way of that beautiful thin girl walking by. (I know that one sounds horrible) (Oh well.)."

That last one, especially made me feel horrible, because even though I don't consider myself to be fat, it still made me think about all the times I have noticed people giving me funny looks or people giving other people funny looks.  It makes me wonder what they thinking, because by there facial expressions, it never seemed nice.

The reason why, I decided to write this entry was because thanks to Huge, which discusses the horrible things that people with overweight issues deal with, and how people who are considered skinny in our society and "good looking" say to them.  These things made me realize more than ever, just how much the saying, "You may be pretty on the outside, but it's what's on the inside that truly counts" means to me.  This saying should be spread around the world! And even though, some people, like probably the people who make those Pro-Ana websites, would say that that isn't true; well let I want to tell them this: "You are a horrible person for saying these things, which means that just because you may find yourself to be pretty on the outside, (which by the way is a total opinion oriented statement!) you are ugly on the inside!" I know that may sound harsh, but it upsets me so much, that something like these websites are allowed!  I know this country has the Freedom of Speech, but I believe when it is effected hundreds, maybe even thousands, of girls reading the content on these websites, and taking it upon themselves to follow them, then I believe it should be stopped!

So, because this subject has such an effect on thousands of young girls, and even some boys, I wanted to help make it known further.  I found a few Facebook pages dedicated to Stopping Pro-Ana websites.  If you agree with me, or at least to stop Pro-Ana websites, then join the causes! I have posted a link to one of them below, but you can  also do a google search and type in, "Facebook pages against Pro-Ana websites" and you will get a few goods ones!

Join the cause! And be one more person to make a difference in stopping the spread of Pro-Anorexia websites!

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A Summer at Camp

Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to go to summer camp.  However, it had to be a summer camp just like in the movies.  You know the type...the ones with a lake, camp fires, cabins with roommates, a summer of fun activities like canoeing, water skiing, music, art, whatever, just as long as it was fun!  I wanted to do the whole chabang.

Unfortunately, I was never able to go to camp, because my parents were never able to afford it.  So I spent my years in elementary, junior, and high school listening to my friends' experiences of going away to camp; and of course reading some great novels about teens going to summer camp.

I love Nikki Blonsky, especially in Hairspray, so when I heard she was going to be in a TV show called Huge, about a group of teens who go to fat camp, I knew I wanted to see it.  I wouldn't call myself "fat" but I have been a little overweight since about the age of eleven; and over the years I have noticed how people stare at, not just me, but other people around me.  In fact, last semester at my school, I was walking to the bus stop when someone behind me said very loudly, intending for me to hear it, "You know obesity is still an issue in this country!" He didn't look at me, instead, pushing his way past me and laughing with his buddy.  What a lot of people, especially those who have been blessed enough to be born with a fast metabolism and the love for exercise, is that when they say things like that it hurts people's feelings.

  The book was Huge, which is the novel that the television series is based off of.  I read the book because after finished the few episodes that were available on Hulu, I was sad to learn that the show was among the many shows canceled last year.  The show only consisted of ten episodes, and ended very suddenly, leaving MANY MANY questions unanswered.  I wanted to read the book only after I finished the TV show, because I was hoping to find out the ending.

Unfortunately, if you have the seen the TV show and wanted to find out what happened, I'm very sorry to say that you will be very disappointed, because the book is practically NOTHING like the TV show.  The only similarities that I noticed were the fact that it's about a summer at fat camp and that one of the main characters names is Wil.  Otherwise everything was changed!

Let me give an overview of the novel:

The novel switches off from chapter to chapter between the two characters April and Wil.  Wil is an overweight Malibu native, whose wealthy parents own a very big chain of gyms called Excalibur Gyms.  Wil's parents sign her up, without her knowing to go to Wellness Canyon, a highly recommended camp for overweight teens.  Wil doesn't want to go, because she feels her parents are embarrassed by her weight, because they both are very trim, healthy, fit people who dress alike in matching tracksuits, wherever they go. 

April is the second main character.  Unlike Wil, she really wants to go to Wellness Canyon, because she is tired of people making fun of her, for being overweight.  She lives with her single mother, who is also overweight, and doesn't help April with cutting down on the eating and starting an exercise plan.  So April saved up all year all of her money and paid all by herself to go to Wellness Canyon.  She is so excited to start her new life, after she finishes camp and has lost a ton of weight. 

