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Gilded Angels: The Angel Chronicles Book 2 Guest Post from Amy Lignor

Today I would like welcome Amy Lignor, the author of the Angel Chronicles! The second book in the series just came out early this month, it's called Gilded Wings! I'm so looking forward to reading it, especially since I enjoyed book 1 (Until Next Time) so much! (Review here!)

Anyway so today please help me welcome Amy Lignor with her guest post! :)

                                 Technology is Not the Only Form of Inspiration

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg appeared and turned the world upside down with Facebook, the younger generation was seen by some as only the age of Youtube, Facebook, cell phones, iPods and video games. But what people don’t seem to understand is that in the last decade+, they have become the largest group of readers in the world.

The young adult genre became huge. It literally exploded with the world of J.K. Rowling and continued with another author who brought kids (and adults) on board with the vampire and werewolf community. Not only that, but young adults have become the biggest bloggers and reviewers, therefore they have the ability to ‘talk’ to their friends and create a huge ’buzz’ about a specific title. They are the ‘Social Media Masters,’ if you will.

There are a great many things in this life to be thankful for; there are blessings, good people, faith and hope that still exist in this day and age. Unfortunately, there’s a darker side that’s also come on strong. From unemployment to poverty to politics to war to bullying - you name it, it’s in the headlines. So a restoration of hope is a truly wonderful thing, and it’s being led by some amazing fiction.

Lately, the ‘fanged ones’ have gotten a great deal of competition from the ‘winged ones.’  There are a majority of angels that are of the ‘fallen’ variety who are trying their absolute best to redeem themselves. There are also love stories being heralded as “Romeo and Juliet,” and more of these characters are showing up on the big and small screen every month.

The idea for my book really stemmed from wanting to do a YA series based on ‘new’ angels; a fresh team that had yet to come down the pike. Matthew and Emily are a partnership - an angel/warrior team that still believes in all the good that their teachers have taught them, but have also gotten mixed-up in the human world where they’ve experienced every emotion possible.  

I originally wondered whether or not a ‘fresh’ team that’s been surrounded by ‘good’ could even make it ‘down here’ among the seriously dark and sometimes dangerous world where humans dwell. Worse, I wondered if they’d even want to? Told from a different perspective, I tried to bring back inspiration with this duo. They certainly still have the adventure, suspense, heartache, etc. that others have experienced, but their biggest challenge is trying to keep their faith in each other.

This time around, in Gilded Wings, they face a completely new set of problems that offer tragedy and, most of all, a twist to a beloved character because of the greed, pride, prejudice, and wealth that made up the Gilded Age. From Houdini to Carnegie - Rockefeller to walking down Fifth Avenue while just a few small blocks away was a world of poverty - Emily and Matthew see it all, live it all, and find themselves needing each other more than ever before.

I love the fact that books are a source of inspiration for young adults - and I hope that no matter what Apple or Microsoft come up with in the next few years the written word stays strong!

Until Next Time, Everybody.

Wow I loved reading that!  YA has DEFINITELY been a HUGE inspiration for me! Especially authors like JK Rowling, and that certain Vampire/Werewolf author ;), and authors like Meg Cabot and Kody Keplinger (who is MY age, 21, and already published THREE books successfully!)

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I hope you all check them out! :)

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  1. Continuing Read-Along Excerpt:

    Gregori let out a squeal as Yergi was led away. It broke the hearts of the people standing all around the Great Hall. His father never looked back, as Gregori turned and buried his tear-stained face into Anya’s skirt.

    She patted the soiled head and stared at Drew; the look of fierce determination almost had him quaking in his boots. “I am traveling with this boy,” she stated. “He is my brother. I am his protector, and you will let us pass. Now.”

    Drew nodded and grabbed Mike’s wrist, stopping him from pulling the young lady aside to frighten her even more with his rough examination. “Drew, it’s my job,” Mike sighed.

    “Didn’t you just say you hated this job?” Drew reminded him angrily. He rolled his eyes. “Be reasonable. She’s a young, single girl traveling alone. There's no one here to meet her.”

    Mike read the information off the manifest. “She’ll become a charge, a ward of America in only a few months’ time. She has no way to earn money to support herself, let alone that child. You’re setting them up to starve.”

    “No,” Drew’s deep voice seemed to rattle the metal chairs all around.

    “A tenement will look like a palace to her in a week!” Mike screamed back.

    “I said, no!” Drew ripped the folder from the medic’s hands. “I know a place that needs someone.”

  2. Mandy, thanks for inviting Amy and the angels back for Book 2!

  3. Mandy - thank you for having Emily & Matt back on your incredible site. I hope you and your readers love their second adventure. Happy Holidays.