Sunday, February 26, 2012

Passion & Prose February 25th, 2012- A day of Romance and dreams come true!

So here I am again, to tell you ALL about yesterday! Bare with me, this will be LONG post!! Mostly pictures though!!

Let's see how I'm going to do this...I think I'll make sections for each author :).

And I will save the best for last :).

So let me begin by saying that yesterday was absolutely PERFECT!! I'm serious! It was hands-down the best day of my life so far!  Worth every penny, every mile driven, and every sleepless night, of wondering what was going to happen.

Other than going to a Hilary Duff signing, in November 2010, this was my only other author event I've been to.  And what better event to go to then to an event that has over FORTY authors! Among them...oh maybe you've heard of a little someone called MEG CABOT!!! Yeah! She is only like my hero!!  With over 75 books under her belt (I just figured out I've read at least 50 of them!!), she's written for every age group at one point or another, and tackled (and succeeded) in MANY different genres! It's just amazing!! 

More about Meg later though! :)

So let me start from the beginning...

I got up at 5:30 a.m., left my house around 7:00 a.m., got to the Westin Hotel in Long Beach around 8:30.

Waiting outside the area where the event was taking place were some really fun nice people, whom I got to talk to a little bit.

Table

 After getting my name tag...
Yes, my very own Name Tag!! I love name tags :)

We got to go inside:

And where did I go?? Well...


The first two books I bought were Legend by Marie Lu and Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood.  Both are by authors featured in the Breathless Tour.

Next, I went inside the dining hall to see where my seat was...

Not only was my seat at the front, but do you know who was sitting at the table next to me??????????

Can you read what that says????
MEG CABOT!!!!!!! YES!!!!  I am serious!!

And then do you want to know what I saw when I looked at the name placed at the setting next to me??

That says "Reserved: Marissa Meyer"!!!!!
MARISSA MEYER!! So not only was I sitting a table over from Meg Cabot (!!!!!!!!! MY HERO!!), but I was also sitting RIGHT NEXT TO Marissa Meyer!!! The author of Cinder!!!!

After about 20 minutes of looking around, buying books, talking to a few people, we take our seats.  Marissa Meyer sits down next to me, holds out her hand and says, "Hello, I'm Marissa Meyer".  And do you know what comes out of my mouth??? "I know". LOL I swear!! Luckily, Marissa laughs.  I tell her my name, and she sits. 

Opening speeches begin.  And ten minutes into the first speech, Meg Cabot starts walking in.  So quietly, no one is saying anything except the MC of the event.   And she sits in her seat.  Do you want to get an idea of how close I was to her? Well...
There is Meg!!! Picture taken from where I was sitting!
It was the COOLEST thing ever!!

After the opening and Gail Carriger's speech...
Gail Carriger
Her speech was really funny!

It was time for the first signing session!!

I was still a little afraid to go up to Meg, so I grabbed two of the books I had brought and really wanted signed, and headed over to Elise Allen's table.
Elise Allen
OMG she was SOOOOO nice!!! And being really nervous at first, she really helped me get over my nerves!  It was so cool, because I told about how I had went to the Hilary Duff signing in November 2010, and then we got started on Hilary, and Elise told me that Hilary is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, which I figured, but didn't really get to see much of, because the mean people at Walmart, wouldn't let me talk to her much!!

Anyway, Elise signed both my copies of Elixir and Devoted

Both Hilary and Elise signed Elixir!

Next, I brought my two books back to the table, and grabbed my copies of Across the Universe (which I brought with me too), Born Wicked, and Legend, and headed to the Breathless Tour Table.

Table before the event started

What was really cool was that for the event, we each got a Goodie-bag.  And in each bag, were a BUNCH of bookmarks, and other small knick-knacks, as well as four free books, and TWO BREATHLESS TOUR POSTERS!!!!!

So when I got to the table, I started at Beth Revis's side.  The table, at that moment, didn't have anyone else there really, so I was listening to all five girls talking, and as I went to each one, I realized they were so nice! I especially loved talking to Beth, who I told thanked me for my review (haha, I know I am a nerd), and who said, all modest and embarrassed, "Thank you! Oh good! I'm glad I did!".  And then I asked her for the codeword for her giveaway, which she laughed about gladly, and told me.  I can't tell you though!!! SORRY!!!!!

Beth was also kind enough to answer my questions:
1. What inspired the whole humans going to another planet- to start a future thing?
And Beth explained that from the beginning one line always stuck with her.  This one line inspired everything "I'm the One who unplugged you."
2. Amy is such a strong character in so many ways, yet still vulnerable, would you say you put some of yourself into Amy?
And Beth said, that doesn't believe she's brave like Amy (I think Beth is!! I mean, she went out their and accomplished getting her book published!! That's is what I call Courage!!).  But she said that she's put some her own vulnerability into Amy.