Unfortunately, April gets Wil as her roommate.  Wil, who decides to be a pessimist and make it her goal to gain weight during the summer, instead of lose it.  April wants to be popular, so at the beginning she see two girls who way skinnier than everyone else, and knows that she wants to be just like them.  Wil finds April to be pathetic, for wanting to be just like two girls who shouldn't even be at fat camp. 

Then Colin, the hot guy of the camp, comes along, and Wil and April find themselves competing against each other to get his attention.  However, when Colin doesn't turn out to be what they both thought and breaks both of their hearts, they both get together, forming up plans to get revenge.  This revenge seeking attitude is what ultimately shapes their friendship.

Now here is an overview of the TV show:

The TV show has many different characters.  Even though I would say that Wil (played by Nikki Blonsky) and Amber (who I believe was supposed to be April, in the novel. Played by Hayley Hasselhoff), I thought the show really showed the sides of many different characters.  Wil has overall the same background story than in the novel.  However, Amber may have the similarity that she paid her way to camp, but unlike in the novel, where her mom was overweight just like her, in the TV show Amber turns out to be, first of all, the skinniest girl at fat camp, and then her mother in the show comes to visit her, and it turns out that her mom is this super skinny chick, who tries to act young and hip; and overall even encouraging her daughter to eat, by making her cookies with double chocolate and peanut butter.

Then the show also has the twist involving Ian, a camper who loves music.  Ian has a crush on Amber, but instead of sharing her feelings with him, she has this huge thing for one of the counselors.  And then Wil, who is friends with Ian, has a crush on him.  Sorry if this gets confusing...but another difference is that Amber and Wil share their a huge cabin with a bunch of other girls, including a girl named Becca, who is very shy and becomes friends with Wil.  Then there Alistair who acts very feminine, and whose twin sister, Chloe is also at camp, but ignores him, because she is ashamed by the fact that he is her brother.  Chloe is one of the "popular" girls, who is friends with Amber.

The show has all this extra drama that the novel didn't, something I personally enjoyed because it added some very awesome twists in the story line.  I just wish the show could have ended so that all the unanswered questions were answered. The episodes on Hulu; they aren't part of Hulu Plus, so you can watch the entire series, without paying for it. 

I enjoyed both the TV show and the novel.  Oh, by the way, here's a fun fact: Hayley Hasselhoff, who plays Amber in the series, in real life is David Hasselhoff's daughter, and was featured in his short-lived like two episode (if even that) reality show about him and his daughters.

So anyway, I hope someone found this helpful.  It's probably really confusing, but overall what I want to say is that if you want to read the book because you are hoping to find out how the TV show would have ended, if it hadn't gotten canceled, then unfortunately, you will be disappointed.

But, I still recommend reading the novel, if you love a nice easy reader, with some very emotional characters , somethings I found myself to feel very relate able to...and of course, SUMMER CAMP! ;)

Have a great rest of the week! And I will write again soon!  I haven't decided yet, what I am reading next, but I think it might be The Lying Game by Sara Shepherd, the author of the Pretty Little Liars, which now that I think about it, is also coincidentally a ABC TV Series like Huge, however, unlike Huge it seems to be doing very well with its ratings.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Water for Elephants movie!!!

Okay, so Friday morning, I forced my mom to come with me to see Water for Elephants...okay, not so much forced, since she wanted to see it too.  Anyway, though I thought it great!

Even though, that morning I had also read the review out of my county's local paper, that only gave the movie 2 out of 5 stars and said that Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon showed no chemistry and were terrible compared to the great acting of Christoph Waltz, who portrayed the role of August, the schizophrenic star circus performer.  I, however, thought everyone did an amazing job in their roles.  And I am not just saying that because I think Robert Pattinson is really cute...I swear.  I thought he really proved with this role and his role in Remember Me that he can broaden his acting skills out of playing the young super hot vampire Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga.

I thought that the script, producers, directors, and whoever else was in charge of the story of the film, kept it very true to the novel.  There were a few changes, but compared to the main idea of the story, those changes were very minor.  They started the movie different then the novel, but I didn't think it was necessarily bad how they changed it.  You see, in the novel Jacob (the main character, played by Pattinson in film) remembers his days in the circus when he is an old man, but doesn't tell them to anyone.  In the film, however, it begins with Jacob, as an old man, going to the circus, after he ran away from his retirement home that he lives in, and gets found by the circus director, who takes him into his trailer.  In the trailer, Jacob sees all the pictures from some original circuses, and among them finds one that shows him, Marlena (his love), and Rosie (the elephant him and Marlena trained and loved).  The picture reminds him of his circus days even further, and has him telling the story of his days in the Benzini Brothers Circus: The Most Spectacular Show on Earth.

