Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Something that needs to be known and stopped!

While I was writing my last entry, I got inspired to dedicate an entry about something that is out there in our world today.  I learned about it last semester, in my English class.  I had no idea that such a thing even existed, and I did the research and learned more about it, I found myself to be crying, feel disgusted that people could actually write these things, and incredulous that such a things could even be allowed to made public.

What am I talking about?

Well, it's Pro-Ana Websites.  Pro-Ana, if you didn't already know, means Pro-Anorexia websites.  Yes, these are actual websiteS (yes plural!!) about girls (and boys, I don't want to be sexist here) encouraging other girls about becoming and staying anorexic.  Of course, the website, isn't only discussing Pro-Anorexia, by that they are also encouraging Bulimia, and the other eating disorders out in our world.

I found some of the most disturbing things, that after reading a few of them, I hate to admit it, that I sometimes would even feel a little ashamed of myself.  I am ABSOLUTELY NOT saying that I thought about becoming Anorexic or bulimic, but some of the things these people suffering from eating disorders were saying made me feel so terrible about myself.  Let me explain.

For instance, I found a website called something like Ana's Thinspiration, I believe (I tried finding it again, but when I found the website, it looked like it was either going under construction  or was deleted).  On this website, the creator of it, actually devoted an entire page to a list.  This list was called "40 Reasons Not to Eat".  This list was awful! It contained things like, "If you eat today, you will be fat", "People who Eat are unrealistic and Selfish", and even "The only time people notice a fat person is when they get in the way of that beautiful thin girl walking by. (I know that one sounds horrible) (Oh well.)."

That last one, especially made me feel horrible, because even though I don't consider myself to be fat, it still made me think about all the times I have noticed people giving me funny looks or people giving other people funny looks.  It makes me wonder what they thinking, because by there facial expressions, it never seemed nice.

The reason why, I decided to write this entry was because thanks to Huge, which discusses the horrible things that people with overweight issues deal with, and how people who are considered skinny in our society and "good looking" say to them.  These things made me realize more than ever, just how much the saying, "You may be pretty on the outside, but it's what's on the inside that truly counts" means to me.  This saying should be spread around the world! And even though, some people, like probably the people who make those Pro-Ana websites, would say that that isn't true; well let I want to tell them this: "You are a horrible person for saying these things, which means that just because you may find yourself to be pretty on the outside, (which by the way is a total opinion oriented statement!) you are ugly on the inside!" I know that may sound harsh, but it upsets me so much, that something like these websites are allowed!  I know this country has the Freedom of Speech, but I believe when it is effected hundreds, maybe even thousands, of girls reading the content on these websites, and taking it upon themselves to follow them, then I believe it should be stopped!

So, because this subject has such an effect on thousands of young girls, and even some boys, I wanted to help make it known further.  I found a few Facebook pages dedicated to Stopping Pro-Ana websites.  If you agree with me, or at least to stop Pro-Ana websites, then join the causes! I have posted a link to one of them below, but you can  also do a google search and type in, "Facebook pages against Pro-Ana websites" and you will get a few goods ones!

Join the cause! And be one more person to make a difference in stopping the spread of Pro-Anorexia websites!

The Romance Bookie

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