Friday, June 15, 2012

Meg-A Readers Blog Hop! Recap #5 PLUS A SUPER SPECIAL INTERVIEW!!!

Hey everyone!!
This week was AWESOME for Meg-A Readers! I read SOOO many great posts that I will sharing with you here today, that I really hope you take the time to read, especially if you are a big Meg Cabot fan, like me! :)

So for this weeks post I have something EXTRA special! Something I am SO SO SO proud of it, and I hope you will enjoy!!

However, before I go ahead with this EXTRA special post, I wanted to announce the winner for the SIGNED Copy of Meg's Avalon High!!

AND without further ado, the winner is...


Congratulations Dana! I have sent you an email and you have 48 hours to respond, before I pick a new winner!! :)

SOOOO here is the special post!!

An Interview with her Royal Highness Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, Crown Princess of Genovia(!!!!!)

The Romance Bookie:  Welcome Princess Amelia, it is an absolute pleasure having you here on The Romance Bookie!
HRH Amelia: Oh thank you, Mandy! I love The Romance Bookie, I read it all the time!  But please, do call me Mia.
TRB: Oh, of course Princ...I mean, Mia.  So to begin the interview  there is something I must know!  How is our wonderful Michael Moscovitz doing?
HRH Amelia Mia: Michael is great! He’s super busy, still promoting his invention, you know the Cardio Arm.  He’s sold a ton!  I’m just so extremely proud of him!
TRB: I can totally tell by that fabulous smile of yours! So how is school going at Sarah Lawrence?
Mia: Sarah Lawrence is absolutely wonderful! Everyone is extremely nice to both me and Lars...
(Grandmère, who decided to oversee the interview, in the background yells:  “Amelia, how many times must I tell you?  It is “Lars and me” NOT “me and Lars”! Goodness, have I taught you nothing?”)
Mia, ignoring her Grandmère, and giving me an apologetic look, continues: Luckily, I have a nice apartment a little ways off campus where I have my own space and LARS AND I (emphasis, looking at her Grandmère) don’t have to bud heads all the time, because he has his own space too. 
TRB: That does sound lovely!
Mia: Oh it is! Especially when Michael is actually in town! (giving me a little wink)
(Laughing) TRB: Oh I bet! So have you been in contact with anyone from high school, besides Michael of course.
Mia: Oh definitely! Lilly is busy at school, but we see each other a couple times a month.  Tina and I talk at least once a week, and usually discuss the latest romance book she’s reading.  Before you ask your next question, Boris and her are still going strong!  She refuses to take off the Tiffany’s Promise Ring he gave her.  And then of course there is Lana, who I became friends with my Senior year!  Lana  has been busy continuing to promote her single “Put It In My Candy Hole”.  It’s rising on the The Virgin Islands. 
TRB (laughing hysterically): Haha that’s ironic!
Mia: I know right?!
TRB: So have you spoken to Meg lately?  I am VERY excited about her newest book, Size 12 and Ready to Rock! Do you plan on reading it?
Mia: Of course!! Meg and I just talked the other day! She’s doing very well, super busy with editing and working on a few new projects (including a NEW Mediators book, which I’m really looking forward to!).  I’m definitely looking forward to Size 12 and Ready to Rock!  Heather and I are really close! I mean, first off, we have that whole thing in common where Meg-wrote-our-life-stories, and then of course, we both know about being in the public eye all the time (Heather, being a former pop-star and all).  Heather is just now getting back to her music.  She’s been performing a bit around New York City, in small clubs and venues.  We’re actually meeting for lunch next week!
TRB: Well, I sure wish I could be there! New York City is 100% my dream destination one day! I definitely want to see a Broadway show there!
Mia: Oh you must! Let me know, when you come into the city, and I’ll grab us four tickets for Beauty and the Beast, and we’ll get Heather to come along, and maybe even Meg if she’s in town!
TRB (practically jumping out of her seat with excitement): Oh really?! That sounds awesome! Well, thank you SO much Mia for being here today with us at The Romance Bookie!  It has been an absolute pleasure, and you’ve definitely proven to me, we are so much alike! Oh and THANKS for being my best friend in high school!
Mia: Oh Mandy of course! High school is such a tough place, and Meg definitely had my life story on the dot about how high school is!

Mia was absolutely amazing to talk to! That girl and I are meant to be BFFs I swear!! After the video chat, Mia had to run off with Boris and Grandmère for a pressing Top-Secret matter, but not before we discussed future plans of seeing Beauty and the Beast on Broadway together!!

She had such manners too, but at the same time still had her unique spunk! 

THANKS MIA!! And I hope to talk to you soon again!

So now to this week's recap!

 Like I said above this week had some really awesome posts! I enjoyed reading each and everyone of them, including one I COMPLETELY forgot to mention in last weeks post!

We had Alex over at A, Girl, Books, and Other Things who posted TWICE this week with two fun posts, including a review of a Mediator book, and her Meg experience! Then there was Larissa over at Cabot's Stuff, which is an ENTIRE Tumblr dedicated to Meg Cabot (!!!) How awesome is that??!!, James over at Book Chic had his Meg Story to share. Bibliojunkies has both a review of Size 12 and Ready to Rock AND a story of WHY she loves Meg Cabot! Katie over at The Queen of Teen Fiction who shared why Meg changed her reading life. PLUS Diana over at Little Miss Drama Queen had a special Quoteable Quotes Post dedicated to Meg-A Readers!

The links:

Such great posts and I hope all of you get a chance to check those out! :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! My summer is now officially starting, due to the elementary schools getting out yesterday, so no more volunteering over the summer (which I'm actually sad about! ;().  But tonight starts it off with some BOWLING with friends!! WHOO-HOO!!

Happy Weekend everyone! AND SUMMER!!
The Romance Bookie :)




  1. Thanks so much so happy I won!

  2. Love the interview! It's always great to hear from Princess Mia.

    1. Thanks! And yes, Mia is always fun to hear from! :)

  3. OMG, Mandy! What a GREAT interview!! You made me realise how much I miss Mia. :( And a new Mediators book????? OMG! I'm REALLY EXCITED!

    1. Thanks Larissa! And I miss Mia too!! ;(.

      And YES NEW MEDIATOR!!! :)

  4. Mandy - I LOVED the interview! What a lovely job and I laughed out loud at the coffee shop just now!!!

    Keep up the great work on your blog....xx, Lauren

    1. Oh I love hearing that I make people laugh! Thank you Lauren! :)