Monday, June 4, 2012

Lia's Guide to Winning the Lottery by Keren David

I won Keren David's Lia's Guide to Winning the Lottery from Library Thing, a signed copy of it actually, which I was pretty stoked on life about! :)

It's taken me a couple of months to read it, but I've finally gotten to it, and am really glad!

This book really caught my eye, because of the word: Lottery.  Who doesn't want to win the lottery, right??  I sure would! I don't know exactly what I would do with all that money.  Personally, I think I would be really scared because I'd be afraid I spend it all and then have no money again! And has anyone else heard of the curse of winning the lottery?? I am seriously not making this up! Here's an article explaining what I'm talking about!  It's scary! Especially for a superstitious person like me!

Anyway, so Lia is main character in Keren's new book, which was released this year in the US and last year in the UK.  Lia is sixteen, and she wants is a vintage leather jacket she saw hanging in a downtown market place...that is before she wins 8 million pounds from a winning ticket her best friend bought her for her birthday!!
What can be more exciting??!!
However, things quickly turn bad.
Lia's best friend, Jack,...the one who bought her the ticket, has a mother who wants to sue her for half of the winnings, even though all her son did was buy the ticket, Lia picked the numbers (and it was a birthday present!!).  Lia's other best friend, Shazia, isn't allowed to accept any gifts from Lia, because it is against her religion. A bunch of people start using Lia so they can get free stuff (expensive free stuff!).  And just when the guy she's been crushing on...a guy who might just possibly be a vampire...shows interest, he starts backing off.
All these problems, doesn't even include her parents! Her mother just keeps mentioning ways to spending Lia's fortune, including handing over her credit card bill all of a sudden (totaling over 8,000 pounds!!) which was spent on hair extensions, nails, shopping at top notch boutiques!  And then there's Lia's dad who wants Lia to pay for the bakery expansion, which he's been looking forward to for years; and then her sister who wants singing lessons (over 400 pounds a month!), even though she can't sing to save her life!

Lia's life has just gotten extremely complicated!

My thoughts:

Overall, I liked this book.  I think it was an easy, fun read.  I had a problem with Lia's attitude at the beginning.  She seemed really spoiled, and extremely disrespectful towards her mother, calling her a "cow" and other terrible things.  I mean, her mom was a bit overly taken her daughter's money for granted, thinking she was entitled to spending it on herself too; but still it is her mother! And her mother and father did a great job raising Lia and her sister, Natasha!
However, Lia definitely changed positively as time went by in the book! She started realizing just how much money can change your life! How people get jealous, and say terrible thing, including putting up a Facebook page bashing her, how your friends change, how YOU change!  It's pretty intense!
Raf, Lia's guy interest, was pretty odd too.  But when everything gets explained at the end, it makes a bit more sense.
Overall, if you are looking a fun easy read, possibly if you're specifically interested in a book about a 16 year old winning the lottery than I think you'll like this one! :) I think it's worth reading!

Overall rating:

I do want to know something from all of you! What would YOU do if you won the lottery?? Answer below in the comments! :)

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  1. So it's not letting me leave a comment on the Meg giveaway ... so I will leave it here :).

    1) I've LOVED Meg's books ever since Princess Diaries. She writes exactly how teens think (and I was a teen at the time, lol) and I love that.

    2) This book you talk about here (the lottery book) sounds pretty good, I will see if my library or NetGalley has it. :)

    1. Unfortunately i don't think Netgalley will have it, because it came out a couple of months ago, and then I don't know if any libraries will have it, because it's a pretty small book. I think it came out bigger in the UK, where it was originally released. But definitely check it out if you get a chance. It's weird because they don't even have it on ebook form, at least not for the Kindle!

  2. Mandy - I am also intrigued by the lottery and recently read David Baldacci's book "The Winner" for Book Club. It's fast-paced and fascinating ... about a woman who 'wins' the lottery (the lottery is fixed so that she wins) and what happens as a result. It is scary!!

    I wouldn't like Lia much if she called her mother a 'cow' ... but I may have to look past that because the novel sounds so interesting!

    xx, Lauren

    1. Hey Lauren! It definitely was a good read! :)