Monday, March 14, 2011


Okay so read Beastly as soon as I got it in the mail on Wednesday evening :).  I had finished it by Friday morning.

Beastly is by author Alex Flinn.  When reading the book, think: modern day Disney version of Beauty and the Beast.  The only difference is you get to see the point of view from the beast, so he does think about things and say things (not descriptive or anything) that may not be suitable for a girl under the age 12, maybe 13.  I enjoyed reading it, but I have to admit it wasn't one of my favorite books I have ever read.  The love story was my favorite part :), and the author did do a great job making Kyle (the Beast) sound really mean, which I thought was a crucial part to the novel.

So, after I finished the book on Friday morning, I went with my mom that same morning to go see it in theaters, for a mother-daughter morning :).  The movie has Alex Pettyfer playing Kyle (he was in the recent I am Number Four) and then the beauty, Lindy, was played by Vanessa Hudgens, and then Mary-Kate Olsen makes a come back as the witch, and Neil Patrick Harris plays the blind tutor, Will.

I was actually a little disappointed in the movie, because of course, like every movie that was adapted from a novel, they never do it justice.  Pettyfer's character I didn't think was mean enough at the beginning; he showed to much heart when talking to Lindy before his transformation (read and watch the movie, to find out :)), and then even though Hudgen's performance was pretty good, at the end when she is on the phone, she hangs up to fast, for the person on the other end to have actually answered her question.  Neil Patrick Harris (who was amazing on my favorite TV show "Glee" :)) played an amazing blind guy, really convincing I thought, and humorous about it.  Olsen, who I haven't seen in a movie since I was in seventh grade, played a good role, compared to her self-made movies with her sister, from their childhood.

Well, anyway, if you love a good easy reader, involving beauty on the inside beating beauty on the outside then this is a book for you. I enjoyed the book, and finished it pretty fast; especially since I had been looking forward to watching the movie.
If you don't want to read the book, but want to see the movie, then I think you will like it, because I was just disappointed because they changed quite a few things from the book, such as: the beast's transformation (what he looked like in the book, compared to the movie, is a HUGE difference!).

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Well, I better get going.  I am almost done with Water for Elephants so that will be coming soon!
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  1. I just saw the movie yesterday ... it was okay. Interesting story. I am going to read the book now because of your write-up of it :).

  2. Yeah the movie wasn't the greatest, but the story definitely had an interesting modern twist that I enjoyed a lot.

  3. I'm reading Beastly now but I actually liked the movie better. He was human-looking but with weird tattoo-type stuff in the movie, and in the book he's ACTUALLY a beast (I'm thinking Beauty and the Beast-type beast).

  4. Yeah I was discussing this with my mom the other day, haha she went with me to see the movie, and I told her how I liked the Beast better in the movie, because it looked really cool! And it definitely made the story way more modern then the Disneyesque aspect the author put into the novel.

    I finished her other novel, "A Kiss in Time", and I didn't really like that one that much. Her writing style seems very much so for younger audiences.