Saturday, June 9, 2012

Unread Books!

Hey Everyone!
So this is one of those posts that I've decided to do partly out of boredom, and partly because I LOVE making lists!!

I actually have family coming to visit next week!  Something I'm SUPER excited about, because for one, I only get to see them once every two years, and two, because it's my Aunt and Uncle and they taking me to VEGAS for my 21st bday!!! That's right, LAS VEGAS!!!
Anyway, you know how it is when company is coming! Clean Up time!  So I've been doing sort of a late spring cleaning thing the last couple of days!  And while I hate cleaning, the one thing I LOVE doing when I clean up is reorganize my books!!

My book shelves have been bothering me for weeks!  I have reorganize them about once every couple of months, because they look so messy, only because I end up having to start stacking books on top of each other, because there is no more room! Well anyway, today I finally got to them!!

And I ended up making a list!  A list of books I own, but have not read! And let me just tell you, IT IS CRAZY!!!

You don't believe me?? Well, here is what the list looks like!
That thing is hanging on my Wardrobe, which btw is TALLER than me!
It's nuts!

So what exactly is on that list: warned this will be a LONG post!!

So I am going to start with the books that I'm most likely going to be reading very soon!

1. Lola and the Boy Next Door: Stephanie Perkins (Signed)
2. The Disenchantments: Nina La Cour (Signed)
3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Stephen Chbosky
4. The Statistical Probability of Falling in Love: Jennifer E. Smith
5. Nightshade: Andrea Cremer (Signed), (I've been sort of wanting to read another paranormal!)
6. Born Wicked: Jessica Spotswood (signed)
7. City of Lost Souls (!!!!): Cassandra Clare
8. Vanished: Meg Cabot
9. Missing You: Meg Cabot
10. Victoria and the Rogue: Meg Cabot

Now to the rest of the list:
11. Wifey: Judy Blume
12. The Giver: Lois Lowry
13. Tuck Everlasting: Natalie Babbitt
14.  Twisted: Sara Shepard
15. Titanic: The Long Night: Diana Hoh
16. The Romance Readers Book Club: Julie L. Cannon
17. The Great & Terrible Beauty: Libba Bray
18.  Before I Die: Burnham
19-23: Gallegher Girls Series 1-4: Ally Carter
24. The Au Pairs: Melissa De La Cruz
25. Timeless: Alexandra Monir
26. Divergent: Veronica Roth
27. The Perfect Boy: Hailey Abbott
28.  Seeing Cinderella: Jenny Lindquest
29. Twenties Girl: Sophie Kinsella
30. Can You Keep a Secret: "
31. Story of Us: Deb Caletti (Signed)
32. A Hint of Wicked: Jennifer Haymore
33. The Sweetest Thing: Jill Shavis
34. Eternal Hunger: Laura Wright
35. Legend: Marie Lu (Signed)
36. The Fault of the Stars: John Green (Signed)
37.  Harbinger: Sara Etienne Wilson (Signed)
38.  Wings: Aprilynne Pike
39.  Elsewhere: Gabrielle Zevin
40.  Take Me There: Suzanne Colasanti
41. After: Amy Efaw
42. The Nature of Jade: Deb Caletti
43. The Heart of the Matter: Emily Giffin
44. Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister: Gregory MaGuire
45. Swapping Lives: Jane Green
46. Cheaper by the Dozen: Frank Gilbreth
47. The Nancy Drew Sleuth Book: Carolyn Keene
48. I Like Him, He Likes Her: Phyllis Naylor
49.  The Scarlet Slipper Mystery: Carolyn Keene
50.  Some Enchanted Evening: Christina Dodd
51. Chasing Brooklyn: Lisa Schroeder
52. Far From You: "
53. Kissing Annabel: Steven Herrick
54.  Carter Finally Gets it: Brent Crawford
55. Generation Dead: Daniel Waters
56. When irish Guys Smile: Suzanne Supplee
57. Two Way Street: Lauren Barnholdt
58.  The Sky is Everywhere: Jandy Nelson
59.  Girlfriend Material: Melissa Kantor
60.  Safe Haven: Nicholas Sparks
61.  The Secret Language of Girls: Frances Dowell
62. Bottled Up: Jaye Murray
63. The Mother-Daughter Book Club: Heather Frederick
64. The Book Thief: Marc Zusak
65. Violet in Private: Melissa Walker
66. Violet on the Runway: "
67. Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austen
68. Back when were grown-ups: Anne Tyler
69. Adored: Tilly Bagshaw
70.  Chicken Soup: The Story Behind the Music
71. Tales of Beedle and Bard: JK Rowling (I know, sad that I haven't read this one yet!)
72. Grimm's Fairy Tales
73. The Glass Slipper
74. The Long Nosed Princess
75. History of a Pleasure Seeker: Richard Mason
76. Finger Lickin' Fifteen: Janet Evanovich
77. Fearless Fourteen: Janet Evanovich
78. Twelve Sharp:"
79. Eleven on Top: "
80. Hot Six: "
81. Plum Spooky: "
82. Plum Lucky: "
83. Man Hunt: "
84. Form the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenweiler: EL Konigsburg
85. Glass: Ellen Hopkins
86. Impulse: "
87. Tricks: "
88. Fiddler on the Roof: Joseph Stein
89. Bled Day: Erin McCarthy
90. Dancing in my Nuddy Pants: Louise Rennison
91.  Spin Control: Niki Burnham
92. Morrigan's Cross: Nora Roberts
93. Home Port: "
94. Romeo and Juliet: William Shakespeare (No, I've never read this one!!)
95.  Sushi for Beginners: Marian Keyes
96.  Frankenstein: Mary Shelley
97.  Bedazzled: George Beahm
98.  Extras: Scott Westerfeld
99. Shopaholic Ties the Knot: Sophie Kinsella
100. Shopaholic and Baby: "
101.  Vampire Diaries #5: LJ Smith
102. Night World: "
103. The Dirty Girls Social Club: Alisa Valdes-Rodrigues.

Here's what the shelves look like:

These are Double Shelved! (there is a full row behind this one!)

WOW!!! That's insane!!
So to make this post no longer! Goodbye everyone!!
And I can't wait to read all of these fabulous books...eventually!!

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. Haha ... I too have double-shelves, even though I donated a bunch of books to the library recently.

    Vegas should be fun! Where are you staying? I usually stay at Bally's but the last time I was there, for my senior spring break of college (2009), we stayed at the Wynn, so now I am spoiled :P. Got a great airfare/hotel deal on Expedia.

    1. Hahaha we are so awful with booking, so we haven't chosen yet. Last time (2 years ago) we stayed at The Plaza which is directly on the Strip. I actually thought it was pretty good hotel. And I'll definitely check out Expedia! :)

  2. O_o_O!!! So MANY books lying unread! Wish that was my bookshelf! :P Happy reading! :)

    1. I KNOW!! Ridiculous right?? And I want to read them sooooo badly!!! :)

  3. That list is insane! And the double shelves! I'm in awe. I borrow the majority of my books from the library, so my book shelves are kept pretty much in order.

    1. Yeah I have a serious book buying problem :)

  4. Oh my aching heart. When I think of all the books on my bookshelves still waiting to be read, I sob all over again. Yep, but like you, I also can't seem to stop myself from buying and adding to the list. :D I wanted to comment on your Pandemonium review, but then remembered I still have to read Delirium (which is sitting on my shelf - go figure!). Hope you get around to reading all of those books at some point. Happy reading :D

    1. Thank you Book Fairy Haven! And yes, I am awful!! :) I wish I could force myself to go on a book buying ban for a few months, but it is just impossible!!