Across the Universe and my postcard I won from one of Beth's giveaway, she signed that as well :)

Marie Lu's Legend
Jessica Spotswood signed my copy of Born Wicked
My Breathless Signed poster!!
And I also got my extra copy signed, and guess what!!! I want to give it to one of you, soon! I'm thinking when I hit 100 Followers I will host a giveaway :).  So pass the word around about The Romance Bookie, and the sooner you can enter for a chance to win it!!

And I got a picture with all of the girls!!
From left to right: Sara Wilson Etienne, Marie Lu, Jessica Spotswood, Andrea Cremer, Beth Revis, and me :)

Afterwards, it was already time for lunch.  So we went inside, and as we ate, and the Breathless panel went on stage, to talk about their books and answer questions.

At the table from Left to Right: Beth Revis, Sara Wilson Etienne, Jessica Spotswood, Andrea Cremer, and Marie Lu

Then it was time for another autographing session!!!

You know, I honestly can't remember if I went to Meg's table during the first round of signing or after, but either way I am keeping Meg for last :).

During the second signing, I took the opportunity and went around to the other tables, to talk to the other authors.  I wanted to talk to as many as I could, and find out what their books were about...
Some of the authors I talked and got bookmarks signed
And then in between I also talked to the other author at my table, Laura Wright, who writes sexy vampire/paranormal adult books.  She was extremely nice, and easy to talk to.  Made me feel really welcome. 
She signed her bookmark for me:

And I got to take a picture with her:
Laura and me.
In between signings and eating lunch I also talked to Marissa Meyer a lot!! I really hope I didn't annoy her!! LOL.  She was really nice, and answered all of my questions.

My questions to Marissa:
1. Why cyborgs? How did that inspire a Cinderella story?
(This answer is not quote, because I SUCK at writing down things word for word), She said that the idea of Cinderella being a cyborg just came to her one night as she was going to sleep.

2. Why did you choose the location you use in Cinder?
She said that she did some research where she found out that people believe the first ever Cinderella story came from China.  And that was why she chose China as her setting.

3. I'm guessing, you're a Cinderella fan :).  What is your favorite Cinderella adaptation?
And she answered "Ella Enchanted"!!! That is one of mine too! I love that book and movie!! That was the first book I ever reread! 

  Took a picture with me, and even signed a couple of extra bookmarks for future giveaways!!!

Marissa at her signing table

My goodies :).  She even signed her Reserved sign for me!! LOL I told you, I'm a total nerd!!

My signed copy of Cinder

Marissa and me
Right before lunch, I also headed back to the book buying area and ended up buying two more books: Nightshade by Andrea Cremer and Harbinger by Sara Wilson Etienne.  I went back to the Breathless table, and had them sign my copies :)

Andrea Cremer signed Nightshade

Sara Wilson Etienne signed Harbinger
And then was time...for the moment...I had been waiting for...

Meg Cabot's speech.

Now, unfortunately, I have probably one of the crappiest cameras on this planet, and my second set of batteries had already died by lunch time, and my phone takes crappy videos, I was unable to get a video of Meg's speech.

But fortunately, last year in San Francisco Meg gave a similar speech to what she gave yesterday...
That was at last years This is Teen event, in San Francisco, with Libba Bray.

She also talked about The Princess Diaries Movies, which she loved (BTW), and how she went to the premiere. And she talked about how some of her books were inspired...

For instance:

Heather Wells: was inspired by the time she worked in the NYU dorm rooms, after graduating from the Indiana University, where her dad worked and she got FREE tuition!! LUCKY!!!

The Mediators: which BTW there will be another one in the future!!! YES!!!!!  and is really close to being made into a movie (or TV series even!!) was inspired of the time, after Meg's dad passed away, and she thought she was seeing him.  It inspired her to write a book (or series) about a teenage girl who can see not only her dead dad, but also other dead people, and talk to them and help move onto their next place.

Insatiable: was inspired by her neighbor, who only came out at night and whose dog went to her house.  Meg said that there was only one explanation, her neighbor HAD to be a vampire!!  How awesome is that???!!!

Princess Diaries: was inspired by her mom, who started dating Meg's old teacher.  EWWWW!!!!
It was so funny, because originally when she turned in the draft, her agent was like, "Yeah this is good.  But why is the character 30?  What does she care if her mom is dating a teacher she had years ago?"  HAHAHA, that was when Meg kept thinking and she decided the book was either going to be about a Princess or an alien.  So she asked the opinions of the people in the dorm she worked at, and the kids were like " know...Princess seem more realistic...I guess. Ugh..."

HAHAHA it was hilarious!! Because Meg would do these funny voices and everything!

