Friday, June 29, 2012


Hey Everyone!!

So my 21st birthday is this Monday!!  And what am I doing for, said 21st, birthday??

Well none other than...

I am leaving tomorrow morning, and staying four days, three nights!  I'll be coming back on Tuesday.  So what does that mean?  Well, it means that this weekend there will be no posts, and no Music Tuesday on Tuesday.  However, there will hopefully be some great reviews going up when I come back, because, after all, I've got 6 hours there and back to kill, on the drive!

Just one more picture...

I'll be staying in...
4 Queens, which is right in THE MIDDLE of Fremont St. (the original Vegas!!!).  How awesome is that??!! I am super excited!
It's my first real vacation in two years! 


My super awesome blogging friend, Liz, over at Books I Think You Should Read & Yes/No Films
shared something SUPER AWESOME WITH ME!!! I've actually been waiting for this all week, since I first heard about it on Meg's website...

This is what I leave you with for this weekend...
So please watch this HILARIOUS trailer/music video of Heather Wells, featuring her ex-fiance Jordan Cartwright!!

Happy Weekend! And wish me luck!!

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. Hey, thanks for the shoutout!

    Have fun in Vegas too - I usually stay on the Strip but downtown is fun too. I've now stayed at TI (Treasure Island; first year there), Paris, Bally's, and Wynn - my last time was '09 and we stayed at the Wynn for my senior college spring break and were very spoiled. lol. We got a great deal on Expedia w/ that + airfare.

    1. The Strip definitely has the most gorgeous hotels! But 4 Queens is one of the original which I'm excited about! And fremont is pretty much where everything happens! On the strip it's all inside the hotels. But still absolutely gorgeous, just a bit too pricey to stay there lol. I really want to stay in the Venetian or Cosmopolitan one day though!! :)

  2. Good luck! I hope you have tons and tos of fun!

  3. Enjoy! I spent my own 21st at home with my friends from high school and university pouring out of our small living room into the hall. :) Are you going on the machines or just going to see a show?

    1. Unfortunately I can't really afford any of the shows. But I plan on playing a little, and then doing some shopping at the Vegas outlets! :) And enjoying the air conditioning of the beautiful hotels! :)

    2. And I'll be spending a couple weeks later with my friends as a late Birthday party ;). It's definitely a ton of fun to be with friends!

  4. It sounds like a greatttt vacation! Hope you have tons of fun! :D
    And I watched this video, Sugar Rush! Truly hilarious!

  5. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthdayy dearrr RROMMAANCCEEE BBBOOKKIIEE!!! Happpyy biiirrthhdaayyy tooo yyyouuu!!

    Vegas is a great pick! Have a great time!