Saturday, April 28, 2012

IMM #5

In My Mailbox was originally started by The Story Siren and it's where anyone can participate and let everyone know what they got in books, and other book related things, throughout a given time.  Anyone with a blog can join in, and you can post once a week, once a month, or whenever you choose to.

Okay, so I heard about all the drama going around the book blogging community...and while many will not agree with me, I have chosen to ignore it.  It isn't that I am not upset about what happened...believe me; I am, in fact very disappointed.  What she did was wrong, and she should definitely own up to it.  I guess what I'm overall trying to say (and this will be the only time I discuss this!), I am not going to get myself involved in this mess, with my opinions.  I'm sorry, but I lived through enough drama in high school, and do NOT want any more in my life.  I am a freaking grown woman after all!  A young one at that, but none the less an almost 21 years old grown woman!!

So as of right now, my decision is to continue doing IMM, because I still believe it is a great idea, and would love to share my books with you. 

So this is my IMM for the month of April! :)

All the books and Swag from this month :)
 Books Purchased:




For Review/Received for Giveaway:

First off, again a HUGE HUGE thank you to Meg Cabot and her assistant Ann for sending me that AWESOMELY amazing box of books for Meg-A Readers Blog Hop! next month!


Received for Review author/publisher:
Received from Netgalley:
Purchased/Free on Amazon:

And then I also got some AWESOME Swag this month!!

Thank you to Meg Cabot and her assistant Ann, for all the great swag!  This is all going to be given away over the two months that Meg-A Readers Blog Hop! takes place! :)

  • An Airhead t-shirt
  • A signed Underworld book jacket
  • a TON of bookmarks
  • and some awesome booklets, which inspired the background for the Meg-A Readers Blog Hop! Button!

I got this awesome swag at the Gayle Forman/Nina La Cour/Stephanie Perkins signing last week!

  • Team Adam pins (Where She Went by Gayle Forman)
  • and a "Good morning Sunshine" tattoo from Nina La Cour

I think that's everything! A TON of great things this month! Let's see what I get next month, it going to be tough beating this stuff! :)

Now it's your turn, what did you get in Your Mailbox?

Happy Sunday!

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. Cool stuff. I love the Abandon shirt.

    Yeah, I heard about the Story Siren thing. Wrote a blog entry about it only because I was sick of people condoning it and pacifying the situation. This sort of thing disgusts me honestly because I've been ripped off in the past. I understand why you're still doing IMM though, I heard some people were thinking of going to Mailbox Mondays though--shrugs. I personally feel that what she did was wrong and she should've pulled on her big girl panties and dealt with the issue earlier. I also did not like the way her apologies were written they seemed more concerned about ARCs than readers, but whatever.

    1. Yes, I definitely upset too! I don't think she handled it correctly. However, what I find annoying is that everyone is quickly trying to come up with their own version of IMM. If I were to change over to a different form, it would the one that inspired the Story Siren, since she was then pretty much the one to start it off, but not any of the others, I think. And yes, the people condoning it and pacifying it, that isn't right either, I hope my entry didn't come off like that. I am definitely disappointed in what she did.

    2. Actually, I think I read that Mailbox Mondays was the first one...but Kristi's was the one to take off. Shrugs...don't count my word on that though I never participated in either meme, mainly because I usually only do book shopping once a month so it would have to be Mailbox Monthly for me, lol.

      No, you're entry didn't. I actually appreciate that you didn't dive into the situation a lot but addressed it. Honestly, I was planning on not saying anything, until I saw how many people were condoning it and acting like it wasn't plagiarism.

    3. See I have no idea lol. And I actually only do it once a month too. I don't get enough books to do it once a week, because it really fluctuates. The once a month is perfect, because I can pretty much guarantee I'll have something to share! :)

      And I like Sundays, it I post something on Mondays it will most likely be a review.
      And yes, the people condoning the incident, definitely not okay!

  2. I loved Only The Good Spy Young by Ally Carter. It is such a good series :)

    1. Ooh yay! I am really looking forward to reading it soon! :)

  3. Oh, I just LOVE Meg Cabot! What an amazing lot of books and swag she sent along to you... awesome!!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Lindsay @ Turning the Pages

    1. Yes Meg Cabot is amazing! I love her books so much! :)

  4. Okay. I will admit that I'm crazy jealous about all of those great books & swag, and heck, a book signing!! ;_;

    Happy Reading!

    Patricia // My Week in Review

    1. Thanks Patricia! Yes, I feel so lucky! My mouth just dropped when I got that email lol.

  5. Ok, wow you got a lot of stuff. I adore The Gallagher Girls series. And Meg Cabot's Avalon High was so interesting. I hope you love your books.
    -Miranda's IMM

    1. Yes I definitely love them all! The Meg Cabot books I've all read already, years ago in fact, except Underworld, which I just read a couple of weeks ago. And I am very much looking forward to reading The Gallagher Girls Series, I've got one through four sitting on book shelf waiting. :)

  6. Looks like you had a yummy week!!

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Yes definitely a "Yummy" week Dani lol :). Thanks!

  7. All of this in one week! REALLY! Wow! That is amazing! Enjoy!

    1. Alysia! :)
      No this is all in one MONTH!! Haha WOW, that would be insane! I think all of this in one month is already pretty crazy! But no I just do IMM once a month :).