Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Uglies, Pretties, and Specials

So I finished the Sci-fi-ish book, and it got pretty good at the end.  Scott Westerfeld is the author of the Uglies Trilogy, and he must have a very huge imagination, because some of the things he thought of would be really cool if they actually were to exist in the future.

The trilogy is about our future...well, actually about a different race, because apparently we won't exist anymore, we will known as the Rusties...haha I thought that was kind of funny.  The World as we know it no longer exists, and it's now made up of Stepford know the kind, the kind of people who don't think for themselves anymore, but instead have been changed into someone who is exactly how someone wants you to be.  In the novels (I have only read the first two so far, so I don't know yet what is going to happen in the finale, Specials, yet) the "people" go through phases in their life...first they start born, of course, and known as Littlies, and then they turn into Uglies, which they stay as until they turn sixteen years old, and then they get this operation where they turn into Pretties, and they get to go live in New Pretties city, and then when they hit middle age they get another operation to turn into Middle Pretties, and then another operation when they get old, which then they are known as Crumblies (haha, I thought the names were pretty hilarious).
Well, anyway, overall the story is about Tally Youngblood, who in the first novel is an Ugly, who is about to turn sixteen and become a Pretty, which she is really excited about, because all of her friends have already been changed.  A few weeks before her birthday, she meets Shay, an Ugly who has the same birthday as her, and is supposed to be changed on the same day as her.  Well, Shay and Tally do all these "tricks" which, is Scottfeld's way of braking the rules of city.  They go on hoverboards (yes!! Hoverboards, how cool is that??) and fly to the old Rusty Ruins, which in other words is the cities we know now, but extinct and ruined, no longer lived in.  That's where Shay tells Tally about the outside world of Pretty Town, where a small group of people has rebelled against changing and stayed Ugly and have started a different kind of life...these people are called the Smokies. 
 Well, Shay really wants to go to Smoke, but Tally is a little reluctant to go, because unlike Tally she actually wants to be Pretty.  So Shay leaves, and Tally stays behind, waiting for her sixteenth birthday to role around.
When the big day finally approaches, however, everything goes wrong.  Tally, instead of going to the hospital to get her Pretty surgery, goes to this special place, where the Specials are located, (a secret society no one in Pretty Town knows about), where she meets Dr. Cable.  Dr. Cable tells her that she will not become Pretty unless she helps the Specials find the Smoke, so they can get back all the young Uglies so they can become Pretty.

Tally goes to smoke and and a lot of other things happen, but I don't want to tell you anymore, I've already given away too much. Sorry... ;).

The series is about Tally's journey, where she is trying to rebel against everything the Pretties stand for.  She is tired of being told that people need to look a certain way...and especially when they are being brainwashed to turn into what everyone wants...

Well, I hope I didn't give to much away.  There is a small love story, in the books, which turns into a small love triangle in the third novel.

If they were to ever turn these novels into movies, I am really interested how they do the changes to the characters, after they get their plastic surgeries.  That would be really weird and difficult to do, I imagine.

This was another entry by The Romance Bookie, I hope you guys have a great rest of the week, and Spring Breaks, for the people that have them!  I have mine next week, so I probably be writing any entries, but will probably have plenty of books to write on when I come back! :)
The Romance Bookie :)

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