There were a few other small changes.  The only one that I thought was better done in the novel, compared to the film, was that at one point in the film Jacob and Marlena run away from the circus, after one of August's outbursts, and get a hotel room.  They, especially Marlena, knew that August would do everything to find them; and of course, August's cronies did.  In the novel it was done better, because Marlena asked Jacob to take her to a hotel room (with the circus knowing), where she would stay just until they went to their location.

Other then these small things, the movie was overall very excellent!  I noticed that the audience consisted of men and women, of many different ages.  I definitely recommend it!

I hope everyone has a great week, and I will write again soon!

The Romance Bookie :)

PS: Check out Kody Keplinger's (the author of "The DUFF") Week 4 post of her 20 in 20 contest!  Here is the link:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Cheesy Modern Day Sleeping Beauty

I just finished reading, literally about a minute ago haha, Alex Flinn's A Kiss in Time.  Like she did with Beastly, she made the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty into a modern day version.

I thought the idea of the story was very cute, however, I wish she would change the stories a little more, to make them more her own.  Both Beastly and A Kiss in Time contained too much of the elements that the originals did.  If I were to rewrite a classic tale into a modern day version, I would keep the overall idea of the original but put it in a way that teens/kids today could relate to in a way.

The novel had a princess, king, queen, the pretty castle, the evil witch, etc.  The modern aspect she added was a modern teenage boy, a high school party with beer and hooking up, and a family that the boy, Jack, doesn't thin understands him.

Before I go on, here's what the overall story is about:

Talia, the princess, has been asleep for three-hundred years, after pricking her finger on a's just like the Disney version until that point, except that she was looking for a dress to wear for her sixteenth birthday when she came across the mysterious room where she found an old lady who made the most beautiful dresses.  Well, as you might have guessed...yes the old lady was the evil witch who put the curse on her, when she was baby, saying that her destiny was that before her sixteenth birthday she would be stuck with a spindle.

Well, three hundred years later, Jack, a 17 year old stuck on a "boring" museum tour of Europe with his best friend, decides to run away with his said, friend, and find a beach...preferably a nude beach.

Instead of finding the beach however, they find a hidden castle (!!!, I was wondering the whole time, how do you hide this huge CASTLE!! and not notice it with things like airplanes and helicopters), where everyone is sleeping in the kingdom.

Once, in the castle, Jack finds Talia, and kisses her...when she wakes up, along with everyone else in the kingdom.

Okay, so to make a long story short, after Talia has a fight with her father (about how she ruined the kingdom by touching that spindle) she runs away with Jack, back to his home in America, where she tries to persuade him that he is her true love....well, guess what...she does...and they live happily ever after.

The story was cute, especially when Jack talks about his growing feeling for Talia, the Princess, but when I watch movies such as Sydney White (with Amanda Bynes) and She's the Man (also with Amanda Bynes) and even the movie Easy A (with Emma Stone) which are modern day versions of Snow White, Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, and The Scarlet Letter, respectively; and how all of these stories REALLY modernize classic stories, in a way that makes it more interesting for teens today.  I mean, I really am not trying to say A Kiss in Time wasn't interesting...because it was, it's just I think it would have been really neat if she replaces the princess, king, and queen with something like...(just an example!)... this rich spoiled brat, and her rich father and mother (even if the father is a successful Furniture King or something), and then having this really mean girl (like Sara Paxton's character in Sydney White) take the place of the evil witch, and somehow that turns into the Sleeping Beauty story.  Obviously, that's just one of making the story more modern, but I think it would have been better than having literally a "evil witch".

I hope I didn't sound to harsh, describing the book, but what I really am trying to say, is that if you, or someone you know, happen to be between the ages of twelve and fourteen, then I think you might like this book.  I found myself to be just a little to old for it, even though it is considered a "teen" novel, and I am technically still a teen for another two and a half months :).

Overall rating:

That's it for now. Up next...will be  Sasha Paley's Huge, which was used to base last summer's ABC family television series Huge, which was sadly canceled before they could give it a proper ending. So I am going to read it and find out how the TV series should have ended.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another great song!

