Friday, February 17, 2012


Okay so I found out some REALLY exciting news the last week!  I have been waiting to share it because I was not 100% sure if it was still going to happen, but it is official:  I'M GOING TO MEET MEG CABOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I am excited??!! LOL

So I found out a couple of months ago that Meg was going to be in Long Beach, California in February.  I am, as some of you may know, a HUGE HUGE HUGE Meg Cabot fan!!  So when I heard this I jumped with glee!  Meg has never been this close to where I live!  The closest was last year, when she came to San Francisco (which is waaaayyyyy on the upper side of California from where I live (about a 6 hour drive!!), for the This Is Teen Event featuring Meg and Libba Bray.

I was a little bummed (okaayyyy....a LOTTTT) that I was not able to go to that event last year.  However, now my time has come!!!


She will be at Passion and Prose Conference, along with about 40-50 other authors (however, that number might change??).  Meg is going to be there ALL DAY!!!

Do you know what that means???

That means I have between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. (that's how long the event is running) to get my nerves together and TALK to Meg Cabot!! Do you have any idea how much a dream come true this is???!!!!

The EVEN MORE awesome thing about this day is that Meg is not going to be the only awesome author there!! Oh ok, so in my opinion she is the BEST!!! :), but to make matter fair, I do have to mention I have not read most of the other author's book (the others that will be there, besides Meg).

Just to name a few of who will be there besides Meg:

The four authors I mentioned above are all part of the Breathless Tour!!!

Pretty Awesome right??!!!

I am hoping to be able to take as MANY pictures as possible during the event, and I will of course be sharing them with you :).  They will most likely not turn out that great though, unfortunately, because while I've been investing most of my money in books, I probably should have spent a part of it on a super nice camera.  But instead I will taking the one I have, which I am thankful for that I least have one, and taking pictures with it.

NOW here's what I am hoping to do for you all!!

Since I am on an UNBELIEVABLY LOW budget right now, I will unfortunately not be able to get any signed books to giveaway.  I'm SORRY!!!  However, I will be trying as hard as I can to get some fun small stuff for future giveaways!

ALSO, here's something I am asking from all of you:

If you are fan, or have read any of the books from the authors that are going to be present next Saturday (for the FULL list (which, btw, might change depending on scheduling, all I know if that Meg Cabot will be there 100%!!, check it out HERE); and you do not have the opportunity to see any of the authors, then I want to be here and try my hardest to get YOUR questions answered!!

Now, here's the thing though, I CAN'T promise anything!!! But what I want you to do is think of a question that you really want the author to answer, and I will try my best to get it answered for you!

I know it isn't much, but I thought this would interesting :).  Now, AGAIN, I have no idea how these conferences work, this is my first time, but according to the schedule/itinerary, it looks there will be time for Questioning and Answering!


Here's what I want you do:

In the comments below put:

1. Which author the question is for?
2. And the question you want to ask.
3. And just for the heck of it, (I won't be giving this information to the author or anything) put the link to your blog, if you have one (preferably a BOOK BLOG!), that way, if your question gets answered I can do some promoting :).

Now here's what will happen afterwards:
1. I will pick my favorite questions, I will most likely keep it down between one and two questions per author.
2. Then, if I am able to get your question asked and answered, I will be letting you all know by the next post after the event!

So ASK them!! :)

I AM SO EXCITED!! Tomorrow is ONLY ONE MORE WEEK!! I am so excited and nervous!!! :) 

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. That's awesome! I love Meg's books. :)

  2. I'm going to that same event as well. So exicted!!!! It's a total splurge for me since I'm flying down from the Bay Area (NO, I didn't get a chance to see Meg last year at This is Teen, kicking myself). I wish I could think of a good question for you to ask Meg because I will definately be too shy to speak to her myself. But seeing her speak live should be get! I'm also bringing my copy of Princess Diaries for her to sign -- if I'm brave enough to even ask her for that.

    Maybe I'll see you there! Look for an aging blond lady who reads teen lit. :)

    -Karen Jessop

  3. Oh that would be so awesome to see you! :) And I hope I can get up the nerve and talk to Meg too. I figured though I have between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. to get the nerve and talk to her haha. So hopefully I can pull myself together and do it, otherwise I might just cry!

    I'm also splurging on this event. I'm not flying there or anything, but it is a two hour drive, and costs quite a bit of money that I wasn't planning into my budget, but it truly is the closest she has ever come to where I live. :) I'M SO EXCITED!!!!