Saturday, October 20, 2012

Interview with Lynn C. Ricci (The Dating Intervention)

Happy Weekend everyone!!

Today I've got something exciting to share, an interview with Lynn C. Ricci!!

The Romance Bookie:  In 3-4 sentences, would you please tell us a bit about your novel "The Dating Intervention"?
Lynn C. Ricci: Vanessa had it all: handsome husband, two beautiful children, a lovely home, and a successful career. She was living the dream life she and her friends fantasized about as girls over hot fudge sundaes...until her husband miss-dials a call and throws her plans for the perfect life off track. Her well-meaning friends decide a dating intervention is in order, soon discovering the dating pool they once knew has become a puddle.  It's a novel about enduring friendships, and second chances at love and life.

TRB: How did you come up with the concept?

LCR: Well, I've had my share of bad blind dates and many other women I know have too!  I thought there was a story there with the challenges women have to balance all their responsibilities and yet have a romantic love life too!

TRB: Do you think you put a bit of yourself into your characters?

LCR: I do identify closely with my main character, Vanessa Parker, because in the book she is divorced, with two kids, trying to make the best decisions for her family and consequently puts her love life on hold.  I also see myself in some of the friends in the book too - it's kind of like you put a little of yourself in each one because that's how you breath life into them - but then they grow and take on their own quirks and characteristics.

TRB: How long have you been writing? And why did you start?

LCR: I always enjoyed writing.   Growing up I would write science fiction or ghost short stories. Although I didn't pursue that, life has a funny way of coming full circle. I found myself having a career in a financial communications role which required a lot of writing - press releases, scripts, communications plans, etc.  All that writing made me want to break free of press releases and return to being creative.

TRB: What was the last book you read and absolutely loved?

LCR: One book that really stayed with me for a long time, and still does, is The Kite Runner.  Not a book I would typically pick up, but I was totally engrossed from the first page and it made me think a lot of the parallels of family dynamics, social classes, and battling internal feelings no matter who you are or where you live in this world. 

TRB:  What has been the most difficult and the most fun about writing?

LCR: The challenge I have is finding big blocks of time to write.  I try to squeeze it in when I can which doesn't always work. 

TRB: What do you prefer: ebooks or hardcopies?  Why?

LCR: I still prefer paperbacks or hardcovers - just because I like the feel of turning a page, folding it down, and easily flipping around to go back and read something.  I must say, however, my kindle is growing on me!  As I write this, I am preparing to fly out tomorrow for vacation and have just downloaded a few books.

TRB:   Any advice for aspiring writers?

LCR: I would pass along what I read from Neil Gaiman which has served me well:  "The best advice I can give on [writing] is, once it's done, to put it away until you can read it with new eyes."

Love that advice!!
Can't wait to read The Dating Intervention!! :)

If you can't either, you can get your copy at Amazon (FREE for Kindle!)!

On a side note everyone: I'm not sure when I'll be posting my next review, I'm currently rereading something, in honor of a certain movie release coming up ;), my goal is to reread the entire series, and then doing a cumulative post!

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  1. Great interview. I thought that The Kite Runner is a very powerful book also. Tried to get Lynn's book free on Kindle, but 8 may have missed it!

    Xx, Lauren