I know this is supposed to be a book blog, but I sometimes I will be breaking the rules on that :).  Even though my main focus is books, I will sometimes be talking about a movie (usually if it's based on a book :)) or a great song that I am currently listening to.

Well, today I wanted to share with you this great song.  A lot of people have probably already heard, a while ago, since sometimes I just don't discover a great artists, until after they have already been around for a few years. 

I was only truly introduced to Adele about a month ago.  I mean, I did know her song "Chasing Pavements" from seeing the music video on MTV or VH1 when it came out.  However, at the time, I didn't really like the video that much.  I liked the song, and especially her her voice is AMAZING!!

Anyway, I got her new CD 21 a couple of weeks ago, from a friend, and have been listening non-stop to it.  I know, I already posted the video for "Someone Like You", which I found out is her most popular favorite by everyone; but I wanted to share with you (if you don't already know it) a song from her first CD 19.  It's called "Hometown Glory", and it is really beautiful.  I really like her piano ballads! Here is the video, enjoy!

The Romance Bookie :)
PS: Last night on Glee Gwyneth Paltrow's character sang the song "Turning Tables" which is from Adele's new CD too. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Hunger Games...yeah hungry for more!

There has been a rumor out there that a movie is in the works for The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins; which will feature the cast Jennifer Lawrence (who was nominated for an Oscar for Winter's Bone) as Katniss, Josh Hutcherson (who has become very handsome! Remember him as the little boy in Bridge to Terabithia???) as Peeta, and the cute Liam Hemsworth (from The Last Song) as Gale. I guess technically it isn't a rumor anymore, because it turns out the movie is due out next year sometime...I am really excited to see how it turns out!!

Anyway, I read the book, of course, last week :).  And even though it isn't my normal type of read, I really enjoyed it!  I tried describing the story to my mom, but she was like, "Ewww, that sounds sick!"  But I realized its really make this book sound that great if someone describes it.  So I just wanted to warn you, that even though the story might sound horrible to some of you, it was actually really good and interesting.

The story takes place in a time after ours.  The world we know now has been destroyed by natural disasters (which I could totally see happening. unfortunately) and in a world that has been separated into 13 Districts.  Each district is known for its own thing.  The main character in the story is named Katniss, and she lived in District 12, which is kind of the really poor coal mining district, and also the last district that anyone lives in.
District 13 no longer exists, only to visit, but it isn't recommended, because it radiates a lot of toxic fumes.  The District was destroyed during a war that took place, where the world started fighting each other and competing.  Suzanne Collins raises a lot of issues with war in the books, which I thought is definitely very relevant to our world today.

Anyway, every year, to remind the citizens about disasters that can occur from fighting, the Capitol (the main part of all the districts) holds something called the Hunger Games.  These games have two people picked out from each district, a boy and a girl, and then taken to the Capitol, where they for one week prepare for the games.  The actual games consist of these 24 boys and girls competing until death.  They are all in some sort of arena (each year a different setting is picked) where they must fight each other until only one is standing at the end.  The winner of the games, gets to live a rich life for the rest of their life in a special section of their district.
In District 12, Katniss's younger sister gets chosen out of the girls ball of names; and Katniss volunteers herself to take her sister's place, because she would rather that she die instead of her sweet little sister.  She along with Peeta, the boy chosen from her district, go to the Capitol to fight for their lives in the Hunger Games.

I loved Katniss's character, because she was this strong independent woman, who knew what living a tough life was like.  Her father died in a coal mining accident and her mother had great difficulties dealing with the death.  For a while her mother wasn't able to take care of her daughters and herself, which left Katniss to take care of the family.  Luckily, her father had taught her how to hunt, before he died, so she is able to hunt and gather and trade the meat with the towns people to get the other supplies and food her family needs.  It was while she hunting one day that she met Gale, who is two (or four, can't remember) years older than her and helps her hunt.

Anyway, time to get to the actual games....well, let me just say that they are INTENSE!  It freaked me out at time, because the idea is so out there, but in a way, it would totally happen if humans were put into a situation like that.  When the games start, there are tools, that the players can use throughout the games, scattered throughout the starting point.  You can take as many as can...if you survive while trying anyway...because as you can imagine, people want tools and will kill to have them.

In the arena, the kids must fight, kill, survive.  They have to hunt and gather food (which Katniss is very good at, especially with a bow and arrow, as you can imagine).  The games will continue as long as the last person standing is left.

