Monday, April 18, 2011

The Hunger Games...yeah hungry for more!

There has been a rumor out there that a movie is in the works for The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins; which will feature the cast Jennifer Lawrence (who was nominated for an Oscar for Winter's Bone) as Katniss, Josh Hutcherson (who has become very handsome! Remember him as the little boy in Bridge to Terabithia???) as Peeta, and the cute Liam Hemsworth (from The Last Song) as Gale. I guess technically it isn't a rumor anymore, because it turns out the movie is due out next year sometime...I am really excited to see how it turns out!!

Anyway, I read the book, of course, last week :).  And even though it isn't my normal type of read, I really enjoyed it!  I tried describing the story to my mom, but she was like, "Ewww, that sounds sick!"  But I realized its really make this book sound that great if someone describes it.  So I just wanted to warn you, that even though the story might sound horrible to some of you, it was actually really good and interesting.

The story takes place in a time after ours.  The world we know now has been destroyed by natural disasters (which I could totally see happening. unfortunately) and in a world that has been separated into 13 Districts.  Each district is known for its own thing.  The main character in the story is named Katniss, and she lived in District 12, which is kind of the really poor coal mining district, and also the last district that anyone lives in.
District 13 no longer exists, only to visit, but it isn't recommended, because it radiates a lot of toxic fumes.  The District was destroyed during a war that took place, where the world started fighting each other and competing.  Suzanne Collins raises a lot of issues with war in the books, which I thought is definitely very relevant to our world today.

Anyway, every year, to remind the citizens about disasters that can occur from fighting, the Capitol (the main part of all the districts) holds something called the Hunger Games.  These games have two people picked out from each district, a boy and a girl, and then taken to the Capitol, where they for one week prepare for the games.  The actual games consist of these 24 boys and girls competing until death.  They are all in some sort of arena (each year a different setting is picked) where they must fight each other until only one is standing at the end.  The winner of the games, gets to live a rich life for the rest of their life in a special section of their district.
In District 12, Katniss's younger sister gets chosen out of the girls ball of names; and Katniss volunteers herself to take her sister's place, because she would rather that she die instead of her sweet little sister.  She along with Peeta, the boy chosen from her district, go to the Capitol to fight for their lives in the Hunger Games.

I loved Katniss's character, because she was this strong independent woman, who knew what living a tough life was like.  Her father died in a coal mining accident and her mother had great difficulties dealing with the death.  For a while her mother wasn't able to take care of her daughters and herself, which left Katniss to take care of the family.  Luckily, her father had taught her how to hunt, before he died, so she is able to hunt and gather and trade the meat with the towns people to get the other supplies and food her family needs.  It was while she hunting one day that she met Gale, who is two (or four, can't remember) years older than her and helps her hunt.

Anyway, time to get to the actual games....well, let me just say that they are INTENSE!  It freaked me out at time, because the idea is so out there, but in a way, it would totally happen if humans were put into a situation like that.  When the games start, there are tools, that the players can use throughout the games, scattered throughout the starting point.  You can take as many as can...if you survive while trying anyway...because as you can imagine, people want tools and will kill to have them.

In the arena, the kids must fight, kill, survive.  They have to hunt and gather food (which Katniss is very good at, especially with a bow and arrow, as you can imagine).  The games will continue as long as the last person standing is left.

For the rest, I want you to read the book, because it truly was interesting, fascinating, intense, and many other things.  I loved it, because along with all these other things, a small love story starts evolving.  Katniss is very confused about love, because has never felt, except that she is pretty sure that she loves her little sister.  It's great what happens.

Since The Hunger Games is part of a series, the first novel does have a semi-ending, but the reader can tell that a lot is still going to happen.  I already ordered the next novel Catching Fire at the library last week, but it's still going to be a while, because a lot of people want to read the books right now.

Anyway, off the subject of The Hunger Games.  This Friday, is finally the day that Water for Elephants is coming into theaters.  I am SOOOO excited for it!! Hopefully, I will be able to see it Friday morning, and I will write about it next Monday, hopefully, to write about what I thought about it.  I hope it's going to be great!

I hope everyone has a great week!  I have a huge Business test on Thursday, 25% of my grade, so I have a lot of studying to do...I am however taking small breaks in between to read this new book I got by the author of Beastly, Alex Flinn, A Kiss in Time.  It's a modern day version of Sleeping Beauty.  So far, it's a little korny,  but hopefully it will get better. Enjoy!
The Romance Bookie :)

P.S: Before I forget again, I want everyone to check out Kody Keplinger's contest that she is holding in honor of her 20th birthday.  She is the amazing author of "The DUFF", a book I believe I have mentioned many times throughout my entries.  The contest is called 20 in 20.  This is week three in the contest, and she will be giving a book away every week for 20 weeks.  Here is the link:  So check it out, if you get a chance!


  1. You seem to read like all of the same books as me :). I saw "Beastly" in the theater so now I am going to read the book, I have it in my pile to read ... "The DUFF" was awesome as was "Hunger Games," as we discussed on my blog ... when I tried explaining the plot to others they basically said the same thing ("eww" or "weird!") but the books were really good. :)

  2. I have just always been a fan of young adult novels. I am trying to broaden my horizon, by reading other stuff; I am probably getting a little old to be reading these novels, but I just love them.

    Meg Cabot's "Princess Diaries Series" really got me to start reading my freshmen year in high school. That's probably why she is my favorite author. :)