Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Music Tuesday #24 (80s Edition)!!

Another Tuesday!!! Whoo-hoo!!

Have I ever mentioned I LOVE 80s music??  Even though I wasn't even born in the 80s I grew up the music because of my parents, who were teens back then!

I LOVE especially the total women powers of the 80s! Cyndi Lauper, Go-Gos, Pat Benatar, Blondie, Heart, Bangles, and...Missing Persons!

Okay, so I will admit, I've only this one song by Missing Persons, but lately it's one of the main things I'm listening to!
So here is this weeks song!

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. Love the Bangles ... and Rick Springfield and Eddie Money ... and I think that I know all of the Wilson Phillips songs by heart (loved the Bridesmaids movie soundtrack, of course!)

    :) Lauren

    1. The Bangles are fabulous!! And Bridemaids was AWESOME!!!! :)