For the rest, I want you to read the book, because it truly was interesting, fascinating, intense, and many other things.  I loved it, because along with all these other things, a small love story starts evolving.  Katniss is very confused about love, because has never felt, except that she is pretty sure that she loves her little sister.  It's great what happens.

Since The Hunger Games is part of a series, the first novel does have a semi-ending, but the reader can tell that a lot is still going to happen.  I already ordered the next novel Catching Fire at the library last week, but it's still going to be a while, because a lot of people want to read the books right now.

Anyway, off the subject of The Hunger Games.  This Friday, is finally the day that Water for Elephants is coming into theaters.  I am SOOOO excited for it!! Hopefully, I will be able to see it Friday morning, and I will write about it next Monday, hopefully, to write about what I thought about it.  I hope it's going to be great!

I hope everyone has a great week!  I have a huge Business test on Thursday, 25% of my grade, so I have a lot of studying to do...I am however taking small breaks in between to read this new book I got by the author of Beastly, Alex Flinn, A Kiss in Time.  It's a modern day version of Sleeping Beauty.  So far, it's a little korny,  but hopefully it will get better. Enjoy!
The Romance Bookie :)

P.S: Before I forget again, I want everyone to check out Kody Keplinger's contest that she is holding in honor of her 20th birthday.  She is the amazing author of "The DUFF", a book I believe I have mentioned many times throughout my entries.  The contest is called 20 in 20.  This is week three in the contest, and she will be giving a book away every week for 20 weeks.  Here is the link:  So check it out, if you get a chance!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So life has been pretty busy these past few days, and it isn't even over yet! The last few weeks of school are rolling around, so there is plenty to do.  From Spanish projects, studying for finals and regular tests, to writing those pesky papers...and not mention, for me, finding those few minutes to read.

However, no matter what is going on in my life, I make time to read, because if I don' gets even more difficult for me.  I get withdrawals...and let's just say it's not pretty.

Soooo...anyway :), needless to say, I have been reading.  The novel is a little different from my normal reads, but it's definitely good...and VERY intense.  So coming soon...The Hunger Games entry.

But anyway, I didn't just write about my upcoming entry, I also wanted to share this amazingly beautiful song that I have been listening pretty much none-stop.  It's called "Someone Like You" by Adele.  It's from her new album, 21.  I can't stop listening to this song' it's just so beautiful!  Listen to it, if you get a chance, and tell me what you think!


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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I promise this will be the last entry in honor of Mia for at least...a while :)

Okay, I have spent the past two weeks completely absorbed, once again, into probably my favorite series of all time, The Princess Diaries Series AGAIN!!  I finished Forever Princess last night, and I couldn't believe how much I missed reading the series.  I actually got tears in my eyes! Yes, I know that sounds totally lame, but I couldn't help it! I just love the ending, but at the same time it makes me so sad that it's over.

I have decided to dedicate an entire entry to my favorite quotes from the series.  WARNING: This will be a LONG entry!

I have split up according to the novel, and the picture you see next to each of the sections is the exact edition of covers that I have to, which correspond to the page numbers (because the page numbers will vary, depending on whether you have the paperback or hardcover, plus which cover you have because there are at least three different American editions out)

The Princess Diaries (#1):

"I'm practically the biggest freak in the entire school.  I mean, let's face it: I'm five foot nine, flat-chested, and a freshman.  How much more of a freak can I be?" (pg. 1*)

"I was measuring my chest and totally not thinking about the fact that my mom was out with my Algebra teacher when my dad called." (pg. 14*)

(I love this one, because who measures their chest regularly??)

(Speaking about her dad) "Unfortunately, the part they had to cut off was...
Ew, I don't even like writing.
His testicle.
GROSS!" (pg. 26-27*)

"No wonder Grandpere died of a heart attack in bed.  He probably rolled over one morning and got a real good look at his wife." (pg. 98*)
(Talking about her Grandmere's toy poodle) "If Noah had ever met Rommel, he might have changed his mind about letting two of all of God's creatures on the ark." (pg. 107*)

(Talking about the town her mother grew up in) "It's so small that there's a sign on the door at the bank that says IF BANK IS CLOSED, PLEASE SLIDE MONEY UNDER DOOR." (pg. 123*)

(How cool would that be????!!!!)