During Meg's speech I could really see her characters in her voice.  The IMAGINATION that goes through Meg's head!! It was like watching Mia Thermopolis talk! It was amazing!!

So the best part of the entire day!! Which btw, was already an AMAZING day!!


Meg at her signing table
 So I actually had gone to Meg pretty early on in the event, I believe during the first signing session. 

I grabbed the six books I had decided to bring (I wish I could have brought them all!! But I would have needed a Radio Flyer for that LOL)

Now for my choices, I chose these because: 1. Insatiable, Overbite, and Abandon, are her newest books.  I loved them! 2. For the Princess Diaries the third and tenth were always my favorite.  These are the two I ALWAYS wanted to get signed.  They mean the most to me.  In fact, sometimes I just pick these two just for the heck of it, and spend the day reading them.  3. Size 12 is Not Fat I chose because I just love that series! Heather Wells is awesome!
Meg was so sweet! Everything I ever imagined! I got to talk to her, wasn't rushed at ALL!!, and she answered my questions, and took a picture with me!

She signed all 6 of my books too!

And here are the questions I asked her:

Meg's questions were:
1. You've written so many different types of stories, what are your inspirations?

(I am not quoting!! Because I suck at writing down word for word, and didn't want the couple of people behind me to get mad!)  But she basically said that most of her stories all are inspired by Personal experiences.

2. If you could choose any one of your books to be made into a movie, which one would you choose?
This one took her a little bit to answer.  I mean she's written SOOOOO many books (about 75!!)  It was between Insatiable (which by the way, I found out I've been saying wrong this WHOLE TIME!!) and Abandon, but ultimately she decided on Abandon.
 What was really cool was when she said that she hopes that The Heather Wells Series is turned into a TV series! I've been saying that for years!! Those books would be perfect as a TV show!!  Each episode dedicated to Heather solving a new mystery in the dorm rooms!! :)

And then Meg also had some exciting news, where she said that it's not 100% decided yet, but it is REALLY close to being official that there is either a movie or TV show being made based on The Mediator Series!!!! That would be awesome!! I wish all of Meg's books could be made into movies!!!

And then another cool thing happened!! Meg remember the letter I sent her almost three years ago!!! She remembered seeing my location on a letter, and when I told her what my card looked like, she said, "Oh yes! I remember!"

AWWWW...Meg Cabot remembered my letter!!!

So here is the picture I've been waiting to have for MANY years now...
Meg Cabot and me!!!
Amazing day!!

So overall, the day was an absolute success!

Here is the stack of signed and free books I took home from the event:
A grand total of 16 books!!!

And here are all the goodies I got:
EVERYTHING I brought home!

It was such an amazing day! I really hope I get the opportunity to see Meg again one day.  And the entire Breathless group, as well as Marissa Meyer, Laura Wright, and everyone else! It was so amazing!
I'm actually sad it's over, but that's how I always feel after an exciting day :).

A HUGE thank you to Passion & Prose for putting together such an amazing event!

I hope to go again some day, if not next year! :)

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. Amazing! I wish I could have gone but so glad you had a great time. Awesome that you sat next to Marissa. :)

  2. Hey that's ME talking to Marissa Meyer in your photo. LOL!!! She is a lovely lady. It must has been great sitting next to her all day. I can't wait to read Cinder.

    Very impressed with your recap of the event AND how organized you were, writing out questions and everything!

    Unfortunately I clammed up and CRIED when I spoke to Meg. So embarrassing! Here's my recap:


  3. Loved having you there and so glad you had lots of fun! Since this was our inaugural year, make sure to tell your friends about us and have them sign up on our email signup list at!

  4. Love this post, and your enthusiasm! Passion & Prose was a great event, wasn't it? I hope it returns next year. We've got a lot of great coverage that'll be going up at soon, so be sure to check it out-- including an interviews with the Breathless Reads gals, Marissa Meyer, AND Meg Cabot! Needless to say, we had a blast doing those interviews.

    (I was SUPER excited to hear about the possible future of the Mediator series.)

    Glad you had so much fun!

    1. Thank you Allison! Yes, I had an absolute amazing time! And I did check out your website! I love it! Already subscribed to your podcast too :). And yes, the Mediators future is going to awesome!! Anything from Meg Cabot in the future will be! :)

  5. Oh my Gosh! This looks like such an incredible event. You are SO lucky to have gotten the chance to see all those awesome authors. All those books and swag you got look amazing too. I'm very envious - but I'm so glad that you had an awesome time. :)

    New to your blog!

    Stepping Out of the Page

    1. Thank you! And yes, I was EXTREMELY lucky! I don't know what I did to deserve this, but it was incredible! My luck was extreme that day haha.

  6. Thanks Allison for the recap of he day! Even though I live in L.A. i couldn't make it to Long Beach for the day.