Saturday, June 16, 2012

Interview with AWESOME DD Chant AND GIVEAWAY!!

Happy Saturday Everyone!!
So I got another AWESOME email yesterday, from a great new up-and-coming author...DD Chant!
As some of you may know I have been quite overwhelmed these past few months with reading, especially when it comes to scheduled readings, so I've come to the decision that I just can't accept every book that comes my way.  I mean unless your name happens to be, oh I don't know, let's say, Meg Cabot, or Sarah Dessen, or...Marissa Meyer (I WANT TO READ SCARLET!!!), or Nicholas Sparks, or Stephenie Meyer (with Midnight Sun (FULL VERSION!!!) or Host #2!!!) then I will 100% make an exception!
But for now, because I still would REALLY like to support the indy author community out there, I've asked DD for an interview, and she agreed!!

So please welcome...DD CHANT author of The Promise & Broken City!

The Romance Bookie: Describe both Broken City and The Promise in 2-3 sentences each.

DD Chant: Broken City is set after an apocalypse and tells the story of Deeta, a young woman born after the world went crazy, and Tom her best friend. But Tom is keeping secrets and not everything is as it seems.......does Deeta really know Tom at all????

‘The Promise’ is set in Saxon England and is the first book in ‘The Lady Quill Chronicles’, a series that tells how one battle changes the lives of 5 foster brothers. This book is the story of Rafe and Adele and the promise that binds them together.....

TRB: What made you choose the banking crisis as your post-apocalyptic theme for "Broken City"?

DD: I was trying to hit on something unique: in most dystopian/apocalyptic books the cataclysm is war, disease or alien invasion. I wanted it to be something simple, something we all take for granted that in the end pushed us over the edge. When the banking crisis started to be reported on in the news I knew I’d found the reason for Deeta’s ‘Broken City’.

TRB:  For "The Promise" did you have to do a lot of research for the time period, because your book is in the Historical Fiction genre?

DD: I did, but ‘The Promise’ is more of a historical fantasy: it has a Saxon setting and I’ve tried to stay true to the time period but the events of the book are purely fictional. Yes Mercia and Wessex were enemies and those tensions are real but the events between the different families are straight out of my imagination.

TRB: What do you prefer: hard copies of book or ebooks?

DD: I have to say that I’m an eBook convert! As much as I love a physical copy my kindle is just so easy:
It fits in my (little) bag with plenty of room for my make up!
It can store a 1000 books, so if  I’m not in the mood to read the book I’m in the middle of I don’t have to make do, I can just scroll down and pick something else!
No more dead arms from holding massive tombs at awkward angles!
And last but by no means least, when I read the synopsis of a book online and buy it I don’t have to wait for it to be delivered but its there on my kindle instantly!
Buy an e-reader, save the trees!!!

TRB:  What do you think of the self-publishing world so far?

DD: It’s hard!!! I thought that the difficult bit was writing the books but it turns out that getting people to take a chance on them is WAY harder! However there are some very special people (like Mandy!) who help us Indies get our name out there by giving trustworthy reviews to readers and increase our chances. So thanks Mandy!!!

TRB: Any advice for aspiring writers?

DD: The more you write the better your writing gets, never delude yourself: you can ALWAYS do better! I wrote a 90.000 word novel before ‘Broken City’ that I will NEVER publish, it just isn’t good enough. I’m not sorry I wrote it though, I learnt so much and it was an invaluable experience to actually finish writing a book. You start writing your next book with much more confidence, no longer having to wonder if you can finish a book but knowing you can.
Always be open to criticism because you will never be able to see you own work as clearly as someone else can.
And lastly: enjoy yourself!!! Your enthusiasm for the story will come through in your writing and will give your writing that little something that captures the reader’s interest and refuses to let go until they read the last page.

Doesn't DD and her two novels sound great!! AND NOW thanks to DD, I will be giving away BOTH books!!
I will be choosing TWO WINNERS, and one will receive an ebook copy of The Promise and the other winner will receive an ebook copy of Broken City!

Here's the Rafflecopter form!
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  1. The Promise sounds pretty interesting, thanks for letting me know about the giveaway.

    1. Yeah the Promise is the one I'm most interested in too! :)
      Thanks for entering! :)