Sunday, June 3, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman Review

So I have been extremely excited about this movie since first hearing about it last summer; and so of course I wanted to see right away this weekend!

I went with a few friends last night to a 10:30 showing, which I rarely do, because I am a early morning riser (naturally) and go to bed usually pretty late. But anyway I SAW IT!!

I was SO worried before the showing, because a bunch of my friends had seen it on the midnight showing, and said it was awful...but I really liked it!

I wasn't like in love with it or anything, but they were saying the acting was terrible, especially on Charlize Theron's part, but I actually thought it was really cool...even if it didn't have as much romance as I normally would have liked to see.

Snow White and the Huntsman features Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga movies), Charlize Theron (Mighty Joe Young), and Chris Hemsworth (Thor and my future husband (he just doesn't know it yet, obviously! ;))).  It's the original story of Snow White, the darker version, which is nothing like the Disney version.  The evil Queen (Theron) has taken over the kingdom, making a dark wasteland, where all the people are starving, and begging for food; but what not many people knew is that she's been holding their past king's daughter, the beautiful Snow White, imprisoned. 

When Snow escapes, the queen hired the Huntsman (Hemsworth <3), to find her and bring her back to the queen.  But when he finds her and finds out the truth of why the queen wants her so badly (to suck out her youth, and become immortal and stay young forever), he changes his mind and decides to help Snow find her way to the Duke and his son, the two people who would still be on her father's side. 

What I think I loved the most about this movie was the setting.  The costumes, set designs, everything outside of the acting was really beautiful.  The acting itself wasn't that bad either, it wasn't amazing (except from Chris, of course)... :), but it was still pretty good.  I found myself routing for the Huntsmen to end up with Snow, not William (the Duke's son).  Well, for one Chris Hemsworth is just a bit hotter than Sam Claflin, and I don't know, but I felt the Huntsman had better chemistry with Snow.

So overall, I think this movie is worth seeing!  I know a lot of people, like me, have been dying to see this movie, so if you are one of those, SEE IT!! :)

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. I liked it a lot too :) though Charlize's acting was REALLY good, Stewart's was just okay (as usual) and Thor's (lol) was good too. I totally called it that (SPOILER)-
    Thor would be the one to kiss her and have her wake up, though.

    When she was laid out like that in the white dress too it was eerily similar to Twilight, I felt she was going to wake up and be a vampire! Hehe.

    1. LOL so true!!! It did seem like her eyes were going to pop open really fast and BOOM! she was a vampire! lol

  2. Good review. It was stylized in a more dark and gritty way, than we usually see from fairy-tale movies, but I still liked that about it even when the story started to get weaker. Also, just couldn't take my eyes off of Theron.