Princess in the Spotlight (#2):

" 'Mia,' she said, in this shocked but happy way, 'Mia. I'm Pregnant.'
Oh, my God. OH, MY GOD.
My mom is having my Algebra teacher's baby." (pg. 1*)

"Grandmere's the one they should be worried about.  I mean, I don't have eyeliner permanently tattooed onto my eyelids.  I don't dress up my pet in chinchilla bolera jackets.  I was never a close personal friend of Richard Nixon." (pg. 23*)

(She wrote this poem during Algebra class)
"Ode to M
Oh, M,
Why can't you see
that x=you
and y=me?
And that 
you + me
and together we'd B
4ever happy?"  (pg. 133*)

 Princess in Love (#3):

That is what my life is.  O-V-E-R.
I know I have said that before, but this time I really mean it." (pg. 10*)

(When describing the books she hates)
"5. Little House on the Prairie- Little yawn on the big snore.  I have all ninety-seven thousand of these books, because people kept on giving them to me when I was little, and all I have to say is if Half-Pint had lived in Manhattan, she'd have gotten her you-know-what kicked from here to Avenue D." (pg. 116*) (hahahahaha)

 (Poem Michael wrote to Mia):
"Roses are red
 Violets are blue
You may not know it,
But I love you, too." (pg. 204*)  (awwwww.........)

Princess in Waiting (#4)

"I have to wear my Queen Amidala underwear on the first day of every semester, or I'll have bad luck for the rest of the year." (pg. 112*)

(When Mia asks Michael "Do you just love me like a friend?") "And the way he responded was, he reached out, took the tiara from me, laid it down on the couch beside him, took both my hands in his, pulled me toward him, and gave me a really long kiss.
On the lips.
Of the French variety." (pg. 250*)

Princess in Pink (#5):

(How Mia's mom & Mr. Gianini got engaged)

"Helen Thermopolis: Frank, I'm pregnant.
 Mr. Gianini: Oh. Okay. What do you want to do?
HT: Marry you.
Mr. G: Okay." (pg. 16-17*)  (haha, how classic would that be??)

(Song Michael wrote for Mia, for her 15th birthday)
"Combat boots and veggie burgers
Just one glance gives me the shivers
There she goes
Princess of my Heart.
Hate Social injustice and nicotine
She's no ordinary beauty queen
There she goes
Princess of my Heart
Princess of my Heart
Oh I don't know where to start
Say I'll be your prince
'til this lifetime ends.

Princess of my heart
I loved you from the start
say you love me too
Over my heart you so rule.

Promise you won't execute me
with those gorgeous smiles you shoot me
There she goes
Princess of my heart

You don't even have to knight me
Every time you laugh you smite me
There she goes
Princess of my heart

Princess of my heart
I loved you from the start
Say you love me too
and then together we will rule." (pg. 49-50*)

(After she writes about how she thinks Michael touched her bra, in other words: "Got to second base")
"There is no doubting it now.  I am a woman.  A woman in every sense of the word." (oops, I forgot to write down the page number for this one)

 Princess in Training (#6):


 "Michael. I am going to have to talk to MICHAEL about having sex with MICHAEL." (pg. 45*)

"My mom Did It with a guy who later went on to marry a corn princess." (pg. 73*)

 " 'No,' Lilly said.  'You said not to call you baby-licker or POG -- Princess of Genovia.  Not PIT -- Princess in Training.' " (pg. 139*)

 "Lana was right.
 All boys want to Do It.
 Including Michael.
 My life is over." (pg. 220*)

 " 'It's not that I'm trying to rush you into something you aren't ready for,' Michael said, as matter-of factly as if he were discussing the next move he planned on making in Rebel Striking.  How do boys do this, by the way? 'It's just that I know it takes you a while to used to things. So, I want you to start getting used to this: You're the girl I want.  One day, you WILL be mine.' " (pg. 293*) (YOU GO MICHAEL!!)

Party Princess (#7):

(When describing the college girls in Michael's dorm) "They wear a lot of black clothing, including berets -- BERETS! -- and quote lines from The Vagina Monologues and never read US Weekly, even when they're in the doctor's office." (pg. 40*)

" 'Well,' Michael admitted.  'I did sort of enjoy the sexy dance.'
I goggled at him.  'You DID?'
'I did,' Michael said, leaning down to kiss me. 'If you promise me that next time, you'll do it just for me.' " (pg. 276*)

Princess on the Brink (#8):

(Mia talking about her Grandmere) "Sometimes I feel like burying HER up to her neck in sand and throwing rocks at her head." (pg. 36*)

"Grandmere has given me her suite at the Ritz for SEX!!!!!!" (pg. 98*)


 Princess Mia (#9):

 "Michael has never cried during a Broadway show. Except in that scene where Tarzan's ape father is brutally murdered.
And that was only because he was laughing so hard." (pg. 4*)

"Yes, that's right. My dad has brought me to see Dr. Knutz.  Because he --- and Mom and Mr. G --- apparently think I'm nuts." (pg. 57*) 

(Talking about her "cowboy" therapist, after meeting him for the first time) " 'Let's go. Before he BRANDS me.' " (awww... stupid page number!)

