Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gayle Forman, Nina La Cour, and Stephanie Perkins Signing

Hey everyone!!

So I'm back from my beautiful gorgeous mini vacation.  I spent the weekend with a friend.  Did some girl talk, hung out, ate Thai food, I got to watch When Harry Met Sally for the first time ever (what a cute movie!!!), and I got to do something SUPER exciting on Friday...MEET Gayle Forman (author of If I Stay and Where She Went), Nina La Cour (author of Disenchantments), and Stephanie Perkins (author of Anna and French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door)!

The signing was a ton of fun!  It was fairly small, so we were able to actually talk one on one with the authors without being rushed.  We got to have all of our books signed of course, and we got to ask questions and each of the authors read a passage out of their books.

I found out about the signing last month, and got SUPER excited when I found out how close it is to where I live, and luckily because I go to school in the town it was held, and have a friend who lives there, I was able to crash at her place, and have the super fun weekend!  I have actually only read both of Gayle's books.  I fell in love with Where She Went last year when it was released, and so I was really excited to be able to meet her.

When I saw that Stephanie Perkins and Nina La Cour were going to be there, I was even more excited because I even though I haven't had the chance to read their books, they have been on TBR list for a while now.  Especially Stephanie's books (Nina's only came recently, I believe), but all three of the books I've seen on Goodreads and read nothing but great things about them!


So here are some pics from the signing (thanks to my awesome friend!!):

The awesome fire red haired woman is Stephanie, Gayle is next to her, and the little head in the corner is Nina.  And I am on the far right! :)

Nina signing my copy of Disenchantments, and I was talking to Gayle

While the girls were talking and answering our questions
From Left to Right: Nina, Gayle, Me, and Stephanie

What was really exciting, was when I was the last one to get my stuff signed (like I said it was a fairly small event), so when I got to the table I was actually able to talk to the girls.  I told Gayle all about how I'd written to her on Facebook a couple of times, and asked if it was possible to send me a signed bookplate, because I just loved Where She Went so much! and wanted it signed (and because I never really thought that I would actually get the opportunity to meet her).  She apologized and just said, she rarely gets to the post office, and hadn't forgotten, she was just extremely busy.  And then I told her that I had entered to receive a Pin that said Team Adam (Adam is the main character in Where She Went), and she said "Oh, God!  I'm so sorry!" And do you know what she did??

She handed me a HAND FULL of Team Adam pins, that she had had sitting right in front of her! (I swear, I had not seen them!!).  It was so awesome!!

And then when I read what Gayle had written in my books:
this is what she wrote:
My copy of "If I Stay" says, "I Suck! You Rock! Thanks for your patience!" LOL

Doesn't Nina have GORGEOUS writing??!!

BTW Stephanie has the COOLEST HAIR!!! Look at top at the other pics :)
My overall haul from that night :), the pins are laid out over Gayle's books on the left :)
It was a super exciting night! So glad I got the opportunity! And not to mention the awesome people I got to talk to during the event, including the extremely nice Gayle, Nina, and Stephanie!  I met another fellow blogger too! Her blog is The Book Belles!  It's super cute, so check that out if you get a chance! :)

So anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'd love to hear about the awesomeness that went on, so just leave a comment below!

Thanks! And enjoy the rest of your weekend!

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning me! Your signing recap is so cool :)

    1. Oh no problem lol, it was so much fun meeting you! :)

  2. Wow that sounds awesome! I am a huge fan of Stephanie Perkin's and Gayle Forman's work. They each have a powerful message and are truly moving.

    1. Yes they do have powerful messages! Gayle's novels make cry every time!! They are just so heart breaking! Thanks for commenting! :)