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Meg-A Readers Recap #4 PLUS Size 12 is Not Fat Review

Week 4 ALREADY??!!

WOW!!! Time is flying!!

So before I get to yet another exciting recap, this week I read Size 12 is not Fat. 

This is actually my second reading this book! I originally read it during my senior year in high school, near the end of it, I believe, so in 2009.  I absolutely fell in love with this series! I had bought this one at a book fair my high school's librarian was holding, and as I was reading it, I loved it so much, I went back that same week and bought book 2 (Size 14 is Not Fat Either) right away!

Anyway, I REALLY have been looking forward to rereading this series, especially now that Size 12 and Ready to Rock's release is so close!!! (JULY 10th!!!!).  And with Meg-A Readers in full swing, what better time??!!

Size 12 is Not Fat is the first novel in the Heather Wells Mysteries.  Heather is what some people might call a "one hit wonder".  You see, she became a popstar when was only in her teens.  Through her recording contract (which made her sing these awful pop songs, with titles like "Sugar Rush") she met Jordan Cartwright, a top boy-band member, whose father happens to own the record label.
However, when Heather loses her contract, because she is tired of singing their bogus songs, and wants to record her own stuff, she is shortly after hit with bad luck after bad luck.  First the contract, next her boyfriend of a long time, gets caught doing some very unsavory business in their apartment's bed, and then she loses her apartment; which she's been sharing for years with her popstar-boy-band boyfriend.

After having moved in with her said-ex-boyfriend's brother, who offers her a place to stay in the upstairs apartment of his brownstone, free of rent, as long as she helps him with his receipts and accounting, she finds herself looking for a job, and ends up getting one a block away at New York College as an assistant Residence Hall adviser.
 All she has to do now is survive the next six months so she can pass her probationary phase and start taking classes at the college for free, so she can get her Pre-Med-Jewerly-Making-Criminal-Justice license.  (let's just say Heather is still trying to figure a few things out), while along the way trying to hide her feelings of love for ex-boyfriends total opposite brother, Cooper (the guy she lives with!).
Unfortunately, things go a little awry when a body is found at the bottom of the dorms (um...I mean Residence Hall) elevator shaft...not to mention a GIRLS body!
So I guess elevator surfing is really popular among the college boys, but a girl elevator surfing?? ALONE???  Heather (and I) definitely don't think so!
Especially, when shortly after a SECOND girl's body is found in the same place!!
When no believes Heather, that these girls may have been murdered, and that it wasn't accidental, she decides to take matters into her own hand, and solve the mystery!
Can Heather do it?  Were the girls actually killed, or was it an accident from a stupid decision to elevator surf?  Will Heather be the next Nancy Drew?
Find out when you pick up a copy of Meg Cabot's Size 12 is Not Fat!

BTW: Did you know that the size of the average American woman is a size 12 (actually now it's a 14!)??

My thoughts:

First off, I have one thing to say:
I am MEANT to play Heather Wells! I am NOT even kidding!! Heather is me!  Minus the whole popstar thing, obviously, but I sing!! Seriously, everything going through Heather's head=my thoughts!  I have an overactive imagination just like Heather.  I'm the size of The average American woman.  When I have a crush, I have fantasies about them too! I'm blonde, like Heather too!  I sing! Okay, so I don't write my own music, but I do write!! So seriously, if Heather Wells is ever made into a movie or TV Show, I should be consideration #1!! ;)

Anyway, like I mentioned above, I LOVE this series! In fact, if I had to absolutely choose my favorite series by Meg (which btw, is EXTREMELY difficult, because I love them all!!) it would be a REALLY close tie between Heather Wells and The Princess Diaries!  I feel like I can relate SOOO much to Heather!  And I absolutely loved that!

Overall rating:

An added bonus was Meg's little extra written part near the end of the paperback copy of Size 12 is Not Fat because Meg sums exactly how I have felt for practically my entire life! Meg you continue to amaze me every time I read (or in this case, even, re-read) a novel by you!! Thanks!

Coming soon will be the next two installments of Heather Wells (Size 14 is Not Fat Either & Big Boned) and then of course, coming very soon too is...SIZE 12 AND READY TO ROCK!!!!!!
That is seriously my #1 most-anticipated book of this year!! I've been waiting three and a half years for the next installment!!!!!!!

So that's my review for this week!

For the RECAP!!

This week we actually only had one scheduled post from the wonderful Nessie over at Queen Nessie who had an review of Meg's Pants on Fire!  And then I also have a blogging friend who wanted to share a couple of reviews from Meg's books!

So here are the links:
ALSO, we've got the Meg-A Readers Read-A Thon starting the week after next!! So don't forget that!! I'm definitely planning on reading and catching up on some fabulous reads by Meg!! :)

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