Festival of Books 2015 Part 2

Alright, so time for Part 2 of my awesome weekend at The LA Times Festival of Books this year!!

Sunday I went with my brother, and really he only came with me for one reason... Jeff Kinney.  If you have elementary aged children, especially boys, then you will know who this is...

The author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

It took another hour and a half drive, but we made it to USC around 10ish.  The Jeff Kinney talk/signing didn't start until 10:50 am, but the line for the signing was already insane; so I knew we had to get in ASAP, so we wouldn't be cut off!

My brother was in line for THREE AND A HALF HOURS!!!  I ended up having to go on my own to a couple signings, otherwise the whole would have been a bust for me.

I, unfortunately, ended up missing the opportunity to meet Jeff, because I had to rush to the Gayle Forman signing, but my brother was stoked on life, because he got to meet the creator of one his heroes.

And he snagged me a signed copy of the first one, thanks to a very nice woman waiting in front of us in line, who offered to take some of our books to get signed (because we were only allowed three each, and my brother had his entire set, plus my copy).  So she took three, her two sons took two each, my brother had three, and I believe the one lonely copy that was left over went to the girl behind us who said she gladly take one too!

This years experience at the Festival was truly a pleasure! Last year, I had it a few times that the people in line weren't very friendly!

Here's my haul from that one:

Jeff Kinney speaking on stage

Jeff Kinney drawing on stage

So while my brother was in line, I ran to meet Jason Segel (actor from How I Met Your Mother, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Sex Tape) and also author of Nightmares, a new middle grade series! I had purchased a copy for myself and a copy for my brother (for his birthday) the week before, and was determined to get them signed!  I would have missed him if I had stayed in line for Jeff Kinney.

But I made it, and he was super nice! He actually walks by my one job all the time, and has even been a customer (when I wasn't there), and so I told him about it, and he was so cool and said that was awesome!

Jason Segel speaking on stage

Jason Segel signing

My brother's signed copy

My signed copy

Afterwards, I ended up running back to my brother, and he had barely moved in line.  But I stayed with him for a little bit, before I had to dash off to my next signing.

Earlier in the day, I ended up finding out that another one of my brother's favorite authors was at the festival...Dav Pilkey, the author of the absolute famous series, Captain Underpants!!!  We were both so bummed that I missed that one, and I felt terrible, I just hadn't recognized that name on the list.  My brother took it very well, he claimed he wouldn't have had room in his backpack anyway (even though I would have totally found room).

But then something amazing happened while we were in line...

Dav Pilkey WALKED RIGHT by US!!!!!! 

And he was so awesome!!  He ended up letting the people in front of us pose for pictures!  My brother didn't want a photo with him, but I did end up snagging a shot...

Dav Pilkey

After that, it was time to head over to Gayle Forman's signing!  

This was my second time meeting Gayle!  I met her back in 2012 at a signing in Santa Barbara, when she was on tour with Stephanie Perkins and Nina LaCour!

Gayle was as sweet as ever, and I managed to snag a photo with her! :)

Gayle Forman and me

Gayle at the signing table

"Anything can Happen" 

"Double Happiness"

"We are Here!"

So now my Gayle Forman collection is complete! :)

By the end of that signing, my brother had found his way back to me, from the Jeff Kinney line-of-a-monstrosity, and we went to grab some lunch, before heading to the last signing of the weekend...one I was very excited for!

The Morgan Matson (Amy and Roger's Epic Detour, Second Chance Summer, and Since You've Been Gone) and Jessi Kirby (In Honor and Golden)!

This was held at the YA stage, which features a ton of amazing YA authors throughout the whole weekend!

From left to right: Robin Benway, Brandy Colbert, Morgan Matson, Jessi Kirby, and Moderator Aaron Hartzler

Morgan Matson and Jessi Kirby

The conversation was very interesting!

Morgan Matson and Me

Jessi Kirby and me

Brandy Colbert and me

It was such a fun weekend!! I can't believe I got to do it and meet so many awesome people!

Overall here is what my haul looked like:

So many new signed beauties for my shelves!!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!! 


The Romance Bookie :)


  1. Sounds like a fun day! I had no idea Jason Segel is now doing books, lol.


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