Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Guest Post for Spectral Tour

Hey everyone!

So today I would like to welcome the author of the new novel Spectral, Shannon Duffy!!

Why did you want to write a witch story, and what do you think is different about your yours than others?
I wanted to write a witch story because I really enjoy reading them as well. For example, I loved Kelly Armstrong’s, The Summoning and that series, as well as Carolyn MacCullough’s, Once a Witch series. It’s fun to pretend you have all these powers, but are still human. I really enjoyed writing SPECTRAL.
With many witch books on the market, I think what sets this one apart is that for Jewel’s whole life, she isn’t aware she’s a witch, or that witches even exist. She’s been brought up to believe she’s living in the Witness Protection Program, when in fact the reality is extremely different. I can relate with Jewel and her journey throughout this story. No, I’m not a witch, nor did I live in the Witness Protection Program. *smiles* But having been raised pretty sheltered myself, I can relate to her naivety, and her struggles to grow in strength as a person that may come from having been raised in such a sheltered way. It was a fun, wild journey to take Jewel on, to finally see her come into her own, and embrace who she truly is…while falling hard for a boy along the way.

Sounds pretty great right??!!

And the cover is gorgeous!! 

I am definitely looking forward to reading this one in the future! So if you can't wait either, then download your copy either at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords! Or if you just want more information than check out the website for Spectral, !

Thank you Shannon!

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. Mandy, thanks again for hosting Shannon today. It's always great getting to hear from the author firsthand how her creation came to be.

  2. Thanks Nicole!
    And yes it definitely is! I can't wait to actually read it in the future! :)