Sunday, April 29, 2012

One Day Movie...I finally saw it!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

So I don't think I've done this in the past, but from now on I have decided to make a review on movies where I have read the books.  It will most likely not happen very often, but once in a while, there will be a movie review up!

***WARNING!!! May Contain SPOILERS***

So today, I FINALLY saw One Day with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.  I read the book last year in September and Reviewed it, and absolutely adored it!  It is one of the most tragic love stories I have ever read!  So realistic, lovely, and moments of "I hate you so much right now" and "Oh I love you too!".  I just adored it!

Well, anyway, so today I watched the movie...FINALLY!!  And even though I liked it, I couldn't help feeling a bit disappointed throughout sometimes.
Let me begin by saying that the book was very detailed.  It skipped from year to year, starting off in 1988, when Emma and Dex first met and their friendship began, all the way up until 2009.  Each chapter is a different year, and each chapter takes place on July 15th.  Now you may be asking yourself, "Doesn't that skip a lot of crucial parts, of Emma and Dex's relationship?"
The answer is in a way possibly, but not the parts that truly mattered.  Each year gave the reader so much to go by, that it always kept me intrigued to continue reading.  It was very difficult to stop in fact.

Well, even though I am a HUGE Anne Hathaway fan (I mean, how couldn't I be, she was in The Princess Diaries! Which reminds me don't forget to sign up for Meg-A Readers Blog Hop!) I was sad by how much they left out.  However, luckily, because I had read the story I got a little bit more information about both characters, and was able to explain some of them to my mom, who I was watching the movie with. :)

However, the one part that really got to me was the ending...I truly disliked how they did it!  It is a tragic love story, I will give you that information, so you probably already have an idea on what happens in tragic love stories.  So all I am going to say is that at the end, the part where the tragedy happens, was done really tastelessly, in my opinion.

David Nicholls' One Day  is supposed to be a loving tragic story.  (But then again, who knows, he wrote the screenplay for the movie, so maybe he did want it to be like that), but when the tragic part happens, they full-on SHOW IT!! It reminded me almost like that part in Mean Girls at the end (I can't tell you which part, because that would just totally ruin it!)

I personally, would have liked it more if the other character would have gotten a phone call telling them, and the audience finding out that way...but the way they did, made the ending seem almost gruesome to me.

Overall Rating:
I guess in this case "Mookies"? haha just kidding! :)

Overall, though, besides that, I thought it was good movie.  Sad, I was bawling my eyes out at the end.  I thought all the parts, except the end were very tasteful, nothing graphic when it comes to sex.  And overall, it's a movie where you'll want to get the tissues and chocolate may not want to watch this one with your special someone, because I can guarantee you WILL cry!!

With Much Love,
The Romance Bookie :)

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