Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Meg Cabot Signing February 11th, 2016!

Hey Everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great start to their 2016!  For me, it's been busy, but very good! It started with a little time off, which was much needed!  I experienced my first ever Spa day!  Got my first ever professional massage! Which felt amazing!  And then afterwards a facial!  I felt so spoiled that day!
Then work started up again, and by the end of January I was back for my second semester at University.  And let me just say, the work load is in full swing!  The Introduction week of having our syllabuses passed out was more of a "here is three papers and a full-blown project" week!  But it's all good, the beginning of a semester means one step closer to graduation!  Spring 2017 can't get here soon enough!

2015 ended with some very exciting news...I have been looking and looking since 2012, and FINALLY it was announced!!  Meg Cabot was coming back to Southern California!!!!!  So I saved the date, luckily didn't have to miss any class, and took the, what was supposed to be 2 hour drive, but turned into 4, down to Cerritos, California to the Cerritos Public Library to meet my absolute favorite author of all time...Meg Cabot!

My boyfriend and mom came along, which was nice, because let me just say...that drive was a pain in my you-know-what!  We had to drive through some not-so-safe areas and transfer to about a dozen highways, before we finally made it, but in the end it was of course totally worth it!

I had packed up my car before the drive, with ALL of Meg's books, that I didn't already have signed, because...Why Not?

I knew I wasn't going to be able to get ALL of them signed, but I couldn't make up my mind, so I brought all so I could there!

The library was gorgeous!

It was HUGE too!

We made it just in time, around 6:40 pm, (the event started at 7pm), and went up to the room.

There weren't a ton of people there, which are my favorite type of events, because it means there is plenty of seating to sit near the front!  We got a spot in the second row, which was nice!

At 7pm, Meg came in!

She was dressed totally kick-ass! I've said this before, but when you meet Meg it is literally like having her characters come alive right in front of you!  In this case, it was seriously as if Suze Simon (from Meg's Mediator series) was speaking in front of us!  Meg was dressed in all-black, leather jacket, and kick-ass platform boots, just like I imagine Suze Simon to dress like!

Meg gave us a "boring" (which totally wasn't) powerpoint presentation, about how her writing career got started.  She was funny as always, and even got Vincent to laugh, which is a hard feat, let me tell you! :)
My mom was super excited to finally meet her, because I have been handing her Meg Cabot books to read since high school, and so she has become a fan as well over the years.

After the powerpoint it was time for the signing!

We were allowed to get six books each signed, and if we had more could go back into line.  So I handed my mom and Vincent six each, and I took six, and went through the line for the first time.  Then after the second time I got all the pictures taken.

Meg and me, Meg is holding her first published novel Where Roses Grow Wild under her original author name, Patricia Cabot.

From Top Left to Bottom:  My mom, me, Vincent, and Meg
My mom, of course being a mom, said some pretty embarrassing things about me to Meg (LOVE YOU MOM! ;)), telling her that she sees Meg as a sort of second mom to me, because of how her books helped me get through high school.  

Vincent asked Meg how many more books will she be writing, so he knows how many shelves he will need to build in our new house.  She said at least FOUR more!  

It was a lot of fun, but as all good things do, it came to an end.

But all-in-all it was an absolutely fun night (besides maybe the drive lol), and I came home with a TON of new books signed!  

I just want to apologize to not only Meg for probably causing some carpal-tunnel, but also to everyone in line for being THAT person, at a signing, with a crap ton of books!  I tried each time to always be at the end of the line, so I wasn't too much of a nuisance!  

Here's my overall haul from the evening!

I ended up going with the rest of my Princess Diaries collection (I already had Princess in Love (#3) the hardcover, and Forever Princess signed at home), except I forgot to grab The Princess Present.  So I got the rest, including Royal Wedding signed.  I also got the complete Mediator Set signed, including the latest release, Remembrance.  Then my German copies, and the rest of the Heather Wells signed (I already have Size 12 is Not Fat and Size 12 and Ready to Rock signed at home), as well as Ransom My Heart, and the first book in Meg's latest series, From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess. And two of Meg's original historical romances, under her pen name, Patricia Cabot.

I even got Princess Mia to sign my copy of Ransom My Heart! ;)

And last, but not least, I got Meg to be the last signature on my Kindle Cover!  That thing is FULL now!  I mean, it was already full before Meg, but now it is FULL!  It's time to get a new one, I guess! :)

It was a great night, of amazing editions to my signed collection!

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. I wish Meg would come to Michigan sometime! Let me know if you ever see MI on the schedule :). Sounds like a fun night.

    I saw Harlan Coben in Ann Arbor a few years ago (at Borders! RIP) and I've seen David Sedaris speak twice, also in Ann Arbor. Also a few more obscure authors - Kristina Riggle (a MI author) was at a library in Warren, MI here once and this Indian author who I like (I forget her name) was at a Farmington library.

    1. If you look on Meg's site under Events I believe it'll have all the tour dates, but if I see she's in Michigan I'll let you know for sure!

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  3. (Please disregard my first comment, wrong Google account! hehe)
    Did you get a chance to talk while she was signing all those books? :) I love that she wore a Suze Simon outfit! I wish I could have seen her last weekend when she was up here in the Bay Area but I was in an all day writing workshop. Which was FANTASTIC by the way and really helped inspire my own romance writing and gave me some hope that maybe just MAYBE I can write something that makes a reader or two as happy and Meg's. :)

  4. I talked to her a little bit, I was pretty sick Thursday so I was more quiet than usual when I go to book events. My mom and Vincent both asked her questions.
    I'm glad you had a great time at the workshop you went to! I'm sure you'll write a great and when you do don't forget to have a chance to read it! :)