Sunday, June 17, 2012

Meg-A Readers Read-a-Thon Book #1: Size 14 is Not Fat Either

So I've been reading like crazy all day, and was able to ALREADY finish my first book in the Read-A-Thon!!

Book 2 in the Heather Wells Series: Size 14 is Not Fat Either by Meg Cabot!

This is actually my second time reading this series...I originally read it in 2009 (my second semester of my senior year in high school)...but I REALLY wanted to reread it in honor of the new release Size 12 and Ready to Rock, so my memory will be extra excellent when I read it in a couple of weeks!! :)


Heather Wells is back! She's finally been able to move on from a tough first couple of months of working at Fischer Hall, a dorm, I mean residence hall at New York College; after a series of deaths that occurred as girls were being shoved down elevator shafts. 
Heather is excited to finally begin her work on her BA, but before she is able to she unfortunately needs to take a remedial math course, before she can begin her work on her Criminal Justice degree.
However, Heather gets a wake up call when a head (yes, a HEAD) is found in a pot simmering in the dorm, dang I mean Residence Hall's cafeteria!  And not just ANYONE's head...the HEAD Cheerleader (haha, no pun intended!!)
Heather is on the case...well, not intentionally...or at least at first.  Everyone is telling her NOT to get involved, except Magda, her friend who works in the cafeteria.  So who is Heather, not to help someone in need??  
Along the way, Heather gets a surprise visit from her father, who she hasn't seen since she was a kid...and in fact, BEFORE she became a pop princess singing in malls, (which she's not anymore, if you haven't noticed by the fact that she works in a Residence Hall (Huh! I remembered!).  AND her ex-boyfriend, also a former star, but from a boy-band from the same label who signed her, except he's the label owners son; also continues to bug Heather, begging her to come to his wedding!
What is Heather to do?  She's got a list of suspects, including a group of kids from a well known campus Fraternity.  She's dealing with her father's return, while also still trying to waiting and finding a way where her ex-boyfriend's brother, the man she lives with, finally confesses his love for her! Can Heather do it?  Can she solve the mystery?? 
Find out in Size 14 is Not Fat Either!!

But remember!! If you haven't read the first book Size 12 is Not Fat then read that one before you read this one!! :)

Overall rating:

I LOVE this book!!  This is my all time favorite series from Meg, which btw is saying a LOT, because I love EVERYTHING by Meg!!  Heather is probably my absolute favorite character, right with Mia by her side!  I love her independence, strong will, and not afraid to fight for what she believes in!  Heather is AWESOME!!

I really hope everyone gets a chance to read this one! :)

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. I'm starting with the Read-A-Thon too!

    1. Yay!! Leave your links for your reviews! :)