Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meg-A Readers Read-A-Thon Book #3: Size 12 and Ready to Rock

First off, before I go into the review I must warn all of you!!

***This Review will contain SOME SERIOUS SPOILERS!!! From the recent books in the Heather Wells Series!!!!***
Size 12 and Ready to Rock (Heather Wells, #4)

Also I must say, let me just tell you all...I feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOO extremely lucky to have gotten my hands on an Advanced Copy of this one!! Heather, it's been WAY tooo long!! :)

Heather is back!! FINALLY!!! FIVE LONG YEARS, for many readers, for me personally only 3 but still!! That's a lot time!!!

It's 3 months later (from when Big Boned ended), and Heather is not only extremely happy with her life, mostly due to the fact that she has a pretty great job (even though she would probably hate to admit it), but also because she's finally landed the man of her dreams! The man she's been in love with for many years, even to the time when she was still together with his younger brother! AND she's engaged!!!!!

Heather Wells is all about mystery...that's what makes a great Heather Wells novel of course! So when Tania's (Jordan Cartwright's...aka Heather's ex, wife) bodyguard gets shot, Cooper and Heather are on the case...well sort of.  Because of course, Heather isn't supposed to be involved.  Tania has hired Cooper to be her new body guard, while also having a Singing camp held inside Fischer Hall (the same dorm  ahem, I mean Residence Hall that has been known to be known as the Death Dorm, Residence Hall)  and Heather is put in charge with her new boss to help get everything ready!  

To say the least, Heather is not looking forward to it.  Not only does she have to deal with 50 bratty teenage girls, but she also has to figure out...was the shooting of Tania's bodyguard really an "accident" of some teenagers shooting off guns off a nearby roof, or was it an attack against Tania?

Along the way, Heather is dealing with her own personal issues...not only her engagement with Cooper, which she is looking forward to, but there might be an issue with something Heather has been planning for a long time...something that may never be a possibility...

Overall review:

To find out what happens pick up Size 12 and Ready to Rock on July 10th, when it will be available in a bookstore near you!! :)

I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! That's pretty much all I need to say to how I feel about this book! :) Heather Rocks!! And I seriously still believe Heather is a fictional character and who just happens to have a pretty kick-ass job!
The Romance Bookie :)


  1. Haha I love your enthusiasm!! <333 OMG You are so lucky you got an ARC of this book! It seems great and I loved the other books in Heather's series. You are so right, Heather, you ROCK! *waves* Awesome sauce review!! :)

  2. Wow, has it really been five years?! I guess that makes sense, I looked up when Big Boned was released and it said 2007. Wow!

  3. Congrats on getting an ARC. It sounds totally awesome :)