Monday, April 30, 2012

ARC Review of "Dancing Naked in Dixie"

I got a fantastic email a few weeks ago from Lauren Clark, the author of Stay Tuned, telling me her new book was coming out soon, and that she was hoping I would read it.  OF COURSE!! I answered! I loved Stay Tuned !! It was one of the, if not the first blog tour I ever participated in, and it brought back so many great memories!

Dancing Naked in Dixie is Lauren's second novel, set out to be released on May 21st, was a fun fabulous contemporary romance novel! 
Dancing Naked in Dixie

It follows the story of Julia Sullivan, a traveler writer for Getaway magazine.  After coming back from a trip from Italy, she finds the magazine has a new boss, someone she's got quite the past with...and he gives her one final warning to get her act together, after writing a few quite not so fabulous articles, and not being deadlines, and being late for work multiple times.  To prove she can do it, he gives her a new assignment...write an article on Eufaula, Alabama and talk about their annual Pilgrimage festival.

Upon arrival, Julia has quite a few mishaps, including getting her window shield broken on her car, getting a bee sting, and other problems that come her way.  She hosted around about super handsome man, who has a not so nice girlfriend.  And along the way finds out their might be more to Eufaula than she anticipated.

Instead of "Dancing in Dixie" she finds out a lot about herself, that she had been in denial about for the past few years.

I truly enjoyed this novel! I thought it was super cute, a fun contemporary romance, with a bit of action almost in the end.  Lauren Clark has impressed me once again!  I did find the ending a little bit predictable, but you know, most contemporary romances are like that, and that's probably why I like them so know they are going to have a happy ending :).  
If you like the writing styles of Emily Giffin and Sophie Kinsella, than I believe you are really going to like Lauren's stories! :)

My rating:

Also a super EXCITING surprise awaited me as I read the acknowledgements in the back of the book, something I always like to do, because some authors write some really funny ones, and thank some pretty awesome people!! MY NAME was in there!! Yes, MY name!! How awesome is that??!!

That's my name in there!!
See!! The name that says Mandy...YEAH that is ME!!! How awesome is that??  :)

I want to give a huge thank you to Lauren for allowing me to read her first two wonderful books!  

And if you all get a chance, download your copies of Dancing Naked in Dixie on May 21st, next month!! :)


The Romance Bookie :)

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