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"The Secret World of Alaina Downs" Blog Tour! (Interview)

Hey Everyone!!

So today I'm part of The Secret World of Alaina Downs by Rebecca Rynecki Blog Tour!! :)

And to help spread the world on this awesome sounding book, I'm excited to present you all with an interview with Rebecca Rynecki!! :)

The Romance Bookie: Tell us a bit about "The Secret World of Alaina Downs".

Rebecca Rynecki: The Secret World of Alaina Downs is a bit of a parody. A serious parody, but none nevertheless. It takes stereotypical aspects of fantasy and romance and uh some bluntness in there for good measure. Alaina is not a take charge heroine who knows exactly what to do when she falls into the world of Isleen, but rather makes a lot of mistakes.

TRB:   How do you come up with the idea for the story? Did you have any inspirations?
RR: This story came about from my love of stories of going into other worlds, except I wanted to add realistic reactions to being in said worlds. My general inspirations were Wonderland and Narnia, but I took influences from The Princess Bride for humor. As I got older and started doing research on fairy tales and folklore, the story grew. The main character's name was from a girl I went to junior high school with. I thought she had the greatest name.

TRB:  If you could live any story you've ever read, what book would it be?
RR: Oh, wow. There's so many great answers for that question. One that I always go back to as far as having everything that I look for in a story is Enchantment by Orson Scott Card. It has the fairy tales, the reality, the princess, the prince in disguise, humor and a great ending.

TRB:  What is the last great book you read and would recommend to readers?
RR: I read a lot, and as a librarian I'm always in the middle of something, but I recently read two great series that I couldn't put down. Wilde's Fire by Krystal Wade and Beckoning Light by Alyssa Rose Ivy. They're both a perfect blend of fantasy, romance and humor which is what I love.

TRB:   When did you first begin writing? And what made you decide this is a career you wanted to be a part of?
RR: I first began writing when I was six or seven, at least you know, those little stories kids tell. I got more into it in junior high and high school when I would write and give chapters off to my friends. My friend Jessica and I even wrote together when we were teens. I decided to get back into it in my late twenties when I realized I really wanted to tell these stories. I love escaping into other authors worlds and I wanted to provide that same feeling for others.

TRB:   Which do you prefer: Hard copies or Ebooks? And Why?
RR: I feel like a book is a book no matter what and certainly ebooks are easier to cart around when I'm on vacation, but if I really, really love something and want to share it with everybody, I buy the hard copy and force it into people's hands :) and there's nothing like coming back to a hard copy of a book that's been so well loved that the corners are all dog eared.

TRB:  Any advice for aspiring writers?
RR: Just do it! Get some people around you who are not afraid to tell you the truth and help better you and your writing. And don't be afraid to listen to what they have to say. Of course, read! Read a lot!

Wow, great answers Rebecca! :) Can't wait to check out The Secret World of Alaina Downs?? Well you can get your copy either at Amazon or Barnes and Noble! :)

Thanks everyone! :)

The Romance Bookie :)

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