(To Principal Gupta) "I'm a princess,' I said. 'I'm going to get into every college I apply to, because colleges want to brag that they have a girl who's going to rule a country someday in their incoming freshmen class. So it doesn't really matter if I join the Spanish Club or the Spirit Squad, or whatever.  But ---' I waved my journal at her --- 'Thanks for caring.' " (pg. 181*)

(Grandmere to Mia) " 'Your first Chanel suit,' she keeps murmuring with a sigh. 'Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday you were a scabby-kneed fourteen-year-old, who came to me not even knowing how to use a fish knife! Now look at you! BREASTS!' " (pg. 182*)

 Forever Princess (#10):

"... I might have done something incredibly stupid when I saw him.  Such as pee myself. Or blurt out, 'You love incredible.' " (pg. 61*)

(Talking about Dora the Explorer) "I understand that millions of kids love Dora and have learned to read or whatever from her show.  But I wouldn't mind if Dora fell off a cliff and took her little pals with her." (pg. 124*)

 "Yes! It turns out there is an Applebee's in Times Square, and that is where my grandparents [on her mother's side] want to go.  I turned to Lars when I heard this and said, 'Please put a bullet in my brain now,' but he wouldn't do it.
And Mom told me to shut my piehole or she'd shut it for me." (pg. 152*)

"(who eats French Fries on the toilet? WHO??? Who eats ANYTHING on the toilet???? Excuse me, but gross, also ew.)" (pg. 155*) (That is SOOO TRUE!)

"Not when I've already had the joyous wonder of waking up in the morning and looking at myself in the mirror and realizing I'm eighteen; I'm a princess; and I'm a virgin.
You know what? At this point in my life, I might as well be a unicorn." (pg. 169*)

 "...ew, I think Mr. Hipskin brought his wife and she looks almost exactly like him, except for the mustache.  Sadly, I mean hers, not his..." (pg. 191*)

"Life isn't a romance novel.  The truth is, the reason romance novels sell so well --the reason why everyone loves them ---is because no one's life is actually like that.  Everyone wants their life to be like that.
But no one's life really is." (pg. 213*)

(This is repeated throughout all the novels) " 'You look like you just ate a sock.' " (pg. 239*)

(Grandmere to Mia) " 'Sleep with both of them, and whichever young man performs better in the boudoir, that's the one you keep.  That's what I did with Baryshnikov and Godunov.  Such lovely boys.  And so flexible.' " (pg. 250*) (How hilarious/awkward would this be if your grandmother said this???)

"High school sucks.  People who say those were the best four years of your life -- those people are liars...who wants the best years of their lives to be in high school? High school is something everybody should be ready to lose." (pg. 382*)

*Pages will vary, see top.

Okay, these are the one's I wanted to mentions.  There are probably hundreds more ;), but I didn't want to give away too much of the story. These books are HILARIOUS!! I definitely recommend everyone to read them!   

Oh, crap! I better go, my next class starts in like ten minutes!
The Romance Bookie :)

Have a great weekend!


Monday, April 4, 2011

A Great Contest!

So I am still reading The Princess Diaries :), I just finished #8 about an hour ago, so I am almost done with the entire series.

But the real reason I am writing this post, is to let you know about this awesome contest that the author of one of my favorite books is having for the next 20 weeks.  Kody Keplinger, the author of The DUFF, is holding a contest in honor of her 20th birthday (it is so awesome to hear that someone my age has had a book published!) where she will be giving away 20 books, one each week for the next 20 weeks.  The books range from anything from her favorites, to her own novels The DUFF and Shut Out (which will be released later on this year...SO EXCITED!!).

I mentioned the book before, but I am going to say it again to everyone reading this READ THE DUFF!!!! It is amazing!

Well, anyway here the link to the contest rules  , this will also lead you to Kody's blog.  So enjoy!

The Romance Bookie :)