Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Music Tuesday #46 (Twilight Week Day 2)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

It's Day 2 in Twilight Week! Countdown is officially down to only 3 DAYS until THE FINAL TWILIGHT MOVIE!!
I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be crying or jumping up and down with excitement!!

Since it's Tuesday, and Tuesdays=New Music! I thought I would bring you guys a song off of the new The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack!

Last week I brought you guys The Forgotten by Green Day, so today I'm going to bring you a different one...
It's called Fire in the Water, and it's by Feist!  I'm really digging this song! I'm am SOOO excited to get my hands on this soundtrack! I'll be picking it up on Friday, which is pretty late for me, because usually I like to listen to these days before the movie even comes out, but since I won't be getting into town until Friday, I'll just have to wait!

So I hope you enjoyed, and tomorrow I'll be bringing you'll my review/Favorite Quotes for New Moon! :)

Recap for Twilight Week:

The Romance Bookie :)

PS: I got some Screenshots from watching the Yahoo! Live Premiere last night, so on Sunday I'll be sharing those with you! :) I have to organize them, because I got a bit crazy haha.  Which means Twilight Week has been extended until Sunday!! :)


  1. So ... I'll admit I still use the soundtrack from the 1st movie to work out to, lol. There's a song from Muse and a bunch of others that are really good, including one I really like called Black Ghosts, I think.

    1. OMG are you kidding?! I LOVE these soundtracks so much!! The ones I listen to the most are Eclipse (I love Sia's "My Love") and the Part 1 Breaking Dawn cd, but when Twilight (#1) soundtrack first came out in 2008 I listened to that cd up and down for MONTHS!! lol love all the songs so much, I'm picking up the last (;() one today after I go to the movie!!